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Meeting: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 03 December 2012
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JS: Short meeting: no new tests presented this week.
20:20:29 [jeanne]
... Jan & Jeanne met with Judy to review the Testing document. She liked the overall procedure, although she had many suggestions to improve the clarity of the testing document.
20:20:56 [jeanne]
GP: What's the bottom line of what we have to do to be done -- to have ATAG be a completed recommendation?
20:23:07 [jeanne]
JS: We need to finish the testing proceedure, then start running tests on different products. For each success criteria, we need to have two products that demonstrate that SC and pass the test(s) for that SC. We also need to have products that demonstrate ATAG implemenation overall, but that is a broad area that needs a lot of refinement.
20:23:35 [jeanne]
... Jan and I have developed criteria for the overall acceptance, but Judy has asked for improvements.
20:24:12 [jeanne]
... we are going to draft another version.
20:24:21 [jeanne]
GP: What is the holdup?
20:25:09 [jeanne]
JS: We need more people writing tests. Once the test plan is done, we can start testing individual products.
20:25:54 [jeanne]
... It would be helpful if you could start running a product through the tests we have now, so we can get an idea how useful the tests are.
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GP: I will start trying it out on an authoring tool.
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Meeting adjourned.
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