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logging to
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Zakim, this will be Style
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ok, glazou; I see Style_CSS FP()12:00PM scheduled to start in 34 minutes
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RRSAgent, make logs public
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15:28:49 [SimonSapin]
Layout bug. Guess what? It’s because of margin collapsing.
15:42:52 [glazou]
TabAtkins_, not sure we'll have time for your extra item ; agenda's pretty full already
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ok dbaron
15:53:43 [SimonSapin]
dbaron, which client did you end up using?
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SimonSapin, linphonec
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16:05:41 [dbaron]
ScribeNick: dbaron
16:06:11 [dbaron]
glazou: I included a few extra agenda items already; saw one more from Tab about display:none-ness, but Agenda quite full already.
16:06:19 [dbaron]
glazou: Two first things...
16:06:21 [dbaron]
Topic: Tokyo
16:06:30 [dbaron]
glazou: Need to start collecting agenda for Tokyo, please add items to wiki.
16:06:47 [dbaron]
glazou: I think we still need some admin details (e.g., hotels) from jdaggett. Or maybe I missed them.
16:07:16 [dbaron]
glazou: I'll ping jdaggett to get these details.
16:07:21 [dbaron]
Topic: Publications
16:07:31 [dbaron]
glazou: We have request from fantasai to publish selectors4.
16:07:31 [glazou]
16:07:54 [dbaron]
fantasai: Tab and I upgraded (?) a whole bunch of things in selectors4.
16:08:04 [dbaron]
fantasai: Simon Sapin sent some comments that we still need to address.
16:08:21 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: I sent a bunch of feedback, but nothing blocking WD.
16:08:39 [dbaron]
arron: We had a discussion about author requirements. That note needs to go in module template and all specifications, saying author requirements are non-normative.
16:08:46 [dbaron]
fantasai: I think they should be normative.
16:08:59 [dbaron]
arron: then we need to test them
16:09:06 [dbaron]
Zakim, unmute dbaron
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16:09:21 [dbaron]
arron: In CSS 2.1 we had a note saying author requirements are not normative.
16:09:31 [dbaron]
sylvain: ...
16:09:40 [dbaron]
arron: In css3 module template we have removed that text
16:09:56 [dbaron]
arron: Which means we assume author requirements are now normative and testable.
16:10:21 [Zakim]
16:10:30 [dbaron]
dbaron: I don't think we've ever done it this way.
16:10:38 [dbaron]
arron: We have to test all normative requirements.
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16:10:48 [glazou]
ah hello koji
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16:10:58 [dbaron]
Florian: I think it's fine for author requirements to be normative.
16:11:04 [koji]
hi Daniel
16:11:35 [fantasai]
dbaron: We have to test all the implementation conforming requirements.
16:11:42 [fantasai]
dbaron: We don't have to demonstrate that we have two conforming authors.
16:11:46 [dbaron]
dbaron: We have to demonstrate that we have two conforming implementations; don't need to demonstrate 2 conforming authors.
16:11:53 [Zakim]
16:12:01 [dbaron]
arron: How do you prove implementable by authors?
16:12:05 [dbaron]
dbaron: Not part of the process.
16:12:12 [JohnJansen]
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+JohnJansen; got it
16:12:21 [dbaron]
dbaron: I'm strongly opposed to this text in 2.1 and didn't know it was there.
16:12:23 [dbaron]
arron: in 3.1
16:12:28 [dbaron]
16:12:32 [dbaron]
Florian: This undermines validators.
16:12:57 [dbaron]
arron: authors free to do what they want with documents...
16:13:14 [dbaron]
16:13:22 [dbaron]
dbaron: If no author requirements are normative then we have no definition of a conforming document
16:13:42 [Zakim]
16:13:50 [dbaron]
arron: ... demonstrate?
16:14:00 [dbaron]
dbaron: I think we want 2 conforming implementations, ... though somebody should read process.
16:14:08 [florian]
I just dropped. I'll be right back
16:14:10 [dbaron]
peter: We have to meet the exit criteria we put in our own specs.
16:14:15 [dbaron]
peter: We only talk about implementations.
16:14:20 [Zakim]
16:14:27 [dbaron]
arron: I don't want to push specs out that don't have this.
16:14:39 [dbaron]
arron: We need to define this more clearly, maybe in testing area.
16:15:09 [oyvind]
CSS 2.1 section 3.1 just says something about "recommendations", and that text applies to both authors and UAs
16:15:11 [dbaron]
dbaron: I wasn't sure why combinators inside :not() and :matches() was moved into full profile
16:15:16 [fantasai]
foo :matches(bar baz)
16:15:31 [fantasai]
16:15:39 [fantasai]
16:15:56 [dbaron]
fantasai: This allows branching selector path.
16:16:08 [dbaron]
fantasai: I'm fine to include it if that's what people want.
16:16:28 [dbaron]
dbaron: Already have to do that for mixes of child and descendant combinators
16:16:40 [dbaron]
body > div p
16:17:18 [dbaron]
dbaron: It's slow but I don't think it has totally different implementation characteristics.
16:17:35 [dbaron]
dbaron: Maybe put an issue in the spec saying we're not sure and people will comment
16:17:37 [dbaron]
fantasai: sounds ok
16:17:58 [dbaron]
RESOLVED: publish WD of selectors4
16:18:10 [dbaron]
Topic: Grid Template Layout
16:18:18 [dbaron]
glazou: Bert asked to publish WD of grid template layout
16:18:26 [dbaron]
Bert: last WD more than a year old
16:18:38 [dbaron]
Bert: I've integrated discussion of regions, more integrated with content, page templates, and regions
16:18:43 [dbaron]
Bert: I think it's quite nice now.
16:18:57 [dbaron]
Bert: Not yet LC, too many details that can go either way; in some cases doesn't matter.
16:19:07 [dbaron]
Bert: But I think it's time for a new WD. Lots of things to do with page layout at the moment.
16:19:12 [dbaron]
Bert: Would be nice to have something new in that area.
16:19:38 [dbaron]
glazou: I have a problem with this document. Because it's a challenging spec for the grid layout that is implemented by browser vendors, and I don't see browsers expressing interest in this one.
16:19:53 [dbaron]
glazou: I'd like to hear from browser vendors on this call: are you interested in this spec, the different syntax it proposes for grid?
16:20:00 [dbaron]
glazou: because apparently nobody's implementing it
16:20:11 [BradK]
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16:20:15 [dbaron]
Bert: But the existence of prototypes outside of browsers in indication people want it.
16:20:24 [dbaron]
glazou: One from César, quite old.
16:20:31 [dbaron]
Bert: César made two, and there are two others.
16:20:37 [dbaron]
glazou: Polyfill or native implementation?
16:20:41 [dbaron]
Bert: 3 JS, one native
16:20:59 [dbaron]
glazou: I'd like at least one week to review the document.
16:21:06 [Zakim]
16:21:07 [BradK]
Sorry I'm late
16:21:14 [dbaron]
glazou: It seems to me another content sink for stuff that should probably go elsewhere. What do other people think?
16:21:39 [dbaron]
dbaron: I haven't had a chance to follow it.
16:21:42 [dbaron]
?: same here
16:21:51 [florian]
16:22:17 [dbaron]
fantasai: Haven't looked at most recent WD, but found that while I don't think Bert's module would go to LC as such, has been able to pull together ideas from different specs and define how they integrate. Reasonably useful thing.
16:22:25 [dbaron]
glazou: Seems we need some time to review the document.
16:22:30 [dbaron]
glazou: Bert, is 1 week for review ok?
16:22:32 [BradK]
Are we talking about marquee?
16:22:46 [stearns]
16:22:47 [dbaron]
Bert: 1 or 2 weeks is fine. As I said, a year old.
16:22:55 [dbaron]
glazou: ok, will revisit in 1 or 2 weeks
16:23:01 [dbaron]
ACTION all: review grid template layout
16:23:01 [trackbot]
Error finding 'all'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
16:23:20 [dbaron]
Topic: color-correction into color-interpolation
16:23:25 [dbaron]
dbaron: Didn't we do this last week?
16:23:25 [stearns]
16:23:36 [dbaron]
dirk: I didn't put on agenda; discussion continuing on mailing list.
16:23:41 [dbaron]
Topic: column-fill and column-overflow
16:23:42 [glazou]
16:24:29 [dbaron]
dbaron: Don't think it needs telecon time now.
16:24:31 [glazou]
16:24:33 [dbaron]
Topic: flow-into
16:24:36 [stearns]
16:24:55 [dbaron]
Stearns: Has been on agenda for a few weeks, I just went ahead and did it. Second message describes change to region spec.
16:25:07 [dbaron]
Stearns: Don't know if we need time on the call unless people want to comment.
16:25:17 [dbaron]
Bert: Initial reaction: dangerous, sounds like XSLT territory redoing the tree.
16:25:23 [dbaron]
Bert: Want to see examples of what it's useful for.
16:25:32 [dbaron]
Bert: And want to try doing those things different ways without destroying the tree.
16:25:42 [dbaron]
glazou: Needed at least for selectors not being able to target text nodes.
16:25:51 [dbaron]
glazou: So using combinator with a star not enough
16:26:04 [dbaron]
Bert: Have example in css3 layout spec
16:26:08 [hober]
belated regrets; at the html wg f2f
16:26:13 [glazou]
thanks hober
16:26:19 [dbaron]
Bert: Have example ...
16:26:28 [dbaron]
Bert: worried it's not quite what we want
16:26:45 [glazou]
hober, other CSS WG members with you there ?
16:26:45 [dbaron]
Bert: ... part of the content, not all of the content ....
16:26:53 [dbaron]
Stearns: Bert, would definitely like to see use case
16:27:06 [dbaron]
Stearns: Initially came about because Rossen was asking for it, maybe Rossen can post use cases
16:27:23 [dbaron]
Stearns: In general, going back into history of regions, this is something that was discussed very early on
16:27:31 [dbaron]
Stearns: alexmog had action to figure out way of doing this correctly
16:27:36 [hober]
glazou: tantek isn't here yet, but i assume he will be
16:27:40 [glazou]
ok hober
16:27:44 [dbaron]
Stearns: earlier had decided to push to level 4, decided to pull back to current level
16:27:52 [dbaron]
Bert: what happens to inheritance if element removed
16:28:03 [dbaron]
Stearns: as with all named flow mechanisms not modifying dom tree
16:28:22 [dbaron]
Stearns: All we're doing is taking the boxes in element's content area and moving them to named dflow and displaying in region chainn
16:28:54 [dbaron]
Bert: maybe we should not discuss here, might take too much time. But all kinds of difficult cases. Though maybe I don't understand what you want... not sure if there's really a problem.
16:29:02 [dbaron]
Stearns: would like to see difficult cases on list
16:29:05 [dbaron]
glazou: so, move to mailing list
16:29:09 [glazou]
16:29:10 [dbaron]
Topic: justification for symbols
16:29:17 [dbaron]
Topic: Recommended justification for symbols
16:29:26 [dbaron]
Koji: you say I should make a recommendation?
16:29:42 [dbaron]
fantasai: If nobody else has an opinion I think Koji and I can handle it offline
16:29:48 [dbaron]
Topic: Text decoration issues
16:29:48 [Zakim]
16:30:00 [glazou]
16:30:28 [dbaron]
fantasai: first is from dbaron, about droping text-underline-position: alphabetic
16:30:51 [glazou]
16:31:20 [dbaron]
fantasai: your issue is that alphabetic is requesting to use font data except when it's incorrect
16:31:35 [fantasai]
dbaron: My big problem with this is that I don't know how it would really be implemented
16:31:50 [dbaron]
fantasai: I'd like to hear from jdaggett.
16:32:05 [dbaron]
glazou: fantasai, can you take action to ping jdaggett
16:32:09 [dbaron]
fantasai: did ping, haven't heard back
16:32:11 [fantasai]
fantasai^: He knows a lot about font metrics and what's an appropriate way to use them
16:32:25 [dbaron]
glazou: maybe handle off call?
16:32:35 [dbaron]
fantasai: does anyone else have feedback on issue?
16:32:42 [glazou]
16:32:42 [dbaron]
glazou: ok, issue 8
16:32:58 [dbaron]
fantasai: dbaron pointed out z-order is opposite of what's in 2.1
16:33:08 [dbaron]
fantasai: changed underlines/overlines to draw over text
16:33:14 [dbaron]
fantasai: I think this is an intentional change
16:33:21 [fantasai]
16:33:25 [dbaron]
fantasai: Anybody have any idea why it might have been intentional?
16:33:42 [dbaron]
fantasai: OK, I'll chnge that back to match 2.1
16:33:49 [dbaron]
RESOLVED: text decoration z-ordering back to match 2.1
16:33:55 [dbaron]
glazou: anything more to talk about?
16:34:02 [glazou]
16:34:03 [dbaron]
fantasai: need to just sit down and clarify stuff
16:34:09 [dbaron]
Topic: fixed positioning on content empty pages
16:34:29 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: So there's 1 sentence in CSS21 that says fixed pos is repeated on every page in paged media.
16:34:42 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: Do we want to repeat in empty pages that are generated by page-break: left/right?
16:34:52 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: And do such pages match the :blank selector?
16:35:11 [dbaron]
fantasai: Only pages that should match :blank are ones that are generated by forced breaks
16:35:20 [dbaron]
fantasai: IF you have a very tall empty block and it prints across 2 pages...
16:35:28 [dbaron]
fantasai: Don't think it makes sense for that to match blank.
16:35:33 [dbaron]
fantasai: might have a background
16:35:49 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: so we should tweak dfn of :blank or content-empty?
16:35:50 [BradK]
sgalineau: Text shadow above the underline might look weird.
16:36:13 [dbaron]
fantasai: What would be more useful?
16:36:25 [dbaron]
fantasai: I think only forced break pages matching :blank would be more useful.
16:36:31 [sgalineau]
bradk: yeah. I can't recall the reasoning but I thought we discussed the paint order of these when we debated text-shadow. could be wrong...
16:36:49 [dbaron]
16:36:51 [dbaron]
16:37:04 [dbaron]
please repeat
16:37:06 [dbaron]
(I'm muted)
16:37:28 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: 2 options. (1) repeat fixed position boxes on every page including pages generated by forced breaks
16:37:53 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: (2) not display ???? boxes on pages that are supposed to be blank
16:37:55 [glazou]
hold on left the call
16:38:04 [fantasai]
16:38:09 [glazou]
ARGL my sip down
16:38:13 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: And in any case tweak the definition of :blank and content-empty so it's what we want.
16:38:14 [glazou]
plinss, can you take over please ?
16:38:21 [dbaron]
fantasai: I have no opinion on this.
16:38:30 [dbaron]
fantasai: Maybe ask murakami-san
16:38:41 [dbaron]
I think break: right/left is kinda like forced break,s btw.
16:38:57 [dbaron]
Bert: I don't know what :blank should match, but I do think fixed elements should repeat on all pages.
16:39:08 [dbaron]
Bert: Should be page number there but no fixed content. (???)
16:39:11 [glazou]
plinss, SIP and phone all down, sorry, cannot rejoin right now
16:39:14 [dbaron]
Bert, is that what you said?
16:39:35 [dbaron]
s/Should/I don't see why there should/
16:39:47 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: That's what I prefer too.
16:39:59 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: In that case we need to make sure :blank still applies on such pages.
16:40:06 [dbaron]
SimonSapin: I can take an action to edit that in the spec.
16:40:26 [Zakim]
+ +
16:40:29 [dbaron]
ACTION Sapin: Clarify definition of :blank selector in relation to fixed positioning
16:40:29 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-557 - Clarify definition of :blank selector in relation to fixed positioning [on Simon Sapin - due 2013-05-01].
16:40:42 [dbaron]
Zakim, aabb is glazou
16:40:42 [Zakim]
+glazou; got it
16:40:57 [fantasai]
zakim, who is here?
16:40:57 [Zakim]
On the phone I see glazou, plinss, Krit, dael, Stearns, SylvaIng, fantasai, [Microsoft], antonp, dbaron (muted), smfr, SimonSapin, [Microsoft.a], Bert, koji, [Microsoft.aa],
16:41:02 [Zakim]
... [IPcaller], BradK, glazou.a
16:41:02 [Zakim]
[Microsoft] has JohnJansen
16:41:02 [Zakim]
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... krit, danielfilho|w, logbot, teoli, SimonSapin, alexmog, liam, ojan
16:41:20 [dbaron]
glazou: Not sure if there's something to decide about unicode caseless matching.
16:41:26 [glazou]
16:41:28 [dbaron]
glazou: Message from Addison Phillips about unicode caseless matching.
16:41:34 [dbaron]
glazou: Want to make sure all members have seen it.
16:41:52 [dbaron]
glazou: we finally got an answer to our questions
16:42:04 [Ms2ger]
Ms2ger has joined #css
16:42:06 [dbaron]
glazou: jdaggett not on call, not sure discuss now, but will probably have to discuss to make sure we're in sync
16:42:13 [dbaron]
glazou: But if someone has a comment...
16:42:32 [dbaron]
Bert: If it's indeed safe to ignore normalization. Question of seeing what different OSes do. Sounds dangerous to me.
16:42:41 [SimonSapin]
RESOLVED: Repeat position:fixed on all pages, including blank pages genarated by forced page breaks. Tweak the definition of :blank to match.
16:42:48 [israelh]
israelh has joined #css
16:42:50 [dbaron]
Topic: Alignment
16:42:52 [glazou]
16:43:15 [dbaron]
fantasai: We ran out of other topics? Is Tab on the call?
16:43:39 [fantasai]
16:43:46 [dbaron]
fantasai: So we changed a bunch of things in this spec.
16:43:49 [fantasai]
16:43:54 [dbaron]
fantasai: Pulled out values and defined them in a common seciton.
16:44:01 [dbaron]
fantasai: Two new values, self-start and self-end
16:44:19 [dbaron]
fantasai: Came across the issue of whether start and end are determined w.r.t. container or the box's own writing mode
16:44:47 [dbaron]
fantasai: overflow handling in CSS 2.1 handled by looking at cb direction, so decided cb direction should be default interpretation of start and end
16:44:58 [dbaron]
fantasai: But sometimes want to align by box's own writing mode, so added self-start and self-end.
16:45:24 [dbaron]
fantasai: An example would be grid, column of stuff with most l-to-r, some r-to-l, want to align all to start-edge (all left).
16:45:36 [dbaron]
fantasai: Some specific cases might want based on writing mode, self-start and self-end address that.
16:45:41 [dbaron]
fantasai: Second, we defined baseline alignment.
16:45:56 [dbaron]
fantasai: Ton of text added to do this. We think it's right, but probably will be a while before it's all right.
16:46:15 [dbaron]
fantasai: In old draft there was a 'true' keyword that was optional.
16:46:28 [dbaron]
fantasai: In new draft we have 'true' and 'face' (?) keywords.
16:46:44 [dbaron]
fantasai: And if neither is used, default depends on layout mode.
16:46:45 [dbaron]
16:47:05 [dbaron]
fantasai: Document-centric layout modes, defaults to 'true'. For design-centric modes, defaults to 'true'.
16:47:18 [dbaron]
fantasai: Next, can combine content distribution keyword e.g. space-around with position keyword e.g. start/end
16:47:27 [dbaron]
fantasai: Says what to do if you only have 1 thing.
16:47:52 [dbaron]
fantasai: Added another content distribution keyword: space-evenly (like border-image) added to space-between and space-around (in flexbox).
16:48:03 [dbaron]
fantasai: That came up in discussion we had about flexbox.
16:48:22 [dbaron]
fantasai: We'd only added 2 for flexbox, but third might be useful for grid.
16:48:31 [dbaron]
fantasai: E.g., if stuff on sides is not grid.
16:48:53 [dbaron]
fantasai: Worked a bit on defining details of how things align.
16:49:03 [fantasai]
16:49:04 [dbaron]
fantasai: Details of how justify-content... <link
16:49:21 [dbaron]
fantasai: section talks about block containers, (reads)
16:49:43 [dbaron]
fantasai: exlpains how vertical-align continues to work on table cells by default
16:49:48 [dbaron]
fantasai: we also talked about self alignment
16:49:55 [dbaron]
fantasai, tricky bit was abspos and replaced elements
16:49:57 [fantasai]
16:50:17 [dbaron]
fantasai: we have stretch keyword... block stretches by default if non-replaced
16:50:27 [dbaron]
fantasai: but if replaced or has width, replaced by start
16:50:35 [dbaron]
fantasai: so stretch and start are equivalent on block level boxes
16:50:59 [dbaron]
fantasai: for abs pos we envision algimnent ... take containing block, offsets reduce cb, and within box normally behavior is stretch if you have auto w/h
16:51:11 [dbaron]
fantasai: but if you take some other keywords but want to make it easy to center abs pos as well
16:51:18 [dbaron]
This doesn't sound 2.1-compatible to me.
16:51:37 [dbaron]
fantasai: If alignment property is not auto or stretch then you shrink-wrap and align with it instead of trying to fill whole box.
16:51:40 [dbaron]
fantasai: ???? don't do that.
16:51:47 [dbaron]
fantasai: So replace stretch keyword is equivalent to start.
16:51:56 [dbaron]
fantasai: Trying to figure out if way to allow replaced elements to stretch.
16:52:13 [dbaron]
fantasai: We added to justify property the ability to
16:52:27 [fantasai]
16:52:29 [dbaron]
fantasai: ... justify-items property
16:52:38 [dbaron]
fantasai: we wanted to handle center elements and the html align property somehow
16:52:56 [dbaron]
fantasai: and came up with using justify-items property and adding a special keyword, and if that keyword is present
16:53:13 [dbaron]
fantasai: auto value of justify-items checks parent and if parent includes legacy keyword copies value to self
16:53:25 [dbaron]
fantasai: Was best we could come up with in terms of behavior that would handle that.
16:53:28 [dbaron]
What about my old proposal?
16:53:45 [dbaron]
fantasai: If anybody has better idea about how to handle html stuff, open to better ideas?
16:53:57 [dbaron]
fantasai: And do we want it to be called legacy? legacy of 1990, legacy of parent?
16:54:04 [dbaron]
fantasai: only allowed combination with left/right/center
16:54:20 [dbaron]
fantasai: potentially useful to authors to use this thing, in which case do we want to allow combination with other kewyords?
16:54:28 [dbaron]
fantasai: That's the overview of what we've done.
16:54:36 [dbaron]
fantasai: It's going to need another few rounds of review edit
16:55:00 [dbaron]
fantasai: Want to publish WD at some point but not high priority if people want time to look at things, week, 2 months, whatever?
16:55:08 [dbaron]
I want some time to look at things
16:55:16 [dbaron]
Is there a written summary of what you just described somewhere?
16:55:39 [fantasai]
I can create one today
16:55:40 [dbaron]
fantasai: No written summary, but could create one today.
16:56:13 [dbaron]
Bert: Had three remarks.
16:56:15 [dael]
dael has joined #css
16:56:22 [dbaron]
Bert: So far we've used center for horiz and middle for vertical
16:56:28 [dbaron]
Bert: This only uses center, maybe should use middle
16:56:43 [dbaron]
fantasai: Actually we don't have that distinction, if you look at bg position uses center for both
16:56:52 [dbaron]
fantasai: and vertical-align: middle dosen't do centering... does weird text-middle thing
16:56:55 [dbaron]
does for tables!
16:57:11 [dbaron]
fantasai: to avoid that behavior and be consistent with bg-pos wanted center
16:57:19 [dbaron]
Bert: for tables middle really is center
16:57:32 [dbaron]
Bert: I don't like introducing extra property for true centering. We broke margin:auto
16:57:43 [dbaron]
Bert: Don't like introducing property that changes meaning of another.
16:57:51 [dbaron]
Bert: want margin: fill that means what margin auto used to mean
16:57:57 [dbaron]
Bert: I know we did box-sizing in the indirect way
16:58:23 [israelh]
israelh has left #css
16:58:29 [fantasai]
dbaron: This seems a lot less indirect to me in that it is doing block centering, that kicks in when there are no auto margins
16:58:37 [fantasai]
dbaron: Authors don't like working with margin: auto
16:58:54 [fantasai]
dbaron: We have a model where you can do both. You can use margin: auto;. but if it's not there, alignment properties can be used
16:59:16 [fantasai]
dbaron: Isn't the true value on the same property as these alignment properties?
16:59:20 [dbaron]
fantasai: yes
16:59:21 [fantasai]
fantasai: yes, it's an optional keyword
16:59:30 [dbaron]
Bert: oh, a shorthand?
16:59:39 [dbaron]
fantasai: not shorthand, just property that takes potentially two values
16:59:41 [fantasai]
fantasai: Not a shorthand, but takes multiple keywords
16:59:53 [dbaron]
Bert: third remark: have a stretch/distribute value to justify blocks inside container
17:00:03 [dbaron]
Bert: space, I think
17:00:21 [dbaron]
Bert: But I'm missing... use case wanted all blocks to be just one after the other except the last block that should go all the way to the other end
17:00:32 [dbaron]
Bert: cannot do that with spacing between
17:00:38 [dbaron]
Bert: I wanted something like an auto margin
17:00:54 [dbaron]
fantasai: I think case would have to be handled with margins... is in flexbox with auto margins
17:01:04 [dbaron]
Bert: I was hoping to see that outside floxbox
17:01:08 [Zakim]
17:01:23 [dbaron]
Bert: I want it outside flexbox; flexbox has no collapsing margins. Author name at bottom.
17:01:33 [dbaron]
fantasai: I think reasonable request, has to be handled in spec defining margins on block
17:01:53 [dbaron]
fantasai: We'd have to add a new kewyord, but I think that's out of scope for what we're doing here.
17:02:11 [dbaron]
fantasai: When to publish WD? When to discuss?
17:02:21 [dbaron]
I'd like some time to review
17:02:38 [dbaron]
Bert: I'm fine with publishing now.
17:02:39 [Zakim]
17:02:49 [dbaron]
dbaron: I'd like at least a week to review
17:02:54 [dbaron]
glazou: so revisit next week
17:03:02 [Zakim]
17:03:03 [dbaron]
glazou: meeting closed
17:03:04 [Zakim]
17:03:05 [Zakim]
17:03:06 [Zakim]
17:03:06 [Zakim]
17:03:07 [Zakim]
17:03:07 [Zakim]
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17:03:08 [Zakim]
17:03:08 [Zakim]
17:03:09 [Zakim]
17:03:09 [Zakim]
17:03:11 [Zakim]
17:03:11 [Zakim]
17:03:12 [Zakim]
17:03:12 [Zakim]
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17:03:16 [Zakim]
17:08:17 [Zakim]
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17:56:20 [fantasai]
stearns: Not explicitly, no. You can do that only by picking a flex basis that fits twice per line
17:56:59 [stearns]
fantasai: would that be a flex basis of 50% (or near that?)
18:03:45 [tantek]
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18:08:59 [fantasai]
stearns: yeah, that should work
18:09:29 [fantasai]
stearns: if you want more sophisticated sizing (like, content-based flex basis), then it's not so easy to get 2 per line
18:09:56 [fantasai]
stearns: but width/height 50% or just flex: 1 50%; should work I think...
18:11:25 [stearns]
fantasai: in as much as multiline flexbox is really a composition engine in disguise, there may be some composition-style features that would be useful to eventually add
18:11:39 [stearns]
fantasai: like a <br> to start a new flex line
18:12:20 [stearns]
fantasai: or "this group of flex items comprise a flex paragraph"
18:13:10 [stearns]
fantasai: but much much farther in the future than something to consider right now
18:18:48 [fantasai]
stearns: We were thinking to do that with break-before or somesuch
18:18:59 [fantasai]
if you need paragraphs, make multiple flexboxen?
18:19:46 [stearns]
multiple flexboxen is my current workaround, and it serves my ulterior purpose
18:20:15 [stearns]
which is demonstrating the need for region boxes in different parents
18:28:25 [rhauck1]
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19:18:54 [antonp]
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19:26:23 [fantasai]
stearns: I'm not really sure what you wanted to do. ^_^
19:26:33 [fantasai]
dbaron: What was your old alignment proposal for <center> ?
19:27:50 [dbaron]
19:28:43 [fantasai]
I think I'm a little averse to adding more alignment properties...
19:36:40 [dbaron]
yeah, probably true
19:37:09 [fantasai]
I think they're somewhat unnecessary
19:37:20 [fantasai]
But they were in Flexbox, and was too late to remove...
19:43:27 [zcorpan]
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19:55:23 [cabanier]
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20:09:29 [arno]
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20:26:14 [stearns]
seems like a browser feature - Chrome does that (or at least asks if you'd like to translate)
20:30:03 [tantek]
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