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16:11:47 [RachelFlagg]
Jeanne_Holm: Welcome. Topic today is open data
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16:13:58 [PhilA]
Topic: Government Online, Johanna Pimiento Quintero, Ministry of ICT, Colombia
16:14:10 [PhilA]
-> Johanna's presentation
16:14:29 [RachelFlagg]
Presenter: Johanna Pimiento Quintero, Ministry of ICT, Colombia
16:14:49 [Jeanne_Holm]
PhilA: The open gov community group will be a great addition to our W3C family.
16:15:28 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna speaking on Columbia's Open Data Initiative
16:16:40 [RachelFlagg]
4 parts: efficiency and collaboration; transparency; citizen participation; competitiveness and quality of life
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16:18:35 [PhilA]
We're on slide 4
16:18:40 [RachelFlagg]
Surveyed citizens; they want education, health, utilities and employment services
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16:23:18 [RachelFlagg]
Developed a framework defining: strategic, tactical, operational, and support levels; also identified stakeholders and consumers of services
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16:24:07 [Gwyn_S]
slide 11 very interesting
16:26:44 [RachelFlagg]
Plotted a roadmap of tasks to complete from 2012 through 2015, covering initial, basic, advanced and improved implementation
16:27:44 [Zakim]
16:28:04 [Jeanne_Holm]
Johanna--are you still there?
16:28:05 [RachelFlagg]
Publication lifecycle includes: Identify, Analyze, Prioritize, Structure, Publish, Exploit
16:28:43 [RachelFlagg]
[Johanna's connection dropped]
16:28:52 [PhilA]
Topic: Pierre Andrews, University of São Paulo, Brazil
16:29:13 [PhilA]
-> Pierre's slides
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16:30:46 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre's presentation entitled "Parliamentary Transparency - Not Only a Data Challenge"
16:31:32 [RachelFlagg]
Many countries legislating transparency laws
16:32:50 [RachelFlagg]
Brazil is focusing on parliamentary process (representatives, what they do, what they vote on)
16:33:15 [RachelFlagg]
Many are proactively opening data
16:34:18 [RachelFlagg]
Issues around data distribution include no standard format, expensive process, difficulty in procuring data
16:36:25 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Citizens don't care about format or legislative process
16:37:22 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: transparency should enable citizens, need to find ways around technical challenges
16:39:16 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Automatic Citizen project enables public participation by allowing citizens to vote on public projects
16:40:39 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: gauge citizen preferences on which topics are most important to them
16:42:01 [DanielBennett]
Issues to consider. Government provides non-editorial version of data. Leave it to the NGOs, partidos/parties, media to add their own metadata, applications, opinions, etc.
16:42:08 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Efforts underway to explain projects in plain language, to make complicated legal jargon understandable to citizens
16:43:45 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Focus on filtering out projects that citizens care most about
16:45:20 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Use standard natural language processing techniques
16:45:40 [DanielBennett]
Be aware of effort to develop a standard for legislative documents, which may help with downstream applications (and for some jurisdictions an XSLT into LegalDocML will allow for easier comparison and applications).
16:45:43 [DanielBennett]
16:46:29 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: too many laws; uninteresting laws; how to differentiate between strong support for/against, and automate
16:47:06 [DanielBennett]
16:48:05 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Challenges: understand citizen needs; access to data; make it machine-readable and valuable to citizens; make members of parliament use the computer systems
16:49:01 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Key is to learn what's important to citizens
16:49:42 [PhilA]
16:49:46 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: Issues getting citizens to participate and tell parliament what they want
16:50:14 [Jeanne_Holm]
ack DanielBennett
16:53:23 [RachelFlagg]
DanielBennett: discussing OASIS LegalDocumentML
16:54:01 [Zakim]
- +1.703.516.aaee
16:54:02 [RachelFlagg]
DanielBennett: explaining how US Govt official record only contains specifics "on the record" and other groups supplement w/dialogue, discussion
16:54:53 [Zakim]
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zakim, mute IPcaller
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please mute if you are not talking. thanks
16:58:10 [RachelFlagg]
Pierre_Andrews: discussing ways for moderators to connect citizens and parliament; people on both sides may not have technical skills to use online tools
16:58:25 [Jeanne_Holm]
ack PhilA
16:58:25 [PhilA]
16:58:37 [PhilA]
17:00:38 [RachelFlagg]
PhilA: 5 stars of open data
17:00:53 [RachelFlagg]
Thank you Pierre
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zakim, who is here?
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17:01:06 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna back online, continuing w/her presentation now
17:03:08 [RachelFlagg]
Johanne: reviewing roadmap
17:03:51 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Basic level includes data identification, pilots and prototypes
17:04:31 [RachelFlagg]
Correction: Initial level (2012) includes data identification, pilots and prototypes
17:05:02 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Basic level 2013 includes analysis and release of data
17:05:35 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Advanced level (2014) includes quality assurance, collaboration
17:06:08 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Improved level (2015) includes sustainability, impact assessment
17:07:47 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Opening circle: inventory, analysis, prioritize, add metadata to structure, publish, incentivize
17:09:08 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Achievements include data catalogue
17:10:20 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: Apps store (64 apps, 21 using open data)
17:11:23 [PhilA]
It was actually the Web Foundation that published the Open data Index. See
17:12:07 [PhilA]
W3C and the Web Foundation are both TimBL's organisations but they're quite separate
17:12:21 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: more work to be done; addressing emerging barriers such as legal framework, business models, incentives
17:12:58 [DanielBennett]
time for 3rd presentation?
17:14:03 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: goals for this year include conducting hackathons, reaching goal of 100 apps for social services, training, releasing data most-requested by citizens, encouraging 3rd-party use
17:14:58 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: solutions need to balance citizen needs w/agency services
17:15:52 [RachelFlagg]
Johanna: big challenge is agency fear of losing control of data, including legal concerns and motives of 3rd parties
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17:17:29 [PhilA]
Topic: Lessons From International Open Data Day in Accra, Edwin Opare Ghana OD initiative
17:17:46 [PhilA]
-> Edwin's slides
17:18:27 [PhilA]
zakim,who is on the phone
17:18:27 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'who is on the phone', PhilA
17:18:34 [PhilA]
zakim, who is on the phone?
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17:18:49 [RachelFlagg]
Ghana Open Data Day 2013
17:19:22 [Zakim]
17:20:39 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: Works for Ghana govt office responsible for implementing open data initiative
17:21:44 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: Their vision: develop an open data community bringing together government, civil society organizations, media practitioners, developers, academia and citizenry to interact with one another through an open data portal with the view to provide valuable feedback to government
17:22:37 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: GODI - Ghana Open Data Initiative
17:23:43 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: Objectives include central platform for data access, building community, promote discourse, promote govt efficiency, transparency and accountability
17:24:24 [Zakim]
- +1.703.527.aakk
17:24:25 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: building open data ecosystem
17:25:52 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: Ecosystem - community input supports decision-making to reach executive buy-in
17:26:44 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: conducted Hackathon last month, major goal
17:26:44 [Zakim]
+ +1.703.527.aall
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17:27:22 [PhilA]
Sounds like a great event
17:27:23 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: over 70 people attended, 20% women
17:27:28 [Jeanne_Holm]
If everyone can just stay on a few more minutes we'll be able to let Edwin finish his presentation. I appreciate the accommodation.
17:28:57 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: participants discussed Internet connectivity, data visualization, scraping
17:30:40 [Jeanne_Holm]
Edwin_Opare: Brainstorming session was guided by online form:
17:30:58 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: organizers had many lessons learned to carry forward to future events
17:31:04 [Jeanne_Holm]
Edwin_Opare: Photos from the Ghana Open Data day are at
17:31:22 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: ...including needing more coffee!
17:32:04 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: transparent brainstorming and voting sessions
17:32:55 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: participants had great ideas, but they did not have access to the data to support them
17:37:46 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: 14 ideas proposed, accepted 6 of them to work on
17:39:30 [PhilA]
I don't have a question but it's obvious that Ghana is having a lot of success
17:39:36 [PhilA]
which is very encouraging
17:39:45 [Pierre_Andrews]
very cool event
17:39:54 [Pierre_Andrews]
well don
17:40:02 [Gwyn_S]
I have a question
17:40:12 [PhilA]
zakim, ??P29 is Edwin_Opare
17:40:12 [Zakim]
+Edwin_Opare; got it
17:40:13 [RachelFlagg]
Jeanne_Holm: plans for the future?
17:40:35 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: planning "open Friday" to have all stakeholders meet the last Friday of each month
17:40:35 [PhilA]
Edwin_Opare: Planning events on the last Friday of every month
17:41:54 [PhilA]
zakim, mute Edwin_Opare
17:41:54 [Zakim]
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17:42:33 [PhilA]
zakim, unmute Edwin_Opare
17:42:33 [Zakim]
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17:42:43 [RachelFlagg]
Gwyn_S: RE addressing technical problems in recent elections, are you working on solutions to address those?
17:42:45 [PhilA]
did you get that Edwin_Opare?
17:42:51 [Zakim]
17:43:58 [RachelFlagg]
Edwin_Opare: not allowed to work in this area since there are open court cases ongoing
17:44:17 [PhilA]
zakim, mute Edwin_Opare
17:44:17 [Zakim]
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17:44:28 [DanielBennett]
thanks to all the presenters.
17:44:44 [DanielBennett]
bye all
17:44:47 [PhilA]
apologies to Edwin_Opare For muting your line but we get a lot of echo when you;re online
17:44:51 [Pierre_Andrews]
17:44:54 [RachelFlagg]
Jeanne_Holm: Thanks to Johanna, Pierre and Edwin for your fascinating presentations!
17:44:54 [Gwyn_S]
thanks presenters. really interesting
17:45:00 [KevinSimkins]
Thanks to all speaker s and host. Always learning at every session I virtually attend. :)
17:45:01 [Zakim]
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17:45:03 [Zakim]
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17:45:05 [Zakim]
17:45:06 [PhilA]
thanks bye all
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17:45:12 [PhilA]
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees were +88697069aaaa, +1.509.464.aabb, +1.818.434.aacc, +1.508.333.aadd, +1.703.516.aaee, +1.202.319.aaff, +1.703.281.aagg, PhilA,
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