W3C 2012 AC Meeting

The Future of /TR

Philippe Le Hégaret <plh@w3.org>, Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>

31 October, Lyon, France

What's for today?

We'll do things like:

Anything else?

What's /TR?


Revised 2686 times since September 1995

/TR in 1995

What's /TR?

List all W3C standards and drafts by

ie, we list the W3C core products

Publication process as of today (simplified)

Group Director Webmaster Comm tr.rdftechs.rdfhistory.rdfeditors.rdf /TR group-view tech-view ed-view transreq approval pubreq draft announcements announcements chairs announcements (LC) annoucements backend1 backend2 ready? Go! !pubrules homepage,twitter, … published! announcements

What's in /TR?

A draft contains:

(for more, see "Restyling W3C spec" breakout)

Who uses /TR?

Difficult to evaluate (no stats or survey)

/TR goals

What would you like?

  1. /TR is only for snapshots approved by WG as part of W3C Process transitions
  2. /TR is for snapshots approved by WG and the latest version can be modified at will
    • Which one should a Group review then?
  3. Latest version links to editor's drafts

Publication process