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Meeting: HTML Media Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 04 December 2012
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Chair: Paul Cotton
16:00:42 [adrianba]
ScribeNick: adrianba
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Scribe: Adrian Bateman
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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I am
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Who is <chriho>?
16:03:27 [chriho]
can I listen?
16:03:41 [chriho]
writing my master thesis about EME
16:03:58 [Zakim]
16:03:59 [paulc]
This is a MSE meeting.
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16:04:13 [chriho]
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Chriho: Are you a HTML WG member?
16:05:03 [chriho]
only public
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see [Microsoft], ddorwin, pal, [Microsoft.a], Aaron_Colwell
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16:05:45 [paulc]
Then I suggest you drop off this call and contact me at to discuss invited expert status so you can join the next EME call. Okay?
16:05:57 [adrianba]
16:05:58 [chriho]
Okay, I dropped it
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16:06:23 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Roll call, introductions and selection of scribe
16:06:25 [adrianba]
paulc: done
16:06:33 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Previous meeting minutes
16:06:51 [adrianba]
paulc: we took most of November off so I pointed to the TPAC F2F minutes
16:06:53 [adrianba]
16:07:02 [Zakim]
16:07:09 [adrianba]
paulc: we might need to pick on peoples' memory for some items
16:07:16 [adrianba]
zakim, P30 is BobLund
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sorry, adrianba, I do not recognize a party named 'P30'
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16:07:38 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Review of action items
16:07:42 [adrianba]
16:07:42 [trackbot]
ACTION-6 -- Aaron Colwell to give a couple of examples for section 2 -- due 2012-11-01 -- OPEN
16:07:42 [trackbot]
16:07:56 [adrianba]
acolwell: I sent out a message right before TPAC but no one responded
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16:09:04 [acolwell]
16:09:47 [adrianba]
acolwell: I've already started work on this - i assumed that silence meant nobody objected
16:09:56 [adrianba]
close ACTION-6
16:09:56 [trackbot]
ACTION-6 Give a couple of examples for section 2 closed
16:10:26 [adrianba]
acolwell: i'll land these changes in a couple of stages because some is removing things, some is rewriting, etc
16:10:54 [adrianba]
paulc: I had an action item at the WG level
16:11:00 [adrianba]
... ACTION-223
16:11:10 [adrianba]
16:11:17 [adrianba]
... this is related to bug 17002
16:11:34 [adrianba]
... we had two discussions - the first implied that we might need a change to IDs for 5.1
16:11:55 [adrianba]
... later we picked up 17002 again and decided that there was a solution that removed the dependency on 18960 or any changes in HTML 5.1
16:12:10 [adrianba]
... i believe this action item isn't need for MSE?
16:12:43 [adrianba]
acolwell: we don't require it any more but we might need to link to something
16:13:07 [adrianba]
paulc: the issue from TPAC is do we want to link to HTML 5.1 or HTML 5.0
16:13:12 [adrianba]
acolwell: ok
16:13:24 [adrianba]
paulc: my plan is to close ACTION-223 since we don't need this
16:13:43 [adrianba]
acolwell: we don't have the dependency any more
16:13:53 [adrianba]
paulc: let's deal with the detail when we discuss 18960
16:14:04 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Baseline documents and Bugzilla information
16:14:06 [glenn]
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16:14:31 [adrianba]
paulc: aaron, you made an update on 28 nov
16:14:49 [adrianba]
... one bug 19531 appears to be done but was not in your summary of changes
16:15:20 [adrianba]
s/in your summary of changes/marked as resolved/
16:16:27 [adrianba]
acolwell: i didn't resolve it because there was a comment in the thread that it was ambiguous if the user agent supported a MIME type that it automatically implied MSE also had to support the MIME type and i'm making some modifications that it is possible for an element to play a MIME type but MSE doesn't need to
16:17:12 [adrianba]
acolwell: within a day or so i will complete this bug
16:17:46 [paulc]
Summary of Nov 28 changes:
16:18:16 [adrianba]
paulc: you've mentioned immiment changes - can you summarise which are the changes you have in mind
16:18:44 [adrianba]
acolwell: i've been working on 19531 we just discussed, i also started on 18575 (removing sub-sections from section 2)
16:18:58 [adrianba]
... concentrating on things i said i would remove and moving 2.4 and 2.5 into section 8
16:19:55 [adrianba]
paulc: let's go through the bugs in the order i have them
16:20:12 [adrianba]
acolwell: those are the ones i started - i was about to start on more and the discussion can help drive that
16:20:27 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Actions from F2F meeting
16:20:42 [adrianba]
paulc: i said in the agenda that we should discuss items that are still pending
16:20:54 [adrianba]
... but i'd like to go to topic 6 on bugs because it's mostly the same
16:20:54 [Zakim]
+ +1.858.677.aadd
16:21:11 [adrianba]
... i'd like to step us through some of the items and record what is outstanding and next steps
16:21:18 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Discussion of outstanding bugs
16:21:49 [adrianba]
paulc: the first pair of bugs we've partially touched on 18960 and 17002
16:22:18 [adrianba]
... 17002 first, adrianba took an action item to implement a change removing the dependency on 18960
16:22:49 [adrianba]
adrianba: i updated the bug this morning and assigned it to me
16:23:05 [adrianba]
16:23:40 [adrianba]
paulc: now 18960
16:23:49 [adrianba]
... wasn't obvious from the meeting minutes what action we took
16:23:53 [adrianba]
16:24:25 [adrianba]
acolwell: i believe the result was that MediaSource should generate unique IDs because the consensus was keeping them stable was more important than linking to the media
16:24:40 [adrianba]
... think simon suggested we could add another property for the media id
16:24:46 [adrianba]
... let me check my notes
16:25:07 [pal]
P.S.: i need to relocate and drop off IRC
16:25:25 [adrianba]
acolwell: david singer suggested unique and generated by media source object
16:25:42 [adrianba]
... i think mark suggested a way to pass IDs to media source but don't think that ended up going anywhere
16:26:13 [adrianba]
paulc: can you do 18960 in two stages: put the F2F recommendation as a comment in the bug so it is recorded then is it on your TODO list?
16:26:32 [adrianba]
acolwell: if people are okay saying they are generated and unique then i can do that
16:26:39 [adrianba]
16:26:54 [adrianba]
paulc: yes, but we need to put that in the bug
16:27:02 [adrianba]
ack me
16:27:57 [adrianba]
adrianba: i think it is fine to add the unique IDs - we can always change later if we find we need the link back to media IDs
16:28:02 [adrianba]
acolwell: i agree
16:28:19 [adrianba]
paulc: then let's include this comment in the bug - we're not adding the link until we get more implementation experience
16:28:37 [adrianba]
... if someone sees that and gives a reason for why it should be mandatory
16:29:18 [adrianba]
acolwell: part of the reason why simon mentioned having a separate field is because this allows adding without violating HTML5
16:29:26 [adrianba]
paulc: next is 18962
16:29:39 [adrianba]
... this is pending a change from adrianba
16:30:04 [paulc]
16:30:42 [adrianba]
adrianba: this is XHR append
16:30:44 [Zakim]
16:30:53 [adrianba]
... i started work on the related actions from WebApps
16:31:04 [adrianba]
... creating new XHR spec and updating Streams spec which we'll need to link to
16:31:13 [adrianba]
... we can then add the append() method for Stream
16:31:19 [Zakim]
16:31:21 [adrianba]
... and we'll need two events for complete and error
16:31:40 [adrianba]
... but i have a separate question on events
16:31:51 [adrianba]
paulc: do you have an ETA?
16:32:14 [adrianba]
adrianba: i have friday morning to work on this but i need to coordinate with aaron on the changes he's making
16:32:29 [adrianba]
paulc: 18963 - looks like the F2F minutes say we will throw an exception
16:32:34 [adrianba]
... is this on your pending list?
16:32:45 [adrianba]
acolwell: yes, i was thinking of adding that as part of the next change
16:33:02 [adrianba]
paulc: 19531, which we've already discussed
16:33:36 [adrianba]
paulc: 17094 - we have a proposal from Bob Lund - there was an attempt to have an action on glenn to do something here but it didn't get recorded because tracker didn't recognise glenn
16:33:47 [adrianba]
... i'd like to know the status of this because we have a concrete proposal
16:34:02 [adrianba]
... glenn reached out to bob and myself and we've been having a side discussion about the outstanding issues
16:34:35 [adrianba]
... we've been iterating on that - yesterday i proposed an alternate proposal for how to do appending that restricts out of order appending for TS
16:34:50 [adrianba]
... you can't do out of order append without intervening abort call
16:35:04 [adrianba]
... which is different to the other formats but the only way i can see to make TS sane
16:35:23 [adrianba]
... we're making progress on it
16:35:35 [adrianba]
... i need to send out a proposal to the list saying where we are
16:35:36 [adrianba]
16:35:47 [adrianba]
acolwell: is that fair, Bob?
16:35:54 [adrianba]
BobLund: yes
16:35:56 [adrianba]
ack me
16:36:53 [adrianba]
adrianba: can you put a link to the mail in the bug once sent?
16:37:46 [adrianba]
... also can we get something into the spec sooner rather than later and then iterate on it separately
16:37:54 [adrianba]
acolwell: i'll try to get something in there then
16:38:07 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Progression to First Public Working Draft
16:39:10 [adrianba]
paulc: chairs met yesterday and the question i was asked by the team was when are we going to see the FPWD of media specs
16:39:22 [adrianba]
... w3c is starting to get questions from outside about progress of the work
16:39:45 [adrianba]
... despite all the public information about bugs, drafts, etc. but the team is asking what are the next steps
16:40:24 [adrianba]
... so the question is of the pending bugs which are blocking bugs that this group wants to process before a CfC for FPWD inside the Task Force subsequently followed by sending to the WG for a CfC for publication at the WG level
16:40:28 [acolwell]
16:40:35 [adrianba]
... i'll give a candidate list
16:40:51 [adrianba]
ack next
16:41:00 [adrianba]
acolwell: what are the criteria for FPWD?
16:41:11 [adrianba]
.. is it okay to add details but not scope?
16:41:20 [adrianba]
paulc: i'll try to answer but the answer is subjective
16:41:36 [adrianba]
... you only have to agreement on going to FPWD not on all of the content
16:41:58 [adrianba]
... many FPWD have links to bugs in the document to emphasise that some things are not final
16:42:06 [adrianba]
... the second item we spoke about before the summer
16:42:31 [adrianba]
... general agreement on EME and MSE - we wanted the API design to be right because it would be misleading to public a FPWD of the old design and then immediately change to a new one
16:42:44 [adrianba]
... i think that item subject to some of the work in 18575 is largely done
16:43:05 [adrianba]
... so the only other matter is the patent policy trigger that fires on FPWD
16:43:20 [adrianba]
... members have 150 days to disclose or exclude patents on the draft
16:43:48 [adrianba]
... so you want the scope to be clear to people so that if they do an active patent search then the material in the document is a good indication of where the group intends to take the document
16:44:06 [adrianba]
... i think we've done the API design although there are some interesting bugs
16:44:17 [adrianba]
... and on the last item, scope, we're close to done
16:44:29 [adrianba]
... we're receiving pressure to show visible progress i.e. FPWD
16:44:38 [adrianba]
... we don't have to be bug clean - that's Last Call
16:45:20 [adrianba]
... so my question is which of the outstanding bugs does the TF want to get done before sending to WG with a list of outstanding bugs and say these are items we continue to work on but want to publish FPWD
16:45:45 [adrianba]
pal: one question for the editors is whether the resolution of some of these bugs will cause a substantial change to the document
16:46:04 [adrianba]
... perhaps we can see if those bugs will cause major changes
16:46:14 [adrianba]
acolwell: i don't anticipate major changes from the remaining bugs
16:46:52 [adrianba]
pal: for example on the seamless transition requires structural changes that is one thing but it might just be an annexe
16:47:00 [adrianba]
acolwell: i can give an initial list
16:48:39 [Zakim]
- +1.760.533.aacc
16:49:11 [adrianba]
acolwell: 19531 (mime type), 18963 (rate limit appending), 18960 (id generation), 18962 (XHR), 18615 (buffered), 17094 (TS), 17002 (tracks), 17006 (language/kind)
16:49:26 [adrianba]
... those seem structural to the API and aren't just detail
16:49:42 [adrianba]
paulc: that's pretty close to the list that adrian and i had
16:49:45 [Zakim]
+ +1.650.485.aaee
16:50:07 [adrianba]
zakim, mute aaee
16:50:07 [Zakim]
+1.650.485.aaee should now be muted
16:50:24 [adrianba]
acolwell: will check on 18615
16:50:33 [adrianba]
paulc: does anyone want to propose something else?
16:51:11 [adrianba]
pal: 19784 timestamp offset in the case of a multiplex - i'd like to get an idea of how the editors plan to address that
16:51:43 [adrianba]
paulc: this wasn't discussed at F2F
16:51:54 [adrianba]
acolwell: think we didn't get to it - came in right before TPAC
16:52:18 [adrianba]
paulc: pal, you're saying it's hard to answer the question without knowing the outcome of this bug
16:52:22 [adrianba]
pal: yes
16:52:23 [adrianba]
16:52:45 [adrianba]
acolwell: isn't this just related to considering the start of the segment where video is not audio
16:53:05 [adrianba]
pal: this is if audio starts before video and you want to sync on video boundary
16:53:19 [adrianba]
acolwell: this is about UA figuring out which timestamp to use
16:53:37 [adrianba]
acolwell: i don't think this changes the append method signature
16:53:40 [adrianba]
ack me
16:54:20 [adrianba]
adrianba: when asked how should the editors process a bug i look for the spec text in the bug
16:54:38 [adrianba]
... when i don't find some then my question is to turn it back to the group and ask for a concrete proposal
16:54:50 [Zakim]
16:55:08 [adrianba]
pal: can the other bug on seamless go in FPWD?
16:55:29 [adrianba]
paulc: we have to be careful because we can't put everything in or else we'll never get there
16:55:40 [adrianba]
acolwell: i don't think these are blocking because they won't change the API shape
16:55:53 [adrianba]
... we definitely need to address the bugs but i don't think they are blocking
16:56:19 [adrianba]
pal: if the threshold is whether an API change is needed then i can look at the bugs and see if i think they will change API
16:56:50 [adrianba]
paulc: even if they will affect the API, we might still not need to take them if they're not of the same magnitude as the changes in the summer
16:57:01 [Zakim]
16:57:35 [adrianba]
paulc: i'm going to take aaron's list, pal wants to consider 19673 and 19784
16:57:57 [adrianba]
... i'd like to see a plan from the editors on the list saying what order they are going to address them in and by when
16:58:04 [adrianba]
... then i can go back to the team with a plan
16:58:32 [adrianba]
... if it turns out one of the bugs will take a long time perhaps we'll change our mind on if we need it
16:59:05 [adrianba]
... i want to see the plan in two weeks and preferably well before then
16:59:27 [adrianba]
... if we have something on the list i can point people outside the TF to that
16:59:33 [adrianba]
... is that okay?
16:59:37 [adrianba]
adrianba: yes
16:59:56 [adrianba]
acolwell: i think this list is easy to knock out, xhr is probably the most difficult
17:00:39 [adrianba]
paulc: for everyone involved in EME, you can expect the same questions next week
17:01:11 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Other business
17:01:14 [adrianba]
paulc: none
17:01:23 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Chair and Scribe for next meeting
17:01:49 [adrianba]
paulc: next meeting is dec 18 and then would be jan 1, when we probably won't meet, so it's important to make progress before the next meeting
17:01:59 [adrianba]
TOPIC: Adjournment
17:02:10 [Zakim]
17:02:11 [Zakim]
17:02:12 [adrianba]
paulc: good progress today, we're adjourned
17:02:16 [Zakim]
17:02:17 [Zakim]
17:02:22 [adrianba]
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17:02:43 [adrianba]
zakim, bye
17:02:43 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees were paulc, adrianba, +1.425.202.aaaa, ddorwin, +1.310.210.aabb, [Microsoft], pal, Aaron_Colwell, BobLund, +1.760.533.aacc,
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