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meeting: MLW-LT Wg
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chair: felix
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regrets: arle, jörg
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topic: roll call
12:40:46 [fsasaki]
checking attendance ...
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I am here but in a shared space. So will be muted unless i need to talk
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13:06:00 [fsasaki]
scribe: karl
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13:06:28 [fsasaki]
topic: Test suite update
13:06:35 [Ankit]
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13:06:50 [fsasaki]
13:07:24 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: tomorrow M3 for the Testsuite, only 45% coverage currently
13:07:50 [kfritsche]
... are there any problems for the implementors?
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13:08:18 [kfritsche]
david: should be fine till monday
13:08:56 [kfritsche]
phil: two new files are added and these will be added till next week
13:09:51 [pnietoca]
13:09:57 [fsasaki]
ack pab
13:10:19 [fsasaki]
13:10:32 [fsasaki]
"31st January 2013: M3 - Test files completely run. To be moved forward at Prague f2f."
13:10:39 [kfritsche]
pnietoca: should we finish 100% for M3?
13:11:13 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: only 1 or 2 files left would be okay, but only 80% should be discussed
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13:12:21 [kfritsche]
pnietoca: 100% should be okay for linguaserve, but have to talk to mauricio
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13:12:42 [fsasaki]
felix: please come back to me within this week if 100% from your organisaiton is *not* ok
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13:13:47 [fsasaki]
topic: Action item health check
13:13:48 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: shortly checking attendance again
13:13:54 [fsasaki]
13:14:02 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: there are lot of overdue action items
13:14:22 [kfritsche]
... most of items are related for editing
13:14:54 [fsasaki]
ack pab
13:14:57 [fsasaki]
ack pb
13:14:57 [kfritsche]
.. should any action item be discussed?
13:16:05 [kfritsche]
dF: should the disambiguation be tested till M3?
13:16:27 [kfritsche]
... because lot of changes are expected there
13:16:47 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: no need to do testing for disambiguation
13:17:09 [kfritsche]
.. for the M3
13:17:12 [fsasaki]
topic: Discuss domain issue
13:17:19 [fsasaki]
13:17:29 [fsasaki]
13:17:30 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: would like to close this today
13:17:47 [fsasaki]
13:18:06 [kfritsche]
... many discussion till now
13:18:15 [fsasaki]
ack pni
13:18:17 [kfritsche]
... are there any comments for the last proposal?
13:18:29 [Yves_]
looks basically fine
13:19:39 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: link to showcase should be moved, because wiki will probably removed at some point
13:20:22 [kfritsche]
chriLi: looking at the proposal right now
13:21:02 [kfritsche]
olaf: suggestion could ? that be moved to best practices?
13:21:13 [pnietoca]
I replied this morning to this issue
13:21:31 [Yves_]
Just one note: "It is, however, not possible to assign" : it's technically 'possible' but it's not meant to be used that way.
13:21:36 [daveL]
note there's a place holder for best practice docs on wiki at:
13:21:37 [pnietoca]
Felix has a point maybe a link to the wiki is not the most appropriate
13:21:38 [daveL]
13:21:43 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: we discussed in prague that we will write maybe more of one of best practices
13:22:47 [omstefanov]
thanks, dave, for the Best Practice Docs page
13:22:52 [kfritsche]
chriLi: we are on a good way
13:23:04 [kfritsche]
... but not right there now
13:23:45 [fsasaki]
13:24:11 [kfritsche]
... yves example should be added to the note, to show how a MT should handle it
13:24:12 [fsasaki]
"For example you have a mapping as this:" - Yves' example
13:24:20 [fsasaki]
in above mail
13:25:54 [fsasaki]
action: christian to make re-write of note for domain, taking Yves' example at"> and jörgs proposal at into account
13:25:54 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-434 - Make re-write of note for domain, taking Yves' example at"> and jörgs proposal at into account [on Christian Lieske - due 2013-02-06].
13:26:02 [kfritsche]
df: its just a clarification? not a normative change?
13:26:14 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: it is a clarification
13:26:30 [kfritsche]
... any further comments on this topic?
13:26:37 [fsasaki]
topic: disambiguation vs term
13:27:13 [fsasaki]
13:27:26 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: proposal how to structure the discussion
13:28:21 [fsasaki]
13:28:38 [fsasaki]
<span its-tan-confidence="0.7" its-tan-class-ref="">"<> its-tan-ident-ref="">"<> its-term="no">Dublin</span>
13:28:47 [kfritsche]
... start the discussion today, here is another proposal from marcis
13:29:29 [kfritsche]
... do we need standoff markup?
13:29:49 [fsasaki]
13:30:49 [kfritsche]
tadej: how we can merge both data categories?
13:31:22 [kfritsche]
... if we merge them, than we can handle both independently?
13:32:00 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: do we really need to handle both categories independently?
13:33:09 [kfritsche]
... there is no need for multilayer annotations, if we drop this
13:33:31 [kfritsche]
tadej: don't have any objection, but marcis is not on the call today
13:34:27 [kfritsche]
daveL: there are people who would have both categories separately
13:35:35 [fsasaki]
13:36:17 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: lot of discussion on the topic of levels, that would be a change for disambiguation
13:38:06 [kfritsche]
tadej: that was my proposal to drop levels, which swalter agreed
13:38:43 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: this would be a huge step forward for the discussion to merge both categories
13:38:58 [kfritsche]
... is everyone fine with dropping the levels?
13:40:53 [chriLi]
13:41:38 [kfritsche]
tadej: we can add a best practice for the case that someone wants to point to a external resource
13:41:53 [fsasaki]
ack chril
13:41:59 [kfritsche]
df: agrees
13:42:14 [fsasaki]
13:42:39 [chriLi]
Values for "qualifier": lexical, term, termCandidate, ontological-class, ontological-entity;
13:42:42 [fsasaki]
christian's inital proposal at
13:42:50 [fsasaki]
<span its-tan-confidence="0.7" its-tan-class-ref="" its-tan-ident-ref="" its-tan-type="">Dublin</span>
13:43:17 [kfritsche]
chriLi: with dropping level we mean dropping these values?
13:44:40 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: we want to drop the complete field "qualifier"
13:45:32 [kfritsche]
... nobody really used this field in their workflow
13:46:48 [kfritsche]
tadej: is there a case where people can't to this with rdfa/a or other methods - and this is not the case for us
13:47:52 [kfritsche]
dF: is the level a important part of the multilayer topic?
13:48:51 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: you can't talk about the one, without talking about the other one
13:49:32 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: should we keep its-tan-type?
13:49:38 [kfritsche]
chriLi: we should drop it
13:50:12 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: some consensus today - following some examples
13:50:30 [fsasaki]
<span its-tan-confidence="0.7" its-tan-class-ref="" its-tan-ident-ref="" >Dublin</span>
13:51:02 [kfritsche]
... this would be example without the tan-type and level
13:51:25 [chriLi]
You may want to add its-tan-term="yes"
13:51:29 [kfritsche]
... we can't discuss this further because marcis is missing today
13:52:43 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: if we only rename attributes, then me maybe don't need another last call
13:52:54 [kfritsche]
13:54:02 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: this wouldn't influence the data category terminology
13:55:15 [fsasaki]
action: tadej to take care of disambig -> tan examples
13:55:15 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-435 - Take care of disambig -> tan examples [on Tadej Štajner - due 2013-02-06].
13:55:59 [omstefanov]
I think we need to keep careful watch of Mārcis' comments in 0239.html warning of what happens if we merge terminology and disabiguation (or whatever it is called).
13:56:24 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: we don't rewrite the section, till the terminology discussion is done
13:57:03 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: marcis should be at the monday call, so the discussion will be continued on monday
13:57:18 [kfritsche]
... any other comments?
13:57:29 [kfritsche]
topic: poster draft
13:57:57 [kfritsche]
fsasaki: poster draft moved forward to 15th feb, everybody is okay with that?
13:57:59 [omstefanov]
bye and thanks, felix
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