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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
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Date: 17 January 2013
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thanks, hober.
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zakim, who is on the call?
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17:05:42 [cabanier]
topic ACTION items due by Thursday, January 17
17:05:45 [cabanier]
topic: ACTION items due by Thursday, January 17
17:05:46 [Zakim]
17:05:53 [cabanier]
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Regrets+ Daniel_Austin
17:06:03 [cabanier]
topic: New Issues This Week
17:06:11 [cabanier]
topic: ISSUE-207: Adaptive and responsive images
17:06:31 [paulc]
17:06:31 [trackbot]
ISSUE-207 -- Adaptive and responsive images -- raised
17:06:31 [trackbot]
17:06:39 [laura_]
If the responsive images group wants to pursue incorporating the picture element into HTML5.0, they can do so. But I withdraw my tracker request. I wish them the best.
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17:06:49 [cabanier]
paulc: we have a call for consensus which is later on the agenda
17:07:08 [cabanier]
paulc: … we updated the assumption for all the other tracker issues
17:07:19 [cabanier]
topic: Bug 20082 (Microdata) - Change Microdata specification track to W3C Note
17:07:19 [cabanier]
17:07:39 [cabanier]
paulc: should microdata be a rec or a note? this is also later on the agenda
17:07:52 [cabanier]
topic: Bug 12725 (Polyglot) - Document should be on the Note-track
17:07:52 [cabanier]
17:08:02 [cabanier]
paulc: this is the same
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17:08:16 [cabanier]
paulc: the chairs are going the preference poll one at a time
17:08:24 [cabanier]
paulc: have we done those previously?
17:08:41 [cabanier]
paulc: we want to make sure that the survey mechanism is working correctly
17:08:57 [cabanier]
paulc: we will do the survey when microdata closes
17:09:10 [cabanier]
topic: Bug 12726 (Alt techniques in HTML) - Document should be on the Note-track
17:09:10 [cabanier]
17:09:24 [cabanier]
paulc: we had a specific request to put this item on hold
17:09:44 [paulc]
17:10:03 [cabanier]
paulc: Steve Falckner sent the chairs a note to wait until implementation details
17:10:20 [cabanier]
paulc: …as of yet no bugs are filed but we expect that they will
17:10:45 [cabanier]
paulc: … janina is going to work on this
17:11:02 [tpod]
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17:11:08 [cabanier]
paulc: … the chairs are going to leave this as outstanding
17:11:19 [cabanier]
topic: Bug 13409 - Defining Entity references for characters in XHTML
17:11:19 [cabanier]
17:11:35 [cabanier]
paulc: we had a proposal:
17:11:50 [Zakim]
17:11:54 [cabanier]
paulc: David Carlisle is going to work with the group on an extension spec
17:12:26 [cabanier]
paulc: what is the status of the spec?
17:12:39 [cabanier]
davidc: I'm not sure about the procedure
17:12:52 [cabanier]
davidc: the spec is not on a rec track
17:13:17 [cabanier]
paulc: is it xhtml- pubid?
17:13:17 [paulc]
17:13:26 [cabanier]
davidc: yes
17:13:45 [cabanier]
paulc: what should happen to the document?
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17:14:24 [cabanier]
paulc: you should take the text from your message but send it to public-html
17:14:35 [cabanier]
paulc: and provide your solution
17:14:44 [cabanier]
davidc: that sounds good
17:14:58 [Zakim]
17:15:01 [tantek]
Zakim, mute tantek
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Zakim, who is here?
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Tantek should now be muted
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On the phone I see [Microsoft], yoav, Wilto, Sam, Radhika_Roy, [Microsoft.a], cabanier, glenn, +1.971.998.aacc, Janina, David_Carlisle, hober, christian, adrianba, [IPcaller],
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... Tantek
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17:15:07 [cabanier]
davidc: it would be good that the implementors are aware of the issue
17:15:27 [cabanier]
davidc: and if people have comments
17:15:30 [paulc]
17:15:53 [cabanier]
topic: Bug 15213 - Drag-and-drop processing model
17:15:53 [cabanier]
17:16:04 [cabanier]
paulc: this item was reopened
17:16:16 [cabanier]
paulc: I didn't have time to research it
17:16:35 [cabanier]
paulc: I wonder what is going on. Sam, do you know?
17:17:03 [cabanier]
rubys: … (?)
17:17:17 [cabanier]
paulc: so this was raised by john?
17:17:33 [cabanier]
paulc: is there precedent to move from 5.1 to 5.0
17:17:48 [rubys]
s/... (?)/we should process as a 5.1 issue/
17:18:15 [cabanier]
paulc: we may move this to 5.1 and Sam is going investigate if this is OK and not setting a precedent
17:18:31 [cabanier]
paulc: if it's a feature request, we can simply put it in 5.1
17:18:43 [cabanier]
topic: Items Closed Last Week
17:18:47 [cabanier]
paulc: none
17:18:56 [cabanier]
topic:: Items Closing This Week
17:19:09 [cabanier]
topic: CfC: to publish Media Source Extensions specification as a First Public Working Draft (FPWD)
17:19:22 [cabanier]
paulc: that closed last night and there were no objections
17:19:31 [cabanier]
paulc: this CfC has passed
17:19:35 [paulc]
17:19:42 [cabanier]
paulc: … so we will publish this
17:20:05 [cabanier]
paulc: … Adrian and aaron are the editors and worked with Mike Smith to get this published
17:20:21 [cabanier]
paulc: … I will ask for a transition request
17:20:43 [cabanier]
paulc: … probably today or tomorrow
17:21:04 [cabanier]
topic: Items Closing Next Week
17:21:48 [cabanier]
topic: CfC: handle ISSUE-207 responsive-images consistently with Plan 2014
17:21:54 [paulc]
17:21:54 [trackbot]
ISSUE-207 -- Adaptive and responsive images -- raised
17:21:54 [trackbot]
17:22:18 [cabanier]
paulc: there is a fair amound of position taking and there is topical discussion going on
17:22:44 [cabanier]
hober: laura is withdrawing her tracker request
17:23:15 [cabanier]
Wilto: I'm in the responsive images community group
17:23:57 [Wilto]
“If the responsive images group wants to pursue incorporating the picture
17:23:57 [Wilto]
element into HTML5.0, they can do so. But I withdraw my tracker request. I wish
17:23:57 [Wilto]
them the best.”
17:24:13 [cabanier]
Wilto: around 9:10, laura_ said that
17:24:37 [cabanier]
paulc: she is not a member of the WG so she can't withdraw
17:24:48 [cabanier]
paulc: we will not withdraw the CFC
17:25:00 [rubys]
s/so she can't withdraw//
17:25:33 [cabanier]
topic: New Surveys this week
17:25:43 [cabanier]
topic: Preference Survey: Microdata Note vs Recommendation Track
17:25:43 [cabanier]
17:26:01 [cabanier]
paulc: should it be a rec or a note? we have a poll
17:26:19 [cabanier]
paulc: .. the interim result 17 yes and 4 no
17:26:27 [paulc]
Interim results:
17:26:53 [cabanier]
paulc: it looks like the yes vote is in the lead. This is a simple majority vote
17:27:04 [cabanier]
topic: Decisions this week
17:27:04 [cabanier]
17:27:16 [cabanier]
topic: Other Business
17:27:23 [cabanier]
topic: Status of CfC for Encrypted Media Extensions, ETA next week Current Candidate FPWD (not yet completed):
17:27:24 [cabanier]
17:27:35 [cabanier]
paulc: we have a candidate draft document.
17:27:56 [cabanier]
paulc: the taskforce has 1 more bug that they need to close. This has delayed the process by a week
17:28:10 [cabanier]
paulc: … it will open up next tuesday probable
17:28:20 [cabanier]
topic: Publishing Use Cases and <picture> document through HTMLWG
17:28:46 [cabanier]
paulc: i put this on the agenda to figure out the status
17:29:04 [cabanier]
hober: there are 4 to 5 src-set bug and try to work though them
17:29:19 [cabanier]
hober: … I don't think <picture> needs to wait for src-set.
17:29:37 [Wilto]
17:29:47 [cabanier]
Wilto: looking through the src-set bugs, they are addressed by the picture spec
17:29:54 [cabanier]
Wilto: … there is overlap
17:30:03 [cabanier]
Wilto: I'm unsure how to coordinate
17:30:19 [cabanier]
paulc: maybe someone can give us the list of bugs on src-src
17:30:26 [rubys]
17:30:27 [cabanier]
17:30:44 [hober]
17:30:57 [cabanier]
paulc: I suggest that people comment on these bugs
17:31:34 [cabanier]
paulc: … there was thinking that we should publish the 2 documents at the same time and that they should point to each other
17:31:48 [cabanier]
paulc: … they are 2 proposals for the same use-cases
17:32:11 [Wilto]
(Some of the same use-cases.)
17:32:26 [cabanier]
paulc: … I wonder if we can wait 2 more weeks until Hober fixes his bugs
17:32:49 [cabanier]
Wilto: …(?)
17:33:04 [cabanier]
Hober: 2 weeks is fine. I will try to do it faster.
17:33:17 [wcarr]
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17:33:41 [Zakim]
17:33:43 [cabanier]
paulc: the chairs are tracking this
17:33:55 [Wilto]
“Where some of the outstanding `srcset` bugs are addressed by the `picture` extension specification, we may not be able to close them without knowing more about the status of the `picture` extension spec.”
17:34:25 [cabanier]
???: there are duplicate bugs between w3c and whatwg bugs
17:34:38 [cabanier]
hober: the bugs are cloned so they are linked together
17:34:42 [Wilto]
“If `picture` should pass, it would effectively close some of these bugs. If not, they would need to be addressed in another way before the `srcset` bugs can be closed.”
17:34:49 [cabanier]
hober: I'm tracking it in both places
17:35:00 [cabanier]
paulc: are all the bugs assigned to you, hober?
17:35:04 [cabanier]
hober: yes, they are
17:35:23 [cabanier]
paulc: thanks yoav for noticing that
17:35:33 [cabanier]
topic: HTML core spec bug reorganization
17:35:33 [cabanier]
17:35:49 [cabanier]
paulc: robin started the message about how we can reorg the bugs
17:36:04 [cabanier]
paulc: … I want to make it to people's attention that we will move things around
17:36:29 [cabanier]
paulc: … most of the bugs are under html5 and many in
17:37:04 [cabanier]
paulc: … does anyone have comments or questions? If so, post them to the admin list
17:37:19 [cabanier]
topic: CfC: to publish ARIA in HTML specification as a First Public Working Draft (FPWD)
17:37:34 [cabanier]
paulc: this cfc passed some time ago and is awaiting publication
17:37:47 [cabanier]
paulc: is anyone on the call that can update us?
17:37:54 [cabanier]
17:38:30 [cabanier]
paulc: the transition request for the documents has not been sent to the chairs list yet
17:38:50 [cabanier]
paulc: I have 2 pending requests.
17:38:59 [cabanier]
paulc: are there any other questions?
17:39:13 [paulc]
rrsagent, make minutes
17:39:13 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate paulc
17:39:17 [cabanier]
topic: Chair/scribe for next meeting
17:39:31 [cabanier]
paulc: Maciej will most likely chair
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17:39:41 [cabanier]
paulc: who wants to scribe
17:40:28 [cabanier]
no scribe volunteer
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17:40:49 [Zakim]
17:40:50 [Zakim]
- +1.971.998.aacc
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RRSAgent: make minutes
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