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1 A wish list for LDP.Next

In the scope of the current activity there is some potential extension work we we might want to consider. Please extend the following list.

1.1 How to PATCH ?

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1.2 Embedded representations

When retreving a representation of a resource, a minimal expectation of the server is that it returns all the triples it where the addressed resource is found in the subject position (entity view). The server may also choose to inline other triples where the targeted resource is found in the object position. The baseline practice is that the client navigates to related resources to find out about them. However, to improve the efficiency of this interaction, it might be useful for client to instruct the server to provide inline representations of related resources. This requirement is similar to the functionity that OData provides with its 'expand' query option [1].

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  • 58 Property for asserting that complete description of members is included in LDPC representation

1.3 Filtering collections

Related to embedded representation is collection filtering. Collection filtering is a way of filtering a partial view of a collection based on some kind of filtering criteria.

1.4 Richer Containers

An ongoing (and persistent) discussion within LDP is that of containers. When a resource is considered to be contained inside another resource, there might be an expectation from a client that when the 'parent' resource is DELETEd, then the contained resources also get DELETEd. Furthermore, they might this behaviour to recursively apply. If this is not addressed in today's LDP, then LDP.next might want to provide the necessary extensions to define additional semantics around containers, including recursive deletion.

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  • 59 Reconsider usage of Aggregate/Composite construct to get predictable container delete behavior

1.5 Application APIs

It could be said that LDP currently facilitates CRUD style data manipulation. However ...

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