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Meeting: HTML Media Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 08 January 2013
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Chair: Paul Cotton
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Happy New Year!
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see paulc, markw, pal, Aaron_Colwell, johnsim, ddorwin, adrianba
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happy new year, indeed!
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ScribeNick: johnsim
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16:06:06 [johnsim]
can we send EME and MSE for submission as FPWD
16:06:39 [johnsim]
paulc: once we get through question of FPWD, switch over to discuss open EME spec bugs, and then next week MSE work
16:06:51 [johnsim]
First Topic: Role Call and selection of Scribe
16:06:53 [johnsim]
16:07:06 [johnsim]
Topic: Role call and selection of scribe
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Topic: previous meeting minutes
16:08:02 [johnsim]
16:08:10 [johnsim]
Topic: Review of Action Items
16:08:35 [paulc]
16:08:35 [trackbot]
ACTION-8 -- John Simmons to discuss 17673 with dsinger -- due 2012-12-18 -- OPEN
16:08:35 [trackbot]
16:09:34 [adrianba]
johnsim: i did talk with david singer - the topic was that at the Lyons meeting he raised some objections for the proposal for the format for initdata but not gone into detail in the meeting about the proposed changes - i discussed with him and wrote up some notes and will send to the reflector
16:10:05 [adrianba]
... his point is that the scheme box is the generic way to indicate what protection scheme is in use and PSSH is only relevant for CENC
16:10:15 [adrianba]
... he proposed generic ISO BMFF initdata
16:10:40 [adrianba]
zakim, who is noisy?
16:10:50 [Zakim]
adrianba, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: paulc (25%), johnsim (74%)
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16:12:11 [paulc]
John will post the resutls of the discussion and then update this action.
16:12:18 [paulc]
16:12:18 [trackbot]
ACTION-9 -- John Simmons to discuss 17682 with markw and propose text for JSON solution -- due 2012-12-18 -- OPEN
16:12:18 [trackbot]
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16:13:12 [adrianba]
johnsim: mark and i have discussed this and provided some feedback - there is a symmetric key proposal at ietf that amends an existing spec
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16:13:37 [adrianba]
... i need to add text to the bug with a proposed change
16:13:55 [paulc]
John will post the resutls of the discussion and then update this action.
16:14:27 [johnsim]
topic: baseline documents
16:14:42 [johnsim]
Paulc: status of the EME spec.
16:15:13 [johnsim]
ddorwin: adrianba updated
16:15:24 [paulc]
MSE candidate first public WD:
16:16:05 [johnsim]
paulc: Acolwell - provided candidate MSE draft, do we have something equivalent for EME?
16:16:10 [johnsim]
ddorwin: no
16:16:35 [johnsim]
paulc: what are plans for a stable EME - making more changes or is it ready for FPWD?
16:16:37 [adrianba]
16:16:58 [paulc]
ack adrian
16:17:30 [johnsim]
adrianba: we have 5 bugs remaining we marked as things we thought we should get done before FPWD. A couple are minor things, renaming one of the methods
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zakim, mute ??P33
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??P33 should now be muted
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16:18:51 [paulc]
Who is chriho?
16:19:14 [chriho]
John, we talked on the phone in December
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16:19:50 [paulc]
zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see paulc, markw, pal, Aaron_Colwell, johnsim, ddorwin, adrianba, BobLund, +1.760.533.aaee, chriho (muted), +1.650.485.aaff
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16:20:46 [ddorwin]
16:20:59 [ddorwin]
^ sorted by release
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16:21:17 [adrianba]
17199, 17682, 18531, 20335, 20336
16:21:19 [ddorwin]
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16:23:32 [johnsim]
adrianba: i think there are a couple which are easy to do - renaming add key and replacing canplaytype, but the others have been around for a little while and may reqiure more discussion
16:23:52 [johnsim]
adrianba: either move forward to FPWD as we are or with some amendments
16:24:20 [paulc]
Key release bug is 17199
16:24:34 [johnsim]
markw: text for the key release bug, one of the ones, and we are close to having text to go in the document - like to have that in the first publication
16:24:39 [johnsim]
paulc: that is 17199
16:24:58 [johnsim]
paulc: at least one person saying 17199 resolved before going to FPWD
16:25:30 [johnsim]
ddorwin: close to final, can work that out
16:25:50 [johnsim]
paulc: what other bugs specifically that we should try to close out? was it the rename one?
16:26:09 [johnsim]
adrianba: 18531 - renaming addkey and 20335 - replacing canplaytype
16:26:17 [paulc]
16:26:21 [paulc]
16:26:33 [paulc]
16:26:51 [johnsim]
paulc: lets do 18531 - who is on point
16:26:56 [johnsim]
ddorwin: me. i will do it this week
16:26:57 [adrianba]
16:27:19 [paulc]
16:27:30 [johnsim]
paulc: who is on point for 20335?
16:27:49 [johnsim]
adrianba: i am happy to do that one. not current assigned
16:27:57 [johnsim]
paulc: done this week?
16:27:59 [johnsim]
adrianba: yes
16:28:22 [paulc]
16:28:28 [johnsim]
paulc: 20336 -
16:28:41 [johnsim]
ddorwin: suggest moving this beyond FPWD unless someone objects
16:28:51 [paulc]
Proposal is to delay resolution of 20336 until after FPWD
16:29:09 [paulc]
16:29:17 [johnsim]
paulc: 17862
16:29:44 [paulc]
17862 is related to ACTION-9
16:30:48 [paulc]
17862 will be done this week by John and David
16:31:06 [paulc]
Outstanding bugs:
16:31:07 [paulc]
17199, 17682, 18531, 20335, 20336
16:31:25 [paulc]
17199: David to do this week
16:31:41 [paulc]
17682: David and John to do this week and close out ACTION-9
16:32:01 [paulc]
18531: David will do this week
16:32:21 [paulc]
20335: Adrian to do this week
16:32:26 [pal]
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16:32:35 [paulc]
20336; Proposal is to delay until after FPWD publication
16:32:37 [ddorwin]
17682 is primarily John, but I'm happy to review.
16:33:28 [ddorwin]
17199 is Mark.
16:35:26 [ddorwin]
s/17199: David to do this week/17199: Mark to do this week/
16:35:52 [paulc]
John asked about how to process 17673 re ACTION-8.
16:35:53 [ddorwin]
s/17682: David and John/17682: John/
16:35:56 [johnsim]
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16:36:26 [paulc]
Paul recommended marking the part of the document that is impacted with 17673 and to not block the FPWD on this.
16:36:51 [paulc]
Paul also pointed out that we are going to take a week to get a candidate FPWD there is no reason not to fix other minor bugs.
16:37:25 [adrianba]
16:37:30 [paulc]
We will hold EME until next week so that the above work can be done.
16:37:43 [johnsim]
topic: MSE editors draft
16:38:02 [johnsim]
paulc: in particular, i believe that this is the link to the candidate FPWD
16:38:08 [paulc]
Candidate FPWD:
16:38:56 [johnsim]
Paulc: editorial team closed out blocking items and prepared a stable version of the document, do we have consensus to propose as FPWD
16:39:09 [johnsim]
paulc: no consensus to do both at same time
16:39:25 [johnsim]
acolwell: any benefit?
16:39:51 [johnsim]
paulc: move forward with MSE call for consensus, and say EME will follow in approximately one week
16:40:15 [johnsim]
paulc: anyone object sending candidate MSE to WG to publish as FPWD?
16:40:27 [johnsim]
Resolved to send MSE to the HTML WG
16:41:18 [johnsim]
Paulc: covered agenda items 4&5 and partially 6 because we touched on 6 of the outstanding 30 bugs on EME
16:41:37 [johnsim]
Paulc: so David, are their any other bugs which need discussion on todays call?
16:42:25 [johnsim]
ddorwin: one other one i filled in December which we haven't discussed, 20338
16:42:26 [adrianba]
16:42:26 [ddorwin]
16:43:04 [Zakim]
16:43:24 [johnsim]
ddorwin: my proposal is to require initdata for clear key - for consistency - more of a "heads up"
16:44:10 [johnsim]
adrianba: right now discussing internally at MSFT 20336 - which is the one we agreed to postpone - removing keysystems from the source element
16:44:10 [Zakim]
16:44:29 [johnsim]
adrianba: trying to decide how useful it is
16:45:14 [johnsim]
ddorwin: don't have a use case today where someone requires it
16:46:03 [johnsim]
paulc: we have 15 minutes left - a fair number of people on the call have their work cut out for them this week
16:46:41 [johnsim]
paulc: make sure we have a candidate FPWD for next week - but since we have people here - how will we (in two weeks) figure out which items we will make progress on. there are still 30 bugs.
16:47:07 [johnsim]
paulc: can i have a little discussion on that - some assigned to other than adrianba...
16:47:58 [johnsim]
paulc: maybe we can take a couple of minutes now. there are at least 14 that need to be assigned to someone - would help if editors could give indication on which ones making prrogress on
16:48:09 [johnsim]
paulc: holds true for MSE next week, as well
16:49:23 [johnsim]
paulc: someone take an action and summarize key questions to be answered - on the bugs which are more than editorial.
16:51:09 [johnsim]
adrianba: up to now, we assign when the work is understood. things we don't know what to do with we haven't assigned.
16:53:56 [johnsim]
paulc: anything else on bug list you want to touch on?
16:54:08 [johnsim]
ddorwin: mark, anything to comment on bug release?
16:54:18 [ddorwin]
16:54:23 [adrianba]
s/bug release/key release/
16:54:39 [johnsim]
markw: yes - key release part, discussing with david, updated text for the new object model, it seems very difficult to key release messages always sent
16:55:13 [johnsim]
markw: in many cases browser won't have opportunity to send. CDM would have a persistent store so key release messages can be constructed
16:55:26 [johnsim]
markw: text to be available later this week
16:56:18 [johnsim]
paulc: to summarize - task for ready for call for consensus on MSE, and 4-5 items for this week, before next Tuesday we should have a stable working draft of EME
16:56:37 [johnsim]
paulc: possible with usual pub cycle, EME may catch up with MSE, but will not delay MSE for any reason
16:56:49 [paulc]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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