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Meeting: Research and Development Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 16 January 2013
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Chair: Harper_Simon
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Agenda+ Welcome & Logistics (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments) [sharper]
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Agenda+ Mobile Note Para-by-Para Review - [yeliz/peter/simon]
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agendum 1. "Welcome & Logistics (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments)" taken up [from sharper]
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14:32:39 [sharper]
regrets: Peter, Vivienne, Giorgio, Mark, Yehya, Kerstin
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regrets+ shawn
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scribe: shadi
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q- ipcaller
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zakim, take up agendum 2
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agendum 2. "Mobile Note Para-by-Para Review -" taken up [from yeliz/peter/simon via sharper]
14:39:45 [shadi]
SH: any concerns with going paragraph-by-paragraph?
14:40:03 [shadi]
SAZ: sometimes need to go back and look at the bigger picture, flow, or such
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14:40:30 [shadi]
SH: absolutely, emphasis is on the core message rather than typographics
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14:40:46 [shadi]
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14:41:51 [shadi]
YY: Shawn had comment on citation
14:42:00 [shadi]
14:43:11 [yeliz]
14:43:21 [shadi]
SAZ: W3C Manual of Style has section on citation that we need to follow
14:43:34 [shadi]
SH: will add to the guidance for document editors
14:43:49 [shadi]
14:43:58 [shadi]
q- ipcaller
14:44:30 [yeliz]
we don't know
14:44:31 [yeliz]
14:44:34 [yeliz]
14:44:42 [yeliz]
we don't know if it is good or bad
14:44:43 [yeliz]
14:44:46 [shadi]
q- [ipcaller]
14:44:48 [shadi]
14:45:32 [shadi]
SAZ: the word "sophisticated" sticks out
14:45:45 [shadi]
...will comment separately on such wording stuff
14:46:04 [shadi]
14:48:10 [shadi]
SH: maybe good to clarify
14:48:10 [yeliz]
We refer them in the future directions part
14:48:22 [yeliz]
Under "research roadmap"
14:48:26 [shadi]
SAZ: only reference existing work but there is more in development
14:48:38 [shadi]
SH: maybe too much for the abstract
14:48:54 [dave]
14:49:03 [sharper]
Ack sha
14:49:04 [shadi]
SAZ: maybe link to the MWI "roadmap" rather than enumerate all the work
14:49:04 [shadi]
14:49:06 [sharper]
ack dav
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ack me
14:49:19 [shadi]
14:49:38 [shadi]
DS: maybe better to scope what "mobile devices" are
14:50:02 [shadi] phones but maybe also portable computers?
14:50:22 [shadi] it just mobility aspect or also location services in such devices?
14:50:24 [shadi]
14:50:46 [shadi]
SH: agree, could define them as how MWBP define them
14:51:02 [yeliz]
I did, thanks David
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14:52:44 [shadi]
DS: assertion about iOS in paragraph 3 needs qualification
14:52:59 [shadi]
...otherwise may seem biased
14:53:01 [yeliz]
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14:53:08 [shadi]
...also typo "accessibility community"
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14:53:47 [shadi]
YY: what specifically is the issue?
14:54:08 [shadi]
SH: "excellent accessibility features"
14:55:01 [yeliz]
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14:55:09 [yeliz]
Thanks, David
14:55:14 [shadi]
SAZ: maybe stay more objective, like "built-in" rather than "excellent"
14:55:24 [dave]
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zakim, q+
14:56:47 [Zakim]
I see yeliz on the speaker queue
14:57:01 [shadi]
14:57:05 [sharper]
ack yeli
14:57:09 [shadi]
SAZ: also here we have focus on "existing standards" only
14:57:19 [shadi]
...actually here is only subset of that too
14:57:27 [shadi]
...seems to be issue throughout
14:57:37 [shadi]
YY: these are specific examples
14:57:42 [sharper]
ack shad
14:57:42 [shadi]
ack me
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15:00:04 [shadi]
SAZ: maybe need to scope the standards we are considering
15:00:20 [shadi]
...rather than enumerate a different list each time
15:00:26 [yeliz]
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15:00:31 [yeliz]
yes, I will do that
15:00:40 [shadi]
YY: not sure fully understand
15:01:04 [Zakim]
15:01:04 [shadi]
...was not the scope of the symposium
15:01:13 [shadi]
SH: think understand the issue, will discuss the editors
15:01:17 [yeliz]
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15:02:17 [dave]
15:02:22 [dave]
ack me
15:02:46 [shadi]
DS: maybe be explicit about when the symposium took place?
15:03:01 [shadi] give a sense of time and currency
15:03:15 [shadi]
15:03:39 [shadi]
YY: something specific changed?
15:04:04 [shadi]
DS: difficult to say but may change over time
15:04:59 [shadi] chronological order
15:05:06 [shadi]
YY: seems very relevant to all Notes
15:05:13 [shadi]
DS: yes, agree with that
15:06:23 [shadi]
[[Related Work]]
15:06:46 [shadi]
DS: list of references has no apparent order
15:07:04 [shadi]
...may need a specific order style
15:07:14 [shadi]
...maybe chronological or alphabetical
15:07:21 [shadi]
YY: agree, will add to issues list
15:09:01 [shadi]
DS: wonder about the choice of study to back the statement "disabled users experience many difficulties when they access the web"
15:09:26 [shadi]
15:09:42 [shadi]
YY: many studies, suggestions?
15:10:06 [shadi]
DS: most general one, maybe don't need a specific assertion
15:13:26 [shadi]
DS: maybe the focus needs to be on contrasting challenges on the desktop versus on the Web?
15:13:45 [dave]
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15:13:59 [shadi]
...could bypass the need to have references for such a generic statement
15:14:06 [shadi]
[[2.1 Mobile Technology and Accessibility]]
15:16:29 [dave]
+1 to shadi
15:16:50 [dave]
15:16:56 [dave]
ack me
15:16:59 [shadi]
SAZ: observation that paragraph 1 seems to be defining and scoping things that are relevant to the entire document
15:16:59 [shadi]
15:17:22 [shadi]
...may get lost there under "related work" and "mobile technology and accessibility" headings
15:18:34 [shadi]
DS: maybe good to clarify that some features are easier to invoke and work with than others
15:19:04 [shadi]
YY: very difficult to find studies about usability of features
15:19:07 [shadi]
DS: maybe can say that there is less data
15:19:09 [shadi]
15:19:21 [shadi]
YY: say something about that earlier on
15:19:48 [shadi]
...but maybe too specific and not backed with scientific work
15:19:48 [dave]
zakim, mute me
15:19:48 [Zakim]
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15:21:17 [shadi]
SAZ: not specific to mobile alone, also on the desktop accessibility features may be easier or more difficult to use
15:22:32 [shadi]
...maybe can extrapolate experience from desktop and assume that is similar on mobile?
15:22:52 [dave]
15:22:58 [shadi]
...know that WAI-AGE literature review looked at easy of use of accessibility features for older people
15:22:59 [dave]
ack me
15:23:00 [shadi]
15:23:16 [shadi]
YY: can find references for desktop, there are several
15:23:41 [shadi]
[[2.2 Mobile Accessibility Guidelines]]
15:24:01 [shadi]
DS: maybe can separate out an "evaluation" sub-section?
15:25:31 [shadi]
[[2.3 Mobile Interaction Models]]
15:27:01 [shadi]
SAZ: focus on mobile phones only? tablets? laptops?
15:27:39 [dave]
q+ on 2.3. para 3
15:28:04 [shadi]
YY: can look at the MWBP definition though may be a little outdated
15:28:16 [shadi]
...agree need to scope the term
15:28:24 [shadi]
SAZ: agree may be outdated
15:28:36 [shadi]
YY: need to separate from ubiquitous devices
15:28:44 [shadi]
ack d
15:28:44 [Zakim]
dave, you wanted to comment on 2.3. para 3
15:29:35 [dave]
zakim, mute me
15:29:35 [Zakim]
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15:29:44 [shadi]
DS: "Many studies show that small device users benefit from haptic feedback [...] Similarly, haptic feedback is also used on mobile devices in the form of vibro-tactile display"
15:30:01 [shadi]
...may need to be reworded for clarity
15:30:20 [shadi]
YY: agree
15:30:40 [shadi]
YY: can continue from section 3 next time
15:31:44 [markel]
15:31:44 [dave]
thankyou yeliz and shadi - bye!
15:31:46 [Silvia]
ok, bye
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