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1 Test Suite proposals

Reminder: the current deadline for proposals is Nov 26th.

1.1 @@my proposal@@

  • champion: betehess
  • environment/languages/tools to be used
  • concrete examples of tests
  • explain how the actual tests and the English description will be maintained (it was suggested to maintain them in one place if possible)
  • say how tests will be submitted, reviewed, accepted/rejected, added
  • describe how an implementer will be able to test her implementation
  • if available, provide a pointer to some runnable code
  • send an email to public-ldp-wg@w3.org with "[testing] my proposal" as title

1.2 HTTP-in-RDF and EARL

  • HTTP Vocabulary in RDF 1.0
    • Allows description in RDF of HTTP conversations.
    • Test expectations could be formulated as SPARQL ASK queries against such conversations.
  • Evaluation and Report Language (EARL) 1.0
    • Allows description of test suites and recording of test results.
    • Application-specific extensions are needed to state test inputs and expectations if automatic execution is desired.