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Web Cryptography Working Group Wiki

Welcome to the Web Crypto WG wiki page !

This page intend to reflect the on going work handled in this WG, with links to deliverables, and sharing as much as possible about our activities.

WG charter and History

This WG has been kicked off in May 2012 after W3C made several workshops on security and identity topic. Our charter is here

WG Participants

While having 44 participants from 21 organizations and 10 Invited Experts, this WG is always recruiting participants :)

The list of current participants is here

WG Deliverables

Our charter covers the delivery of an API to help developers to use cryptographic primitives. At the moment, we are working on several documents :

  • Use cases and requirements [1]
  • A low level API [2]
  • A high level API [3]
  • A security framework description [4]

WG meetings

The WG meets every week during conf call (minutes available on the W3C webcrypto page and meets 3 or 4 times a year.

  • Summer 2012 meeting in Mozilla offices (Mountain View, California, US) [5]
  • Fall 2012 meeting during TPAC 2012 (Lyon, France)[6]
  • Spring 2013, eBay/PayPal offices, San Jose, California, US F2F April2013
  • Winter meeting (to be confirmed, but some reasons to go to Korea [7] or US)

Archives and past activities

The WG sometimes uses the Wiki to gather useful information [8]