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(I do feel comfortable scribing)
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|Serena Villata||2013-02-11
|Serena Villata||2013-02-11
|Sergio Fernández||never
|Wen-Hsin Yang||never
|Wen-Hsin Yang||never
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|Olivier Berger
|Olivier Berger
|Sergio Fernández

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Scribe duty is expected to be carried by all WG members in turn. This document lists the participants who are next to scribe, those who already scribed and when and those who requested to be excused from this duty (typically due to language barrier).

The working group will endeavor to select scribes from the top of the list at each meeting. To increase the odds of finding someone quickly, the primary candidate will be taken from the top list (not scribed yet), and an alternate candidate will be selected from the second list. The chair however reserves the right to select differently in recognition of special circumstances.

People who haven't scribed yet:

Participant Last seen
Arthur Keen 2012-10-08
Asunción Gómez Pérez never
Christophe Gueret 2012-07-09
David Snelling 2013-02-04
David Wood never
Gavin Carothers 2012-10-15
George Percivall never
Gong Cheng never
J.B. Domingue never
Jacek Kopecky 2012-10-08
Jean-Pierre Evain never
Kalpa Gnuaratna 2013-01-21
Kingsley Idehen never
Kow Weng Onn never
Lee Feigenbaum 2012-07-23
Lucas Panjer 2012-08-20
Michael Kerrin 2012-07-09
Miguel Esteban Gutiérrez never
Mo McRoberts never
Pierre-Antoine Champin never
Raj Singh never
Reza B'Far 2012-09-10
Sandro Hawke 2013-02-04
Sebastian Trueg never
Serena Villata 2013-02-11
Sergio Fernández never
Wen-Hsin Yang never
Yrjana Rankka 2012-11-19

People who scribed:

Participant Last scribed
Yves Lafon 2012.06.25
András Micsik 2012.07.09
Andy Seaborne 2012.08.06
Antonis Loizou 2012.08.20
Kalpa Gunaratna 2012.10.08
Bart van Leeuwen 2012.10.15
Alexandre Bertails 2012.06.18, 2012.11.01
Armin Haller 2012.11.01
Ashok Malhotra 2012.09.24, 2012.11.01
Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012.10.01, 2012.11.01
Richard Cyganiak 2012.11.01
Kevin Page 2012.11.02
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya 2012.11.02
Raúl García Castro 2012.11.02
Andrei Sambra 2012.11.19
Roger Menday 2012.12.03
Henry Story 2012.07.25, 2012.11.12, 2012.12.10
Ted Thibodeau 2012.12.17
Ruben Verborgh 2013.01.07
Steve Speicher 2012.08.27, 2012.11.02, 2013.01.14
John Arwe 2012.09.17, 2013.01.21
Erik Wilde 2013.01.28, 2013.02.04
Steve Battle 2012.10.22, 2012.11.26, 2013.02.11

People not comfortable scribing:

Olivier Berger