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meeting: MLW-LT WG
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chair: fsasaki
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scribe: tbd
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regrets: Olaf-Michael, DavidF
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topic: roll call
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zakim, who's here ?
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sorry, daveL, I don't know what conference this is
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On IRC I see chriLi, Yves_, Clemens, DomJones, giuseppe, Ankit, Jirka, Serge, petasis, joerg, kfritsche, Arle, fsasaki, daveL, Zakim, RRSAgent, shaunm, trackbot
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topic: minutes
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16:07:15 [daveL]
topic: agenda
16:07:23 [daveL]
felix: any comments on agenda
16:07:28 [daveL]
... there are none
16:07:31 [fsasaki]
topic: Timeline
16:07:53 [fsasaki]
16:08:19 [fsasaki]
16:08:28 [daveL]
felix: thanks for yves, dom and leroy on advancing testsuite
16:08:52 [daveL]
... any comments on further progress to milestones
16:09:20 [daveL]
dom: some divergence in dates in different places
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16:09:31 [daveL]
... also have webinar planned
16:09:49 [daveL]
... but will plan out key dates update thursday with Leroy
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16:10:21 [daveL]
... and will publish new dates on steps through published testsuite files, revision deadlines etc by Friday
16:11:11 [fsasaki]
present+ mauricio
16:11:15 [daveL]
leroy: next version still need stable test files for provenance and disambiguation
16:12:07 [daveL]
felix: asks in updated plan, will we have all tests run by march workshop?
16:12:42 [daveL]
leroy: think this is an acceptable timeframe, with enough time for all impementers to test this out
16:12:58 [daveL]
dom; hope there should only be small correction to implementations, not to the test suite
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16:13:51 [daveL]
felix; important that implementors signal if they need more time to hit this test deadline, so we can manage the presentaiton of this
16:13:53 [fsasaki]
topic: 1) mtconfidence
16:14:18 [daveL]
felix: asks arle when we can make update
16:15:00 [daveL]
arle: can try and finish by tomorrow tuesday
16:15:09 [fsasaki]
topic: "confidence score" proposal
16:15:20 [fsasaki]
16:15:27 [fsasaki]
16:15:55 [fsasaki]
16:16:05 [daveL]
felix: asks is everyone is happy in 0101 mail?
16:16:35 [fsasaki]
action: felix to edit 101 mail into spec
16:16:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-298 - Edit 101 mail into spec [on Felix Sasaki - due 2012-11-26].
16:16:38 [daveL]
... and if so i will add these in
16:16:48 [fsasaki]
topic: Rename "translation provenance"
16:16:59 [fsasaki]
16:17:00 [daveL]
action: felix to update confidence scores input
16:17:00 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-299 - Update confidence scores input [on Felix Sasaki - due 2012-11-26].
16:17:13 [fsasaki]
16:17:32 [fsasaki]
16:18:04 [fsasaki]
16:18:22 [daveL]
felix: can we put these proposals into draft
16:18:23 [fsasaki]
action: felix to put 120 mail to provenance into the draft
16:18:24 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-300 - Put 120 mail to provenance into the draft [on Felix Sasaki - due 2012-11-26].
16:18:26 [daveL]
yves; agrees
16:18:30 [daveL]
jorge; agrees
16:18:37 [fsasaki]
topic: Tool information
16:18:51 [fsasaki]
16:19:40 [fsasaki]
action: felix to edit tool information into the draft
16:19:40 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-301 - Edit tool information into the draft [on Felix Sasaki - due 2012-11-26].
16:19:56 [fsasaki]
topic: For the editors: Pedro's text
16:20:03 [fsasaki]
16:20:31 [daveL]
felix: mail on allowed characters and use to restrict markup
16:20:40 [philr]
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16:20:41 [daveL]
... looking for co-editor to put that into the draft
16:20:59 [daveL]
yves: can do this
16:21:17 [fsasaki]
action: arle to edit the 0034 mail about allowed characters
16:21:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-302 - Edit the 0034 mail about allowed characters [on Arle Lommel - due 2012-11-26].
16:21:17 [daveL]
arle: can also
16:21:34 [fsasaki]
topic: Global rule action items
16:22:16 [daveL]
felix; actions related to loc qual precis, mt-confidence and domain
16:22:26 [fsasaki]
present+ phil
16:22:34 [daveL]
... any feedback on loc qual rules
16:22:51 [daveL]
... looking for real life examples
16:23:34 [daveL]
phil: not sure I have use cases for it in global rules
16:23:58 [daveL]
felix; this is also a statement, but let keep action open for another week
16:24:05 [fsasaki]
scribe: fsasaki
16:24:11 [fsasaki]
dave: one reason for global rules:
16:24:18 [fsasaki]
.. are they e.g. used for attribute text
16:24:31 [fsasaki]
.. not sure if it would apply in this case
16:24:42 [fsasaki]
.. for MTConfidence score it seems to be a strong case
16:24:50 [fsasaki]
scribe: daveL
16:25:05 [fsasaki]
topic: global rules for qa issue
16:25:13 [fsasaki]
16:25:27 [fsasaki]
16:25:46 [daveL]
felix: yves reviewed these rules, but concluded that only one pointer attribute was needed - for stand off
16:25:56 [daveL]
... but don't need other pointer attirbutes
16:26:04 [daveL]
yves: confirms
16:26:36 [daveL]
... and as there are no views to the contrary will remove the pointer rules
16:27:04 [daveL]
action: yves to remove pointer attributes from locquality issues as per 0103 mail
16:27:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-303 - Remove pointer attributes from locquality issues as per 0103 mail [on Yves Savourel - due 2012-11-26].
16:27:12 [fsasaki]
topic: Disambiguation section health check
16:27:25 [fsasaki]
16:27:34 [fsasaki]
16:27:45 [daveL]
felix: thanks to jorge, yves and others working on that section
16:28:36 [daveL]
... proposed keeping only global pointers and remove other rules and simplified local selectors
16:29:08 [daveL]
yves; only change to default for granularity value and I can do that
16:30:20 [daveL]
felix: but do we need this ins the section6 table, since this is default when the annotation is not present even, as with translate
16:30:55 [daveL]
... so only need to specify default in the data cat section, since it only needs a default if the annotation is present
16:30:55 [fsasaki]
16:31:30 [daveL]
yves: agrees, it onyl need to be added to data category
16:31:45 [chriLi]
I would need to understand if termNote and disambiguation are meant to be orthogonal concepts
16:33:28 [daveL]
chriLi; not with this long enough to comment, but asks how disambiguation is related to existing data cats from 1.0 such at terminology
16:33:55 [fsasaki]
scribe: fsasaki
16:34:05 [fsasaki]
dave: we kept them separate
16:34:09 [fsasaki]
.. since we had use cases
16:34:20 [fsasaki]
.. where disambiguation might feed directly into an MT process
16:34:31 [fsasaki]
.. there is no process taht would use the terminology data category
16:34:41 [fsasaki]
.. it was more to accomodate combination of text analytics with MT
16:34:57 [fsasaki]
.. we may not formally be recording a phrase that is identifiyed as disambiguation
16:35:04 [fsasaki]
... as something that goes into the term base
16:35:39 [fsasaki]
joerg: there are a lot of use cases where you need to do disambiguation without terminology identification
16:35:43 [daveL]
scribe: daveL
16:36:12 [daveL]
felix: would like to put this into the note
16:36:42 [daveL]
action: daveL to provide a note on this use of disambiguation with support from jorge
16:36:42 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-304 - Provide a note on this use of disambiguation with support from jorge [on David Lewis - due 2012-11-26].
16:37:27 [daveL]
chriLi: further question, when we are talking about notes, are these for an annotated version of the specification as with its1.0
16:37:41 [daveL]
felix: these are non normative notes in the spec
16:38:07 [chriLi]
I was referring to this type of annotated document
16:38:15 [daveL]
... but assume we will do more work on assembling a best practice document that assmebles this non normative stuff
16:38:50 [daveL]
... this could be an annotated version of the spec (a good idea) or a separate document need to be decided
16:39:15 [daveL]
... need to decide this is a few week, though don't have a specific opinion on this at the moment
16:39:22 [fsasaki]
topic: Review of edits
16:39:36 [fsasaki]
16:40:24 [daveL]
felix: there are a number of small edits form 6-12
16:40:47 [fsasaki]
16:41:08 [daveL]
action: daveL to check these edits and in 0116 mail.
16:41:08 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-305 - Check these edits and in 0116 mail. [on David Lewis - due 2012-11-26].
16:41:20 [fsasaki]
topic: localization quality precis
16:41:30 [fsasaki]
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16:42:29 [fsasaki]
present+ philr
16:42:49 [daveL]
phil: as per mail, originally to hold summary level info hence the name, but not tied to this name, happy to have something similar
16:43:33 [daveL]
... for example Frederick comment on vote, which it makes sense to include
16:43:50 [Fredrik]
I Felix, I'm here, I was more so just wondering what the status was in general.
16:44:00 [daveL] started as 'profile' but wasn't quite the right meaning
16:44:01 [fsasaki]
present+ fredrik
16:44:22 [daveL]
arle; can we go back to 'summary'
16:44:32 [daveL]
phil; agrees
16:44:37 [Arle]
16:44:54 [fsasaki]
localizationQualitySummary vs. localizationQualityIssue
16:45:50 [fsasaki]
topic: aob
16:45:59 [daveL]
felix; suggest we rrn to this and if no objections make this change form precis to 'summary'
16:46:02 [fsasaki]
16:46:28 [Arle]
16:46:29 [Yves_]
16:46:47 [kfritsche]
16:46:50 [Jirka]
16:47:04 [Arle]
Actually, strike me from the list.
16:47:05 [fsasaki]
16:47:09 [Arle]
I have a conflict :-(
16:47:39 [daveL]
daveL on provenance, and checking how mtconfidence, confidence scores and itstools turn out, plus working in intro sections
16:47:51 [Yves_]
+1 on Dave's list
16:48:39 [daveL]
felix: will try and with arle to rmake sure these are uptodate and have group review of these sections
16:48:59 [daveL]
... going through editors notes
16:49:32 [daveL]
felix: thanks everyone for todau and talk to you tomorrow or next week
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