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1 First Face to Face meeting

1.1 Venue

The first Face to Face meeting will be at TPAC on Thursday and Friday, November 1 and 2, in Lyon, France.

Additionally, remote participation should be possible via phone+irc.

Note: In response to a request to have a US East coast venue for those who can't go to France, Oracle offered to host a concurrent meeting in New York City. However, because the meeting in France is part of TPAC, we basically have no flexibility regarding the meeting schedule. Lunches and other breaks are beyond our control. This made hosting a concurrent meeting in New York far less interesting because little overlap could be managed due to time difference.

1.2 Participants


Below is the list of expected participants. Please add yourself to the proper section if you're not listed yet.

People planning to be in Lyon #
Antonis Loizou (90%) 1
Armin Haller 2
Arnaud Le Hors 3
Arthur Keen 4
Ashok Malhotra 5
Christophe Guéret 6
Erik Wilde (80%) 7
Sandro Hawke 8
Serena Villata 9
Steve Speicher 10
Olivier Berger 11
Bart van Leeuwen 12
Yrjänä Rankka 13
Steve Battle 14
Alexandre Bertails 15
Henry Story 16
Richard Cyganiak 17
Ruben Verborgh 18
Eric Prud'hommeaux 19

People interested in meeting in NYC #
Reza B'Far 1

People planning to participate remotely #
Reza B'Far (if F2F in Lyon) 1
Ted Thibodeau 2

People sending regrets #
Andy Seaborne 1

1.3 Agenda

To be determined