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ok, PhilA; I see T&S_EGOV(Eurasian)4:00AM scheduled to start 49 minutes ago
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zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3468 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, PhilA
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chair: Tomasz
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scribe: Gwyn_S
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what is shortcut for names again?
09:11:12 [josema]
are there any slides available for the talks today?
09:11:19 [PhilA]
Begin typing their IRC name and then hit tab
09:11:21 [Gwyn_S]
yes, slides?
09:11:43 [PhilA]
Topic: Open Government Data in Uganda, Julius Torach, National Information Technology Authority, Uganda
09:11:48 [carlosiglesias]
have a look at:
09:11:53 [PhilA]
Julius' slides
09:13:38 [Gwyn_S]
Julius: was created by Ugandan Gov, intro following other parliamentary acts such as e-signature act
09:13:51 [elsa_]
yes - there are 2 set of slides available here: in Upcoming Meetings - see 18th March
09:15:04 [Gwyn_S]
JT_: moving toward more licencing for software, more data standanrds, and also working on data portal
09:16:17 [Gwyn_S]
JT_: the data standards are shared among gov't agencies, and we have a forum for sharing, but needs to be made relevant as information among agencies and for citizens
09:17:00 [Gwyn_S]
JT_: civil society is involved in e-gov because of the importance in transparancy. also involved in development of apps
09:18:20 [Gwyn_S]
JT_: one major problem is cost for connectivity, we have been relying on satellite connections, and softare is also expensive. open data and e-gov can help civil society can help in surmounting these hurdles
09:18:31 [PhilA]
09:18:37 [PhilA]
09:18:43 [Gwyn_S]
09:18:57 [josema]
q+ to talk about challenges wrt policy reform
09:19:12 [PhilA]
09:19:50 [PhilA]
09:20:04 [Gwyn_S]
PhilA: you mention describing describing data sets in your portal... have you seen the vocab we are using (see link provided by Phil)
09:21:19 [elsa_]
I would like to ask if he can provide examples of initiatives they have developed for promoting the development of apps and local content
09:21:55 [josema]
ack me
09:21:57 [Zakim]
josema, you wanted to talk about challenges wrt policy reform
09:22:06 [Gwyn_S]
09:24:01 [Tomasz]
slides for the next presentation -
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09:26:23 [zamira]
My question is how data security issues will be addressed?
09:26:27 [Gwyn_S]
JT_: example of local projects/using data have been ones which have translated websites into local languages. there are still more planned as we work on the data portals
09:27:40 [Gwyn_S]
JT_: data security acts are forthcoming
09:27:56 [Gwyn_S]
do we have your email? not on slide
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- +25677270aabb
09:29:53 [PhilA]
topic: Open Government Data - W3C Discussion Summary, Tomasz Janowski, United Nations University
09:30:09 [PhilA]
-> Tomasz's slides
09:31:18 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: summarizing 20cases of open gov data by going back to roadmap... prelim analysis
09:31:59 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 3: purpose of roadmap organized themes and outcomes of interest group re: the bigger picture
09:33:15 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz:slide 4: the 'how dimension' we formulated different questions about the lifecycle, process, etc. of research and practice. It is about the mechanics
09:34:02 [Zakim]
09:34:28 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 5: the'why dimension' we looked at sustainability, benefits, policy objectives
09:35:29 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 6: the 'where dimension' looked at implemention in regions/countries such as maturity, legal/institutional frameworks, culture, local conditions
09:36:41 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: side 7: 'the what dimension' the conceptualization of open gov data
09:37:18 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 8: the matrix of all dimensions
09:37:29 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 9: the roadmap
09:37:52 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 10: review of 20 cases since oct 2012
09:38:20 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: con't slide 11
09:40:33 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: now applying the matrix dimensions ex: Local Colorado (slide 12)
09:41:32 [Zakim]
09:42:30 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: each case analyzed by matrix dimensions slides 12-31
09:52:14 [Gwyn_S]
slides are so organized. my notes will just confuse things.
09:55:43 [Christian_OKF_]
Everybody, I will have to leave for another call. Good to meet you all, I look forward to the next call.
09:55:57 [Zakim]
09:57:16 [PhilA]
More info on the CKAN/Drupal work - OGPL - in which Jeanne plays a central role
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10:18:15 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 33 analysis framework
10:18:53 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 34/35 representing findings of 'what dimension'
10:19:31 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 36/37 representing 'why dimension' both results and graph
10:20:03 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 38/39 results of 'how dimension'
10:20:34 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: slide 40/41 results of 'where dimension'
10:25:33 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: conclusion and open for questions
10:26:23 [Gwyn_S]
Q: can this data/results be used to develop policy guidelines?
10:27:06 [PhilA]
I'd like tor ecord my tahnks to Tomasz and I suspect Elsa for this work
10:27:42 [elsa_]
Many thanks Phil!
10:27:50 [PhilA]
Gwyn_S: When you put everything together, did anything pop out for you that there are other things we need to be looking at?
10:28:17 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: yes, I think it can.
10:28:25 [PhilA]
s/I'd like tor ecord my tahnks to Tomasz and I suspect Elsa for this work/I'd like to record my thanks to Tomasz, and I suspect Elsa, for doing all this work/
10:28:54 [Gwyn_S]
Tomasz: we plan to do surveys as well and correlate results
10:29:19 [PhilA]
Tomasz: This kind of discussion can continue in a Community Group
10:29:30 [Gwyn_S]
can I ask a follow up?
10:30:24 [PhilA]
Gwyn_S: Can I ask something that we ask our presenters - what impact has the work had?
10:30:42 [Gwyn_S]
I'm interested in a sort of feedback loop aspect for this group
10:31:03 [PhilA]
Tomasz: It wasn't possible for us to determine the impact of every case
10:31:07 [PhilA]
10:31:39 [PhilA]
10:31:42 [PhilA]
10:32:06 [Gwyn_S]
great presentation Tomasz (and group). thanks for the summary and initial findings
10:32:35 [zamira]
It would be useful also to investigate how differ challenges in developed and developing countries. I guess they might be quit different...
10:33:10 [zamira]
challenges in Open data and Open Gov initiatives
10:33:16 [PhilA]
q+ to talk about time zones
10:34:31 [PhilA]
10:34:39 [Zakim]
10:34:42 [Zakim]
10:34:45 [Zakim]
10:34:49 [Zakim]
10:34:59 [PhilA]
zakim, bye
10:34:59 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees were [IPcaller], PhilA, +1.703.281.aaaa, carlosiglesias, josema, +25677270aabb
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10:35:05 [Brand_NIemann]
Excellent, Tomasz!
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