Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

05 Dec 2012

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Vivienne, Shawn, Shadi, Annika, Yeliz, Klaus, Simon, Justin, Kerstin, Silvia, Yehya
Peter, Markel, Christos


E2R Debeifing (30m)

SH: thanks to all for helping with E2R

Klaus: thanks to all for support, esp. Shadi, Kerstin
... really liked the way E2R went and we need to discuss how it can be improved

SH: was the time right, or too long?

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say many people stayed for third hour -- think make participants was about 32 and mostly 29 for third hour

Shawn: most people stayed for the 3rd hour - 32 people for most of the time - 29 for the 3rd hour

Klaus: feeling was at the beginning if there shouldn't be a possibility for speakers to speak about their own paper. Feel that authors felt their papers were unvalued as they hadn't a chance to talk about them, but this is just my own feeling

Kerstin: need 2 or 3 moderators so that they can cross-check. Agrees with Shawn that it was good to have the 3rd hour for discussion.

Sorry last speaker was kmatausc

Kerstin: good to have 3 panels and talk about them 1 at a time

<shawn> [ now that see how well the 3 hours workd for e2r, kinda wishes we had done 3 hours for tc4r :-]

Annika: would be good to have more direct questions related to individual panels

SH: general idea that 3 hours was pretty good and can do that again if we need to - would be good to have questions directed to individuals

Sorry Kerstin - thought that was you.

<shadi> s/Kerstin: would/Annika: would

<sharper> http://youtu.be/OI3AmuokcLI

SH: Markel and SH testing in the background to see if it could be recorded.
... people can listen to the recording and then make their comments about how useful it is

Shadi: Simon are you able to delete the recording?
... we didn't ask for permission to record, even though we have captioning

SH: we need to check whether it can be deleted

Shawn: should we go ahead and add to the registration template permission to record, just in case

SH: I think so

<klaus> +1

<Justin> +1

Shadi: only if we are going to record, otherwise people would ask for afterward. It shouldn't be a problem to add it in if we are going to record
... also need to look at the privacy aspects of YouTube seeing you decided to record as it would require people to use YouTube's privacy policy to listen to the broadcast

SH: have no issues with this and I'll look at how to delete it when I check out the interface
... now set to private

<shawn> [ Shawn thinks few people will listen to the recording anyway - more might skim the transcript (but maybe I'm wrong:-) ]

<shadi> ACTION: shadi to check if any issues with broadcasting symposia through YouTube (in addition to phone) [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/12/05-rd-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-33 - Check if any issues with broadcasting symposia through YouTube (in addition to phone) [on Shadi Abou-Zahra - due 2012-12-12].

SH: system works, so broadcasting by different stream work well and the sound quality is as good as the teleconference system, esp as we're already transcribing it

Shadi: is there a way to add to the captions or link to the transcript from the audio we have

Shawn: you can add in YouTube and add a link to the transcript

SH: don't know if you can have a captioning stream - there is a captioning file or transcript option
... there is a "time-coded caption file"

Shawn: our file isn't time-coded, but thought it could upload non time-coded transcript

SH: yes we can upload it
... first hour is a bit all over the place, but the rest is good

Shadi: will run it through HTML tidy and send it to SH

<shawn> transcript editing - other people were doing (plus Shawn noting speakers the captioner didn't get) - perhaps do this in a separate IRC channel?

<shawn> captioned text --> corrected text

Shawn: transcript clean-up will take quite a bit of work this time. It isn't as accurate, some because of the sound quality. There were in the chat log someone else has been making some corrections.
... captioner missed someof the speakers names so these have been put in the chat. Do we want to think about making that process easier? Do we put in a separate IRC channel, or do something to on the fly be able to note captioning edits for the transcript?

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say it was non-RDWG participants who put in corrections

Shadi: fix is rather easy, as we were only logging the public channel, not the back channel. Next time we can log the back channel as well so the moderators can just add their own notes.

Shawn: it was non-rdwg participants that put the corrections in the chat log

Shadi: that would end up in the channel anyway. But we can encourage RDWG participants to help with the clean-up that way.
... Klaus talked about the amount of work to track, so volunteers could try to pick up mistakes

Mobile Roadmap (5m)

Shawn: Simon could you type up what you figured out for the audio streaming

SH: need to find out if W3C are happy with the streaming process
... for next week, can we get experts in for what is coming next

Simon: Clayton Lewis, Gregg Vanderheiden

SH; the core group can get the input from these experts

Shadi: you invited those people to next week's call? Have they agreed to attend? What is the mobile roadmap vs the mobile research report

SH: at the WAI Coordination Groupmeeting Judy asked me to invite a group of experts to discuss the mobile roadmap for the future what would be a sub-section of the mobile accessibility notes. We would devote a teleconference to this, in which invited experts and the core group so we can talk about what is included in the roadmap for the future. Coordination group is very keen on this.

<shawn> Henny Swan

SH: also Henny Swan

Shadi: I appreciate you implementing the suggestion of the coordination, and as you've invited them for next week, I'm missing the coordination with the rest of the group. Maybe send a summary to the list of what you've asked them to discuss. Didn't the coordination group ask us to bring the experts in for the development of the note? It is unclear to me what the situation is for the report.

Maybe we should be making better use of the time for the group and tht of the experts. Can you put it in the mailing list for next week?

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say need a clear plan for the teleconference if want to get it covered in 1 hour. (also, we had planned to bring the draft tc4r report to RDWG next week, but

SH: it is my fault for not feeding out to the group initially, but it was mentioned about 3 weeks ago. I don't have any particular questions - wanted an open round-table discussion - questions should be open and free-form. Ask questions about the development of the mobile web in an open way. In their opinion how do they see the accessible mobile web evolving.

Shadi: sometimes it might be good to have a more structured discussion - seems like we're repeating some of the content of the symposium. This is a little bit out of the blue, concerned about getting those people in without a plan of what we're getting them in for, and having no input from the group

SH: the plan is unstructured, open round-table where we can equally discuss the way that this move forward. We can look at writing the final parts of the draft version this Friday and can show it to the group. There isn't any need for a structured discussion here. Did take this to the group 3 weeks ago.

Shawn: Suggest you re-think your plan for unstructured. To get quality discussion you will need specific questions, esp as we only have 1 hour.
... we were hoping to bring a draft of the customization to rdwg next week, but it sounds like there won't be time

<yeliz> +1

<silvia> ok for me

SH: we would meet on 19th, then break for 2 weeks, and then come back in the 3rd week

Metrics W3C Note Status (5m)

Shadi: managed to look at the editors input. Only issue was the disposition of comments is in Google docs and it needs to be extracted into html so it can be archived into w3c space. Markel will try to get it before the end of the year. Once that is ready, it can be posted online with their notes so that the group can review that.

Shawn: do we need the Disposition of Commentsin html to review it?
... the WG needs to be able to see the Disposition of Comments

Shadi: it is a public document and it needs to be accessible - has to be converted into html anyway.

Mobile W3C Note Status (5m)

<shadi> +1 excellent work!

Yeliz: we will convert it to html and share it with the group soon

SH: will look at it on Friday

Text Customisation W3C Note Status (5m)

Shawn: we had hoped to have it for next week, but will take the extra week and will have something ready for 19th's meeting - please schedule

Next Topic Plans (10m)

SH: have no topics yet on the slate. Suggestions given out a few weeks ago about what might be a good way to go and had lots of positive comments, but might have to extend the time between them.
... can we discuss about thoughts for that plan. We need to have a plan for after Christmas.

<yeliz> I have to go now, have to give an exam to my students, byee

Shadi: move forward in terms of developing thoughts on how to decide on next topic - availability of someone who wants to lead is a key factor. Consider anticipated impact on accessibility, currency of topic etc.

SH: Yehya and Christos and whoever you might want to recruit to help.

Yehya: many people will be able to help and support - have approached some already. Was it planned for February?

SH: has been put down for February, but that can be discussed - maybe March

Yehya: end of February or beginning of March

Shadi: I'm not sure this is going to be feasible from an organisational perspective - have a huge load to catch up on first. Have we discussed with coordination group and others why this topic and not others?
... I don't think we can handle another one yet?

Yehya: you have to tell me and Christos beforehand so we can prepare a description of the symposium. You should inform us so we have enough time to prepare the materials to be ready for the symposium.

SH: is 3 months enough time

Yehya: 3 months is too much. 45 days before hand is sufficient to get the materials ready.

SH: if we have a backlog with the amount of work that we can do, can Shadi inform us 45 days (couple of months) to do a call for papers etc. - for the workload to catch up.

Yehya: I don't want to start preparing things and find out it will not be conducted. We won't start until we find out if it will be selected.

SH: will take it to coordination group after Christmas - explain to them why we want to do this one

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say Simon's polishing templates for symposium page, CfP page, etc -- can be used by Yehya to prepare pages

Shawn: Simon, you were workingon cleaning up and combining templates for call for proposal page etc. Those could be used for Yehya to prepare the pges and that would be a good test case of the templates.

SH: by after Christmas there will be more solid information in the templates for people to comment on

Shadi: appreciate Simon's work to get stuff documented for the editors and all. We need to go back and document those things. However I don't recall that we have a concensus of the group of this topic. I would like to see a line up of several topics and then we should compare their impact on accessibility.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to ask where we have the criteria for deciding which topic to cover next?

Shawn: do we have written somewhere the criteria we use for deciding what topic to cover next.

SH: remember explicitly that we were on a call a while ago and it is in the minutes. Shawn asked for an email to see if everything was okay and we got universal agreement.

<klaus> sorry - have to leave bye

<shawn> [ Shawn eager to get to the other deliverables :-]

Shadi: I recall responding to you on the mailing list that we have chartered requirements. You can take this an objection to moving ahead with the current plan. Ithink we're on the right track by stepping back and documenting things. But it is just not feasible to implement 3-4 symposia close together with the current back-log. We haven't finalized a single research note yet. We need a criteria

for how we select a topic. We're on the right track and this can all be resolved.

Shawn: we need an action item for someone on the criteria for deciding for the next topic for a symposium.

SH: can someone create a way for evaluating the goodness of topics

<shawn> sounds good

SH: I can do some work on this - small descriptions, impact on accessibility - keeping it very brief. Then we can review those to decide.
... can you place that in the template

Shadi: let's you and I work on that.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: shadi to check if any issues with broadcasting symposia through YouTube (in addition to phone) [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/12/05-rd-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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