06 May 2013


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Jan Richards


<scribe> chair: Jan

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1. Re-chartering update (Jeanne)

<Jan> JS: We have submitted revisions put in last week...

<Jan> JS: As far as I know they are moving on to the next step...being included in main WAI recharteing

<Jan> JS: Next step is for it go to the W3management

<Jan> JS: Will go to Advisory Committe (AC) around the 17th of May

2. Implementation report (Jan)

JR: Just sent out a new version of the implementation report

<Jan> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/2013/ATAG2ImplementationReport.html

JR: The last few calls have been reviewing Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Acrobat 11
... previously, there had been a column for Adobe InDesign, but we decided to change to Acrobat 11 because it meets more of ATAG and includes a checking tool.
... InDesign may still be used for individual success criteria evalutaion and can be included in the Other column.
... Sueann had been discussing using Lotus Connections as the IBM implementation for ATAG, but there are pros and cons of using a large comprehensive tool.

Tom: I have discussed with Sueann, Lotus Connections is used internally. I hope to have an answer for next week what tool IBM will recommend.

JR: It does need to be a tool that people can get some kind of demo implementation that is public or needs a password that can be shared with the group.
... Alessando, what is the status of your tool, Standard Web?

AM: the tool meets WCAG 2.0. What I am working on now is meeting ATAG 2.0. It is a limited CMS, more of a management system that the user can use to generate content.
... I expect to have it online in a few weeks for testing

JR: Can you send a link to a demo version that the group can test?

AM: Yes, the earlier version that creates accessible content, is in commercial use right now.
... I am thinking about making the new version free

JR: [explains difference between Part A and Part B]
... it sounds like your existing tool would be of interest for meeting Part B. We have a lot of needs for examples for Part B.

AM: www.standardweb.it I am having problems with the hosting vendor.

<Jan> http://www.standardweb.it/

AM: You can see that the content that you enter will meet accessibility rules.
... I can create an account for anyone who needs it.

JR: Please create an account for Jan and Jeanne.
... next week, if we think it will meet many success criteria, we will give it it's own column in the Implementation Report, otherwise, we will use it to meet individual success criteria.
... Alex, we did some work on Microsoft Office. If something comes across your desk that has an accessibility feature that meets one of our success criteria, e.g. accessible templates, checking and repair. The whole tool doesn't have to be accessible, just that it meets some of our individual criteria.

AL: @@ Sharepoint for accessible templates

JR: We are also looking for Alt tag management

AL: We have a new way of managing ClipArt.

JR: The recent update shows that more of our formerly yellow items (one implemenation) are turning green (many implemenation examples) and the there are fewer red (no implementations) items.
... Jeanne and I were looking at Moodle, to see where that met ATAG.
... there is a lot of work in motion now.
... Are there any upcoming holiday.

<Jan> JS: TPAC dates have changed...

<Jan> JS: They are now week of Nov 10-15

<Jan> JS: If there are people who could attend please let Jeanne know.

JR: The China market is very large, and where we are trying to broaden to the China market. We don't want a fragmentation of standards and want to include CHina in standards work.

Summary of Action Items

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