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logging to
11:51:25 [fsasaki]
meeting: MLW-LT WG
11:51:26 [fsasaki]
chair: felix
11:51:45 [fsasaki]
11:52:07 [fsasaki]
regrets: christian
11:52:10 [fsasaki]
present+ felix
11:52:20 [fsasaki]
topic: roll call
11:52:24 [fsasaki]
checking attendance ...
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12:03:02 [Ankit]
do I need to do anything / any special command?
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scribe: Ankit
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12:05:28 [Ankit]
Attendance taken..
12:05:40 [fsasaki]
topic: Draft publication plans
12:05:47 [fsasaki]
12:06:23 [Ankit]
felix: should publish something now.. the last was in dec
12:06:31 [Ankit]
publication by next week
12:07:04 [Ankit]
Pablo: finish by next Monday
12:07:14 [fsasaki]
topic: Close most of issues 70 to 92 and 100 to 121, following Dave's and Jirka's actions
12:08:05 [Ankit]
Jirka: issues 106 & 107
12:08:33 [Ankit]
issue 116 safely closed
12:08:53 [Ankit]
issue 117 need feedback to close
12:09:24 [Ankit]
issue 118 still clarifying with HTML wg
12:10:13 [Ankit]
issue 119: waiting to be incorporated by Dave..
12:10:52 [fsasaki]
12:11:19 [Ankit]
felix: issues pending review, which need to be closed
12:11:50 [Ankit]
Dave: looked at pending issues first..
12:12:10 [fsasaki]
jirka: my action needs one more week, to look at pending review issues
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present+ Milan
12:12:39 [Ankit]
issue 70 did a follow-up with commentors.. just need to put it back in document (will close by next week)
12:12:48 [fsasaki]
12:12:48 [trackbot]
ISSUE-70 -- Defined order of precedence missing inherited local values -- pending review
12:12:48 [trackbot]
12:13:05 [Ankit]
issue 76: ready to close
12:13:33 [fsasaki]
12:14:13 [Ankit]
David: did some edits..
12:14:19 [fsasaki]
12:14:24 [fsasaki]
12:15:14 [Ankit]
DaveL: safely closed: issue 79 82 84
12:15:54 [Ankit]
marking it as a substantive or informative change
12:16:35 [Ankit]
Felix: let's close it for now..
12:17:01 [Ankit]
we currently have directionality, Yves & dF making tests
12:17:05 [fsasaki]
12:17:17 [fsasaki]
"Directionality, non-normative" > "Directionality"
12:17:29 [Ankit]
change the dashboard
12:18:07 [Ankit]
daveL: issue 80 (global rules referring to examples) closed
12:18:20 [Ankit]
dF: hear back from..
12:18:38 [Ankit]
daveL: sent an email did not hear back
12:18:58 [fsasaki]
12:19:22 [fsasaki]
"Please let us know wether you are ok with the resolution. If we don't hear back from you within two weeks we assume this as closed."
12:19:25 [Ankit]
fsasaki: email sen to Richard dated 31 March
12:19:39 [Ankit]
dF: what to do when commentator do not reply back
12:20:12 [Ankit]
fsasaki: if it is a more severe change, important to get feedback
12:20:34 [Ankit]
daveL: issue 88
12:21:34 [Ankit]
daveL: issue 90 (directionality)
12:21:43 [Ankit]
action: felix on action 90
12:21:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-473 - On action 90 [on Felix Sasaki - due 2013-04-10].
12:23:05 [Ankit]
daveL: will go back to issue still open
12:23:46 [fsasaki]
DaveL: safely closed: issue 79 82 84
12:24:24 [fsasaki]
topic: issue-68 edits
12:24:31 [fsasaki]
12:24:44 [fsasaki]
12:25:06 [Ankit]
fsasaki: Christian said fine to close this
12:25:38 [Ankit]
should we close issue 68?
12:25:53 [Ankit]
issue 68 closed
12:26:01 [tadej]
I'm also fine with that - I seem to be muted
12:26:07 [Ankit]
action fsasaki come to York's comments
12:26:07 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-474 - Come to York's comments [on Felix Sasaki - due 2013-04-10].
12:27:55 [fsasaki]
topic: Bled goals and attendance
12:28:03 [fsasaki]
12:28:39 [tadej]
I'm muted
12:28:48 [fsasaki]
12:28:50 [Ankit]
fsasaki: Tadej said everyone must fill in the form by tomorrow for Bled attendance
12:28:56 [fsasaki]
12:29:16 [Ankit]
deadline for hotel researvation is tomorrow (April 4th)
12:30:54 [Ankit]
fsasaki: any other qs on f2f?
12:31:13 [Ankit]
should be able to close all open issues by Face2 Face
12:31:43 [fsasaki]
topic: issue-117
12:32:01 [fsasaki]
12:32:14 [fsasaki]
"Caveat Related to XSLT-based Processing of ITS Selector Attributes: ..."
12:32:23 [Ankit]
fsasaki: propose a note
12:32:40 [fsasaki]
s/propose a/propose to remove above note/
12:32:53 [Yves_]
+1 on removing that note
12:33:28 [fsasaki]
12:34:16 [Ankit]
Jirka: example 11 should stay, just drop the note
12:35:15 [Ankit]
fsasaki: anybody against closing removing the note?
12:35:47 [Ankit]
action Jirka edit to issue 117
12:35:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-475 - Edit to issue 117 [on Jirka Kosek - due 2013-04-10].
12:35:57 [fsasaki]
topic: issue-119 ITS Ontology
12:36:41 [Ankit]
fsasaki: Dave, update on ontology before Bled Meeting?
12:37:18 [RRSAgent]
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12:37:31 [Ankit]
daveL: send an email clarifying general usage issues (yes/no),
12:37:44 [Ankit]
do stand-off notation like LQI require special class?
12:38:05 [Ankit]
daveL: update Ontology before Bled meeting
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12:38:44 [fsasaki]
topic: issue-116 space normalization
12:39:02 [Ankit]
fsasaki: Jirka summarized it.
12:39:22 [Ankit]
any comments on issue 116?
12:39:47 [Ankit]
issue 116 closed
12:40:11 [fsasaki]
topic: edits review
12:40:17 [fsasaki]
12:40:41 [Ankit]
fsasaki: many of these are connected to quality
12:40:44 [fsasaki]
12:40:52 [fsasaki]
12:40:58 [fsasaki]
12:41:21 [Yves_]
Just one minor note: we use both "Web" and "web" across the document, should we be consistent?
12:41:40 [fsasaki]
12:41:42 [Yves_]
I meant "Web" and "web"
12:42:12 [Yves_]
in many places
12:42:53 [Ankit]
action fsasaki: ensure capitalization of Web is consistent in document
12:42:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-476 - Ensure capitalization of Web is consistent in document [on Felix Sasaki - due 2013-04-10].
12:43:32 [Ankit]
fsasaki: safe to close the issues for now
12:43:39 [fsasaki]
topic: "Clarify interpretation of line breaks when calculating storage size"
12:43:51 [fsasaki]
12:44:45 [Yves_]
we talked about encoding rather than linebreak
12:46:13 [Yves_]
I think from Anne's input we can simply drop the NEL case in our list (because NEL is not converted to LF in XML)
12:46:54 [Ankit]
Jirka: that is true
12:47:11 [Ankit]
it is not interpreted as line break character
12:47:13 [Yves_]
I can include that in the re-writing I have to do for encoding.
12:47:39 [Yves_]
or Jirak's solution... fine with me too
12:47:41 [fsasaki]
12:48:00 [fsasaki]
12:48:06 [fsasaki]
"The storage size is expressed in bytes and is provided along with the character set encoding and the line break type which will be used when the content is stored."
12:48:20 [fsasaki]
12:48:21 [Ankit]
issue 247
12:48:57 [fsasaki]
mlw-lt issue-107
12:49:02 [fsasaki]
12:49:02 [trackbot]
ISSUE-107 -- I18N-ISSUE-247: Clarify interpretation of line breaks when calculating storage size [ITS-20] -- open
12:49:02 [trackbot]
12:49:54 [Ankit]
action Jirka make edit on issue 107
12:49:54 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-477 - Make edit on issue 107 [on Jirka Kosek - due 2013-04-10].
12:50:22 [fsasaki]
topic: "Clarify character encoding behavior when calculating storage size"
12:50:29 [fsasaki]
12:51:34 [Ankit]
fsasaki: might need another call with them
12:51:48 [fsasaki]
12:51:55 [fsasaki]
12:52:07 [fsasaki]
Maybe we should add a sentence like: 'Note that the value of storage size will generally give no indication about the display length of the text and is therefore not adequate for expressing constraints relating to display length.' after: 'The storage size is expressed in bytes and is provided along with the character set encoding used to store the content.'
12:52:23 [Ankit]
fsasaki: this is from Stefan'semail
12:52:39 [Ankit]
does anyone disagree using byte as storage size?
12:52:54 [fsasaki]
12:52:57 [fsasaki]
12:53:00 [Ankit]
email0001 and email0007
12:53:27 [Yves_]
sure I can do that
12:53:42 [Ankit]
action Yves make edit on issue 106
12:53:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-478 - Make edit on issue 106 [on Yves Savourel - due 2013-04-10].
12:53:59 [fsasaki]
topic: "html translate" issue-97
12:54:18 [fsasaki]
12:54:26 [fsasaki]
12:54:28 [Ankit]
fsasaki: Yves submitted a list of translatable elements
12:55:22 [fsasaki]
12:55:37 [Ankit]
fsasaki: question to everybody: do you agree with Yves' comments?
12:55:44 [Ankit]
or have anything to add on the attributes
12:56:23 [Ankit]
daveL: do we know how long it will take for them to get back
12:56:38 [Ankit]
fsasaki: it depends on what dependency we create..
12:57:17 [Ankit]
HTML spec is still in flux
12:58:08 [Ankit]
fsasaki: in testsuite, all translate-related tests will need to be changed
12:58:43 [fsasaki]
12:59:03 [Ankit]
fsasaki: latest version of loc WG
12:59:42 [Ankit]
fsasaki: there is mismatch
12:59:54 [fsasaki]
s/loc/what WG spec/
13:00:25 [fsasaki]
topic: aob
13:00:45 [Ankit]
daveL: just checking through must and must not
13:00:54 [Ankit]
normative or informative needs to be addressed
13:00:55 [fsasaki]
13:01:25 [fsasaki]
"6 Using ITS Markup in HTML" and sec. 7: need "these section is normative"
13:01:41 [fsasaki]
action: felix to add "normative" statement to sec 6 and 7
13:01:42 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-479 - Add "normative" statement to sec 6 and 7 [on Felix Sasaki - due 2013-04-10].
13:01:59 [Ankit]
meeting adjourned
13:02:05 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate fsasaki
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13:15:44 [Pedro]
sorry Felix, I could not make it to attend the call. Do you need anything out of the today's call from me?
13:17:35 [fsasaki]
hi pedro, thanks, nothing urgent
13:19:41 [Pedro]
Ok, thank you. Just to share with you that our client (the person from the Spanish Tax Office) was very satisfied with the Workshop in Rome! Now we are focussed to have finished our WP4 use case/documetation by June/July.