MMI Architecture + SCXML: Another possibility for Web-based Signage framework

Kaz Ashimura, W3C Multimodal Interaction/Voice Browser Activity Lead
15 June 2012

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One Web

The Web is used globally and commonly, so the following is essential:

Web of Devices: Extending Web's capability

Mobile, CE Devices (e.g., TV), and now Digital Signage

Web of Devices

Issues on developing multi-modal intractive systems

MMI Architecture: One of the possible approaches

As we discussed yesterday, there are more than one approaches to get "there".

W3C MMI Architecture has the following features, and could provide basic framework for next generation Web applications including Web-based Signage systems.

MMI Architecture Framework

MMI Architecture

Example of Multimodal Systems

Multimodal Mashup using MMI Architecture

multimodal mashup