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16:03:24 [PhilA]
Meeting: eGov IG (Atlantic)
16:03:30 [PhilA]
chair: Jeanne
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Ill scribe
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Scribe: Gwyneth
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scribe: GwynS
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16:06:16 [PhilA]
Topic: How Linked Data is Transforming eGovernment, Nikos Loutas
16:06:26 [PhilA]
Nikos' slides ->
16:06:59 [Zakim]
16:07:00 [PhilA]
ref PwC = PricewaterhouseCoopers
16:07:02 [tariqkhokhar]
I'm getting "Access Denied Your request has been denied for security reason." for that link. Anybody else?
16:07:21 [JeanneHolm]
Background for the project:
16:07:52 [JeanneHolm]
16:07:53 [GwynS]
Nikos presenting work done on behalf of EC,
16:08:03 [JeanneHolm]
Tariq--I'm able to get in on both slides and the project site.
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Zakim, ??P16 may be tariqkhokhar
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+tariqkhokhar?; got it
16:08:30 [GwynS]
Nikos: focusing on why open data is of interest of pwc and EC
16:09:30 [GwynS]
Nikos: the concern for gov is interoperbility within IC
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sorry, carlosiglesias, I do not understand your question
16:10:23 [GwynS]
Nikos: at first is was a technical problem starting in the late 1990s, for from mid2000s the shift has been to looking at the meaing of data
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Zakim, [IPcaller.a] may be me
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+carlosiglesias?; got it
16:11:41 [GwynS]
Nikos: W3C is a partner, one of our initialives is looking at core vocabs and adms
16:13:07 [GwynS]
NIkos: different agencies and govs use different models for data. this leads to explosion of cost... EC has developed a common model to simplify things when people are developing for gov
16:14:16 [GwynS]
Nikos: we approach govs and agencies such as w3c for their help, we collect and federate the data and link
16:14:39 [Nikos]
16:14:53 [Nikos]
shows the repositories that are part of the federation
16:15:22 [Nikos]
16:15:30 [Nikos]
our advanced search
16:16:30 [GwynS]
Nikos: we are 60 partners and growing.
16:18:00 [GwynS]
Nikos: slide 12
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16:18:26 [Zakim]
16:18:33 [GwynS]
nikos:what are gov core vocabs and how can they help egov?
16:19:25 [GwynS]
nikos: they represent different data entities, we have developed 4 core vocabs (is that right??)
16:20:12 [GwynS]
Nikos: we work on specifiying the core vocabs at the conceptual level, and also we work on supporting they use
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+ +1.801.879.aacc
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- +1.801.879.aacc
16:21:09 [PhilA]
EC Core vocs: Person, Location Business (now RegOrg, plus ADMS
16:21:20 [GwynS]
Nikos: an example of pilots on slide 13
16:21:59 [PhilA]
Now working on a vocab to describe a public service. This moves to public review imminently. Owen and bdhandspicker both contributors to that
16:22:06 [GwynS]
Nikos: slide 11, we are also work to raise awareness around open data and linked data
16:22:35 [GwynS]
Nikos: we have prepared case studies to show how it can decrease cost and increase transparency
16:23:47 [PhilA]
URI Persistence study - original PDF at Web version at
16:23:56 [GwynS]
Nikos: case study on 20 govts from which we developed best practices
16:24:26 [GwynS]
Nikos: slide 10, concluding with what is happening in the field of linked data
16:25:53 [GwynS]
Nikos: We deliver pilots, best practices, vocabularies, ADMS, and we are would be happy to provide more info, please contact
16:26:46 [GwynS]
JeanneHolm: question, how do you coordinate the work on the core vocabs?
16:27:02 [tariqkhokhar]
Question here please.
16:27:23 [JeanneHolm]
Zakim queue?
16:28:18 [GwynS]
Nikos: the gov linked data group of the w3c looks at them is responsible for changing and evolving them.
16:28:40 [GwynS]
question, JeanneHolm: is the intent for it to be stable or to change over time?
16:29:12 [PhilA]
It's actually a First Public Working Draft, so RegOrg is on the Rec track. To date, the other vocabs are not. ADMS is the next most advanced and should be published by GLD in the near future, perhaps as a Note
16:29:19 [GwynS]
Nikos: it is meant to be a reference (help???)
16:30:36 [GwynS]
Tariq, question: where do you get the input for projects?
16:30:43 [Zakim]
16:30:55 [GwynS]
Nikos: developing countries have not given much input so far, but we would like that.
16:31:37 [GwynS]
Brand, comment, have you looked at EC patent work in terms of making things interoperable. much more mature
16:31:57 [GwynS]
Brand: it's called Be Informed
16:33:17 [GwynS]
Brand: it's a plaform, a graphic interface, it's essentially doing knowledge modeling. Being used by Dutch for patent system
16:33:22 [Zakim]
16:33:25 [PhilA]
You mean this Brand?
16:34:12 [GwynS]
Nikos: this seems to be out of out scope, we do not do modeling of this type
16:35:22 [tariqkhokhar]
Link to my presentation / screen share
16:35:31 [PhilA]
Topic: Open Data at the World Bank and Developing Countries, Tariq Khokhar
16:35:36 [GwynS]
JeanneHolm: thank you, great presentation, and next speaker.....
16:35:58 [PhilA]
Tariq's Join Me link
16:36:31 [GwynS]
Tariq: data evangelist for world bank
16:37:04 [Zakim]
- +1.818.434.aaaa
16:37:13 [GwynS]
Tariq: open about we we do, wehat we know and helping others to do this too
16:37:16 [DanielBennett] fan, though wish .me was recognized as a country TLD, not cute URL ending (fyi, it is montenegro)
16:37:21 [PhilA]
we're on slide 3
16:37:27 [Zakim]
+ +1.818.434.aadd
16:38:03 [PhilA]
slide 4
16:38:04 [GwynS]
Tariq: over 1/3 of our traffic comes over our site looking for data
16:38:59 [GwynS]
Tariq: dat about migration, remittances, spending... our main website allows browsing in 3 ways: topics, downloadable, by country
16:39:14 [GwynS]
Tariq: multi-lingual is very important
16:39:38 [PhilA]
Yay for DCAT :-)
16:39:48 [Nikos]
indeed! +1 for DCAT
16:39:50 [bdhandspicker]
Link for data catalog?
16:39:52 [GwynS]
Tariq: we also have a data catalog
16:40:43 [GwynS]
Tariq: and open knowledge repository connected with linked data
16:41:29 [PhilA]
Current slide is called Open about what we do
16:41:58 [GwynS]
Tariq: projects are published as downloads and api, also geocoded so maps are frequently used connecting different data such as poverty indicators
16:43:21 [GwynS]
Tariq:there are many visualizations used, as well as apps available. very popular with world bank staff
16:43:40 [bdhandspicker]
World Bank Data Catalog:
16:43:54 [Zakim]
16:44:04 [bdhandspicker]
World Bank Developers Page:
16:44:20 [GwynS]
Tariq: we publish out data as part of the Int'l Aid transparency Initiative
16:46:23 [GwynS]
Tariq: lessons learned... when opening up data, lots of work involved in making data accessible. building new sites is expensive, but visibility increased immensely. data now in the hands of decision-makers
16:46:33 [Nikos]
is there a study summarising these findings?
16:48:02 [GwynS]
Tariq: also, we built for re-use to make it easy for others to use our data, using api's
16:48:22 [GannonDick]
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16:49:29 [GwynS]
Tariq: examples, one major partner is google using data
16:50:02 [DanielBennett]
this is a great example of using xml documents which can be accessed and used in realtime by other apps. I still think having a generic xsl would make each xml page human readable if people clicked on them (would make citing the data more likely)
16:50:41 [GwynS]
Tariq: ways we are supporting other with open data: we support supply side with an open gov data toolkit
16:51:39 [GwynS]
Tariq: spreading an assessment tool which encourages reflection and development stages
16:52:48 [GwynS]
Tariq: example in code 4 Keyna modeled after code 4 america/europe.. there are fellows who train and graduate with the skills to develop
16:53:42 [GwynS]
Tariq: example, community mapping
16:54:17 [DanielBennett]
16:54:20 [Nikos]
excellent presentation!
16:54:24 [bdhandspicker]
Fascinating work!
16:54:34 [PhilA]
acl DanielBennett
16:54:39 [Nikos]
16:54:43 [PhilA]
ack DanielBennett
16:55:10 [bdhandspicker]
Any issues with open data being misused? e.g. ethnicity geographic mapping used for ethnic cleansing?
16:56:11 [GwynS]
DanielBennett: question: concerning the ex of the xml or api where people can pull things directly into what theyre working on. This creates a similar problem to what we have, many don't understand the rss, to the end result isn't machine readble
16:56:12 [GannonDick]
like StratML ?
16:57:14 [PhilA]
ack Nikos
16:57:56 [PhilA]
16:57:58 [GwynS]
Nikos: is there a study about the use of data?
16:58:25 [DanielBennett] this is website that takes a URL for an xml doc and converts it using a generic xsl
16:58:36 [GwynS]
Tariq: there are some good studies in kenya and moldova, but mostly informal on blogs
16:58:41 [GannonDick]
16:59:11 [PhilA]
16:59:14 [tariqkhokhar]
Thanks DanielBennett !
16:59:16 [GwynS]
JeanneHolm: we also tried to do some of that documentation, look at the site... but stories around the data set
16:59:43 [GwynS]
Nikos: we are running a story around business models, and would like to know more about these examples
16:59:49 [PhilA]
ack me
17:00:22 [JeanneHolm]
Check out open data success stories around US data at
17:00:30 [GwynS]
PhilA: question: is Kenya still a good example for open data?
17:03:01 [GwynS]
Tariq: the haven't stopped, but perhaps stalled. there may not be enough legal mandates for gov't to publish. and there is a lot of use of data, and they do have a plan. should we stop talking about kenya so much, maybe, because there is so much going on elesewhere
17:03:10 [PhilA]
nikos - see CapGemini report
17:03:34 [PhilA]
ack GannonDick
17:03:54 [GannonDick]
17:04:01 [GwynS]
GannonDick: question, the US national servic delivers data in the way Daniel was talking about
17:04:20 [DanielBennett]
do you have a link to the weather xml with xsl, brand?
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17:05:36 [DanielBennett]
thanks Tariq, great work at World Bank
17:05:50 [GwynS]
JeanneHolm: thank you to both the speakers. we are seeing a maturation in our field from pilots and prototypes to really robust projects. We are moving ahead with open data in our agenda, please be in contact if you have a speaker or want to speak
17:06:45 [bdhandspicker]
Add "senstive data" to your privacy topic
17:07:05 [JeanneHolm]
Access and accessibility, Cloud computing, Data licensing, Education and outreach, Government as a platform, Interoperability, Information sharing, Innovation transfer, Impact and public value, Knowledge management, Mobile technologies, Privacy and security, Standardization versus adaptation, Transparency and accountability, Whole-of-government
17:07:18 [bdhandspicker]
er, "sensitive" data
17:07:42 [Zakim]
17:08:06 [JeanneHolm] is an open requisition for the system architect on
17:08:20 [DanielBennett]
XML Prague is this weekend
17:08:27 [PhilA]
Open data on teh Web
17:08:41 [JeanneHolm]
Thanks Brian, I will add it.
17:08:43 [DanielBennett]
17:09:28 [PhilA]
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17:11:19 [DanielBennett]
boston folks here, sorry. stay safe in the snow.
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