Pointer Events Working Group

The W3C Pointer Events Working Group is chartered to develop a specification for mouse or multitouch interface events (including such related interface as pen-tablets, electronic whiteboards, and similar input devices).

The working group intends to use the 7 September 2012 W3C Member Submission from Microsoft, the Pointer Events Specification, as a starting point for development of the specification.

This group works in public, with details in the WG's Work Mode document and the WG's Wiki.

A detailed list of this group's publications and their status will be available in one of the W3C's CVS or Mercurial systems.

The W3C Team Contact for the Pointer Events Working Group is Doug Schepers. The Chair of the Working Group is Art Barstow.

Upcoming Meetings

To be determined.


W3C Launches Pointer Events Working Group

09 November 2012 | Archive

W3C announced today the launch of the Pointer Events Working Group. Web browsers can receive input in a variety of ways. A “pointer” is an abstract form of input that can be any point of contact on a input surface made by a mouse cursor, pen, finger, or multiple fingers. The mission of this group is to define a single unified event model for mouse, touch, and pen/tablet user interfaces. Enabling content creators to use a single model for different input types will make content creation more efficient and inclusive. See the Pointer Events Working Group Charter for more information.