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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
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Date: 09 May 2013
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16:04:13 [krisk]
* I can scribe - let me pull up the agenda
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Chair: rubys
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scribe: krisk
16:06:58 [krisk]
TOPIC: 1. ACTION items due by Thursday, May 9
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16:07:09 [krisk]
ACTION-226: Make sure that the organizational structure of github
16:07:10 [trackbot]
Notes added to ACTION-226 Make sure that the organizational structure of github test suite is well documented.
16:07:15 [rubys]
16:07:15 [trackbot]
ACTION-226 -- Kris Krueger to make sure that the organizational structure of github test suite is well documented -- due 2013-04-30 -- OPEN
16:07:15 [trackbot]
16:07:19 [Zakim]
16:07:33 [krisk]
I have not made any progress but will have the wiki updated by next week
16:07:35 [rubys]
ACTION-226 due next week
16:07:35 [trackbot]
Set ACTION-226 Make sure that the organizational structure of github test suite is well documented due date to next week.
16:07:46 [krisk]
TOPIC: New Issues This Week:
16:07:55 [krisk]
rubys: none
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16:08:25 [krisk]
rubys: let's talk about the f2f web performance at the enfo (other business)
16:08:31 [krisk]
TOPIC: Items Closing This Week
16:08:35 [krisk]
rubys: none
16:08:42 [krisk]
TOPIC: Items Closing Next Week
16:09:09 [Zakim]
16:09:17 [krisk]
rubys: actually this should be 'closing' this week
16:09:19 [krisk]
CfC: remove Microdata from HTML 5.0, incorporate Microdata into 5.1
16:09:20 [rubys]
16:10:01 [krisk]
tantek: can we discuss the microdata moves to 5.1?
16:10:04 [krisk]
rubys: yes
16:10:39 [krisk]
rubys: we are moving all of microdata from the htm5.0 spec and into 5.1
16:11:04 [krisk]
tantek: I'd like to promote the use of extension specs
16:11:29 [krisk]
tantek: Maybe this could be done with microdata?
16:12:16 [krisk]
rubys: if the whatwg makes this a seperate spec then this could be done, though if not we would need a editor to signup to do this work
16:13:25 [krisk]
rubys: right now we are just focused on 5.0 and don't want to make a rash move to remove it completely
16:14:00 [krisk]
tantek: Having this in 5.1 seems to go against our modulatity principals
16:14:44 [krisk]
rubys: tantek can you send a mail to the list to make sure the group has consensus?
16:14:48 [krisk]
tantek: sure
16:15:41 [Zakim]
16:15:56 [krisk]
rubys: I don't think you are missing anything other then the ask for a editor to sign up for the work.
16:16:56 [krisk]
rubys: please bring this up on the list and we can discuss what we want to do beyond removing from HTML5.0
16:17:36 [krisk]
rubys: any other comments other than bring this up on the list?
16:17:40 [glenn]
16:17:43 [tantek]
Thanks Sam and Daniel for the discussion
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16:17:50 [krisk]
TOPIC: Decisions this week
16:17:57 [rubys]
16:18:17 [rubys]
16:18:40 [tantek]
Zakim, mute tantek
16:18:40 [Zakim]
Tantek should now be muted
16:18:47 [krisk]
rubys: one decision has occured to allow EME to proceed as a First Public Working draft
16:19:35 [krisk]
glenn: If a format objection occurs, will this reverse the FPWD?
16:19:50 [rubys]
16:20:07 [Zakim]
16:20:26 [krisk]
plh: The process would (object) doesn't apply until last call, in this instance the Director actually looked earlier in the process
16:20:30 [Zakim]
16:20:42 [krisk]
glenn: I am happy to see things move forward
16:20:54 [krisk]
TOPIC: Task Force Reports
16:20:56 [tantek]
Zakim, Tantek is tantek
16:20:56 [Zakim]
+tantek; got it
16:21:05 [krisk]
SUBTOPIC: Testing Task Force
16:21:11 [plh]
s/The process would (object) doesn't apply until last call/The process doesn't require the Director to address Formal Objections prior to the move out of Last Call/
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16:21:31 [krisk]
krisk: I don't have much to report here - I was not able to make the meeting this week
16:21:43 [plh]
s/in this instance the Director actually looked earlier in the process/there has been instances where the Director did however, such as microdata for example
16:21:56 [krisk]
krisk: Though I should have more to report next time
16:22:15 [Zakim]
16:22:21 [krisk]
SUBTOPIC: Accessibility Task Force
16:22:44 [Zakim]
16:22:47 [krisk]
Group has continued to meet
16:23:03 [krisk]
The group has focused on what areas of the spec need testing
16:23:21 [janina]
16:24:08 [krisk]
We are working on getting bugs that impact 5.0 taken care of..
16:24:42 [krisk]
We are working on the extension specs such and have these ready in June
16:25:33 [Zakim]
16:25:33 [krisk]
The group is working on creating proposal for 'transcript' - ISSUE 194
16:25:51 [Zakim]
16:25:58 [krisk]
rubys: any other questions or comments for Janina?
16:26:12 [krisk]
SUBTOPIC: Media Task Force
16:26:32 [krisk]
rubys: anyone here to provide status?
16:26:44 [krisk]
TOPIC: Other Business
16:26:52 [krisk]
Proposal: stop work on "HTML: The Markup Language" and "HTML5:
16:26:55 [rubys]
16:27:36 [krisk]
rubys: please take a look at the list, no specific date
16:28:05 [krisk]
daniel: It would be good to have this for authors
16:28:47 [krisk]
rubys: The belief is that this is being addressed in another better mechanism vs the xlst/xml transforms
16:29:19 [krisk]
daniel: This seems like a key deliverable for authors and I'd like to see this not be dropped
16:29:30 [krisk]
...I'll look on the list for more information
16:29:51 [krisk]
rubys: please do
16:30:18 [krisk]
janina: It seems it's more about how we do this rather than not doing this work
16:30:22 [krisk]
rubys: correct
16:30:36 [krisk]
daniel: I'll catch up on this via the list
16:31:06 [krisk]
SUBTOPIC: Web Performance and Error Handling from F2F
16:32:30 [krisk]
The WP WG is looking to have a futrue proof errors beyond networking (DNS, TCPIP, etc) such that it covers css, html, javascript errors
16:33:09 [krisk]
The upshot is that the WP WG should be able to accomidate this for these newer classes
16:33:37 [krisk]
daniel has an action item to go look for specific examples where this could be used in the HTML spec
16:33:48 [krisk]
rubys: and other business to discuss?
16:34:00 [krisk]
rubys: Scribe for next meeting?
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16:34:25 [krisk]
rubys: Adjournment
16:34:27 [Zakim]
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