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13:08:48 [omstefanov]
Felix wants us to document high level cases before Rome
13:09:15 [daveL]
topic: testsuite update
13:09:33 [omstefanov]
DaveL asks Leroy for updates since Monday meeting
13:10:15 [omstefanov]
Leroy: ? is committing 4 data categories, we're at 59%, up from 50%
13:10:25 [daveL]
13:10:44 [Yves_]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:10:59 [omstefanov]
need all to provide updates, esp. those who haven't got their 80%, esp. UL and Shawn
13:12:17 [omstefanov]
Tadej says he's renamed several attributes, will break tests. Wants feedback
13:12:52 [daveL]
topic: Use case document for Rome
13:13:58 [omstefanov]
mail Don sent out this morning about M4 and M5. This may take down percentage even more.
13:14:06 [daveL]
13:15:09 [omstefanov]
involves branching between conformance testing vs showing community that we have something useful (in Rome)
13:15:35 [omstefanov]
Rome demos will not really affect percentages of what is completed to meeting milestones
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13:16:36 [omstefanov]
concern is that if we ask for metadata, while we can demo that we can open and read files, things may not be completely there
13:16:56 [omstefanov]
demos may show things that are not complete test cases
13:18:00 [omstefanov]
for the EU project, we'll also have a review in Rome, and we need to meet their milestones
13:18:38 [omstefanov]
the w3c milestones give us a bit more time
13:19:05 [omstefanov]
overall test delays need to be reported to Felix so that some deadlines can be adjusted (within limits)
13:20:12 [daveL]
13:20:13 [omstefanov]
we need to understand that outreach effort (in Rome) is to demo useful work, vs. meeting EU and w3c deadlines/milestones
13:20:40 [daveL]
13:20:42 [Naoto]
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13:21:12 [omstefanov]
Felix recommends that we update the high level wiki page to align with what the current state of ITS2 is
13:21:20 [chriLi]
present+ chriLi
13:21:32 [omstefanov]
and then use part of this as a model (before Rome).
13:21:59 [omstefanov]
Needed for EU but also good for public (at Rome).
13:22:14 [omstefanov]
This needs to match with posters (for which deadline is 15 Feb).
13:22:21 [omstefanov]
... for Rome.
13:22:43 [omstefanov]
Felix is suggesting updating the high level summary by 18 February
13:23:10 [omstefanov]
Christian: Felix also brought to the table the suggestion that in the main specifications we want to refer to the use cases.
13:23:51 [omstefanov]
For this we need to stabilize URIs. This can be done by publishing a recommendation.
13:24:30 [omstefanov]
DaveL says we can do this. Take same approach we did before.
13:25:07 [omstefanov]
DaveL says we can do this like chriLi did for ? earlier.
13:25:39 [omstefanov]
DaveL asks whether anyone has any objections to use the simple MT cases?
13:26:23 [omstefanov]
DaveL then says we'd need to go through these to compare with how the cases match the text.
13:26:40 [omstefanov]
chriLi offers to take over this task.
13:27:09 [omstefanov]
chriLi says to meet this deadline we need input from partners 3 days earlier.
13:27:38 [chriLi]
s/DaveL says we can do this like chriLi did for ? earlier./DaveL says the WG did this for the requirements document/
13:27:38 [omstefanov]
chriLi points out that 18 Feb is needed publication date
13:28:59 [chriLi]
s/chriLi offers to take over this task./chriLi offers to take over this task if the partners have done the update a couple of days before the 18th/
13:29:10 [omstefanov]
we ask people to provide by 15 Feb (same day as posters) to update the high level summary page
13:29:30 [omstefanov]
... to enable the result to be publishable by 18 Feb.
13:29:48 [daveL]
action; dlewis6 to confirm dates for use case document publishing
13:30:09 [daveL]
action: dlewis6 to confirm dates for use case document publishing
13:30:10 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-443 - Confirm dates for use case document publishing [on David Lewis - due 2013-02-13].
13:31:03 [omstefanov]
agenda: issue 63
13:31:13 [daveL]
topic: conformance type in LQI
13:31:24 [daveL]
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13:32:46 [omstefanov]
Phip has indicated that his company (DI) is interested in consuming this, and has another company that will provide these.
13:33:31 [omstefanov]
Phil (not Phip)...
13:33:40 [daveL]
topic; Issue 75, clarification of applicability of domain mapping to a multidomain Post from christian
13:34:00 [daveL]
13:34:20 [omstefanov]
also, point from pablo on referencing wiki material
13:34:27 [daveL]
13:35:08 [omstefanov]
chriLi and DaveL asking whether anyone has any objections
13:35:16 [omstefanov]
else will be edited into specs
13:36:12 [omstefanov]
... will be done through last call tracking page, by co-chairs (on basis of chriLi's text)
13:37:20 [omstefanov]
Pablo points out that text is fine, but link will change (note taken: by DaveL). Felix will arrange to copy into persistent URL.
13:37:26 [daveL]
topic: regex definition issue-67 acton for Shaun
13:37:44 [omstefanov]
13:38:33 [Yves_]
There is some small fixes to work out
13:38:47 [Yves_]
(sorry ca't talk)
13:39:15 [Yves_]
mostly the regex work and we just need a few adjustements
13:39:29 [daveL]
13:39:40 [Yves_]
13:39:53 [daveL]
topic; terminology and disambiguation issue-68 action for Tadej
13:40:07 [omstefanov]
13:40:46 [omstefanov]
Tadej outlines discussion to merge the two (terminology and disabig).
13:40:53 [omstefanov]
In the end, no merge but
13:41:04 [omstefanov]
disabiguation is simplified
13:41:11 [omstefanov]
dropped graularity
13:41:37 [tadej]
13:41:42 [omstefanov]
renamed to text analysis (short version: Tan) instead of disabiguation
13:41:50 [tadej]
13:42:22 [omstefanov]
this involves not too much work for implementors, mainly renaming
13:42:51 [Marcis]
Tadej, in the e-mail you sent there is an attachment that says: "text-analysis-annotation" - should the annotation be dropped?! I agree to Yves who said that annotation mighy be redundant
13:42:55 [omstefanov]
also dropping disambigClassRef
13:43:12 [omstefanov]
no changes for terminology, so still backwards compatible.
13:43:29 [omstefanov]
DaveL asks for comments from others involved
13:43:47 [omstefanov]
Marcis says, if I understand correctly, no change to terminology
13:44:30 [omstefanov]
it is important to drop the -annotation suffix.
13:44:42 [omstefanov]
Tadej says he'll correct examples
13:44:59 [joerg]
Does this then resolve issue-68?
13:45:01 [omstefanov]
Marcis says, as it now stands, issue 68 is resolved
13:45:31 [omstefanov]
chriLi says the comment of Marcis is very relevalant.
13:45:53 [omstefanov]
chriLi asks whether the data cat terminology should be deprecated
13:45:58 [Marcis]
Correction - I asked whether the issue would be resolved by the changes or not?!
13:46:14 [omstefanov]
sorry, Marcis, thanks for correction.
13:47:11 [joerg]
Why should terminology being deprecated? We still have different use cases.
13:47:15 [omstefanov]
Marcis says that as it now stands, the text-analysis data category does not cover all that the terminology category currently covers.
13:47:54 [omstefanov]
chriLi says he volunteered to see if he could come up with an "enhanced" text-analysis category
13:48:06 [omstefanov]
to subsume all the missing items from terminology
13:48:33 [tadej]
its:term=yes -> its:tanClassRef="nerd:Object"
13:49:23 [chriLi]
s/chriLi says he volunteered to see if he could come up with an "enhanced" text-analysis category/chriLi says he, Tadej and Marcis volunteered to see if they could come up with an "enhanced" text-analysis category that allow coverage for "term"
13:51:37 [Yves_]
local term='no' can be used to override a global rule.
13:51:39 [omstefanov]
DaveL asks what the difference is between its:term=no vs no term= entry
13:55:15 [omstefanov]
DaveL summarizes: Marcis still sees a use case for having the capability for "term=yes/no", whether that is in a separate data category or in the tan(ex. disambig) category.
13:56:26 [omstefanov]
DaveL says you don't support the possibility to capture BOTH an automated process and input from a terminologist.
13:57:37 [omstefanov]
DaveL asks how critical merging the two categories is
13:59:09 [omstefanov]
chriLi agrees with changes to former disambig data category, but suggests that we should come up with a solution to cover points still only in term category,
13:59:26 [omstefanov]
with the view to deprecating the term data category
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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14:00:14 [omstefanov]
Tadej believes this is possible
14:01:06 [omstefanov]
DaveL asks who will be avail. for Monday call: Tadej yes, Marcis yes, Christian: no
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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