User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

10 Jan 2013

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EricHansen, Greg_Lowney, Jan, Jeanne, Jim_Allan, Kim_Patch, kford, sharper
Jim Allan, Kelly Ford
Jalan, JAllan


<trackbot> Date: 10 January 2013

<kford> rrsagenda ?

<JAllan> minutes from Dec. 20. Partial Conformance - http://www.w3.org/2012/12/20-ua-minutes.html

<kford> Scribe: Jalan

<kford> Scribe: JAllan

all: introduction of WG members for visitor

Scheduling a F2F Mar 13-14 after SXSW interactive (Mar 8-12) (changes happening)

<kford> JA: Face to face, some changes with school's hotel.

kf: suggests video conference, teleconference.

all: discussion of time to have long callo

week of Feb 11-15 seem good.

all agree that Feb 12 & 13 is good.

will work out specific times and agenda later

conformance use cases for conformance scenarios (extensions, mobile apps, etc)

minutes from Dec. 20. Partial Conformance - http://www.w3.org/2012/12/20-ua-minutes.html

<kford> JA: Reviewing minutes we had proposed Jan's partial conformance.

Jan Partial conformance proposal - http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2012OctDec/0054.html

gl: how to do partial conformance
... constrained input vs output based on technology
... Jan's proposal was on constrained input. but there is a need for output constraints (B&W)

jr: right, output constraints is covered by platform limitations

gl: if I use audio only I make certain choices.

jr: as a browser, I can say I only do mouseless browsing. I will be non conformant
... if an audio only, no text size change,

gl: issue with technology limitation on images. the platform handles images.

Partial UAAG 2.0 Conformance - Constrained Content (Level A, AA, or AAA)


This conformance option may be selected when the user agent is deployed such that it can only be used to display a tightly constrained set of content (e.g. as part of a mobile app that only displays text messages). The conformance claim must list those success criteria which are judged not applicable due to the nature of the constrained content.

if the app just does flight times, no images, and that is fine

Partial UAAG 2.0 Conformance - User Agent Component (Level A, AA, or AAA)


This conformance option may be selected when a user agent would require additional user agent functionality in order to conform as a complete user agent. This option may be used for components with very limited functionality (e.g. a plug-in) up to nearly complete systems (e.g. a user agent that only lacks mouseless browsing).

The level of conformance (A, AA, or AAA) is determined as above except that, for any "no" answers, the user agent must not prevent the success criteria from being met by another user agent component as part of a complete user agent system.

Note: User agents would not be able to meet partial conformance if they prevent additional user agent components from meeting the failed success criteria (e.g., for security reasons).

Partial UAAG 2.0 Conformance - Platform Limitations (Level A, AA, or AAA)


This conformance option may be selected when a user agent is unable to meet one or more success criteria because of intrinsic limitations of the platform (e.g., lacking a platform accessibility service). The conformance should explain what platform features are missing.

jr: doesn't think we have any SC that require showing images. only have SC about alternate content.

kp: another issues. mouseless or airline app...the piece that they do must conform. for its own interface it must be able to change the font size for its interface and content.

jr: The level of conformance (A, AA, or AAA) is determined as above except that, for any "no" answers, the user agent must not prevent the success criteria from being met by another user agent component as part of a complete user agent system.
... there is a requirement that its own interface much be conformant. it must be able to hand off the task, or not interfere with something else doing it.

kp: can we do this by adding
... its own user interface.

jr: if it provides a user interface then it must meet all UI SCs
... we would have to delineate the UI SCs

ja: there is no UI in the airline app, only the content. does the app have to have a button to change font size, or let the OS/platform do it.

kp: in mouseless, the numbers are added in addition to the the standard content interface.
... you can change the size of the numbers, not sure if you resize content, that the numbers size also.
... it is important that the numbers be independently resizable.
... extension does allow S, M, L numbers.

gl: important that you can style them and set a separate baseline for them. need a unique class

kp: the extension sets the fontsize to start. as content is scaled, the numbers will scale.

airline app is constrained content - jim to write

mouseless browsing extension is a browser component - kim to write.

discussion of where to put in document.

jr: add another sentence of explanation (example) for each area

for Platform limitation - b/w or audio only.

js: some feature in IOS that meet SC but not available on Android.
... ability to make custom gestures.

Chris Kennish has

developed a new Longdesc plugin for Chrome. It "highlights and

provides right-click access to image long descriptions, where



And some other implementation ideas:


the chrome extension could claim partial (partial) conformance for 1.1.1 Render Alternative Content [was 1.1.3]: For any content element, the user can choose to render any types of alternative content that are present. (Level A)


1.3.1 Highlighted Items: The user can specify that the following classes be highlighted so that each is uniquely distinguished: (Level A)


(d) elements with alternative content

it would be partial-parital because it does not cover ALT or other content. Only Longdesc

latest working draft - http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/2012/ED-UAAG20-20121220/


zakim: please part

scribe - jalan

Summary of Action Items

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