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Meeting: WCAG 2.0 Evaluation Methodology Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 15 November 2012
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zakim, IPcaller isme
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I don't understand 'IPcaller isme', Vivienne
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scribe: Detlev
15:00:19 [shadi]
chair: Shadi
15:00:51 [shadi]
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ack me
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regrets: Kathy, Peter, Kostas, Tim, Alistair, Kerstin, Ramon, Detlev
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I don't know either
15:02:28 [Detlev]
Detlev: is there a way to see results of the survey on sampling?
15:02:54 [Detlev]
Shadi: can't cover the survey - Eric bein unwell and not attending
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see +1.517.353.aaaa, Vivienne, Shadi, +1.302.282.aabb, MartijnHoutepen (muted), Detlev, +1.301.975.aadd
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15:06:21 [Detlev]
Katie: Shawns suggestions for numbering could be a topic
15:06:33 [Vivienne]
15:06:46 [Vivienne]
ack me
15:07:28 [Vivienne]
15:07:50 [Detlev]
Some things in the introdiction were numbered and are not any more
15:08:06 [Detlev]
Sorry that was Katie)
15:08:08 [Vivienne]
ack me
15:08:50 [Detlev]
Vivienne: We agreed at TPAC that the whole group should decide - can't do much without them
15:09:19 [Detlev]
Shadi: We should summarise discussions and put to the group for decisions
15:09:42 [Detlev]
Shadi: we are largely the same group now
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15:10:17 [shadi]
15:10:53 [Detlev]
Shadi> summary of TPAC: 1. more technical detail oriented, how does WCAG-EM apply to web applications?
15:11:32 [Detlev]
Shadi: there will be a higher density of functions, needs mirte testing of states etc, but otherwise it is similar - just the effort goes up
15:12:09 [Detlev]
Shadi: we looked at sampleing / random and structured ampling - unsure about precise outcome
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15:12:30 [Detlev]
Shadi> impact of sample size, possibility of having complimentary random pages
15:12:53 [Zakim]
15:12:55 [Detlev]
Shadi: use case for random sampling: to counteract any biase that there might be
15:13:18 [Detlev]
Shadi: main focus is good structured sampling, random sampleing an additional check
15:13:35 [Detlev]
15:14:45 [Mike_Elledge]
15:15:41 [Detlev]
Detlev: possiblz postpone summary, put main points in writing for people to look at so they can ask uestions
15:16:06 [Detlev]
Shadi: Please read the minutes - need motre work on reporting templates
15:16:12 [Detlev]
Thursday meeting
15:16:17 [shadi]
15:16:34 [Detlev]
Shadi .. of EOWG
15:17:02 [Detlev]
Shadi> they are working on a "qucik check" - complimentary to our ork
15:17:24 [Detlev]
Shadi: Next week there will be more exchange with EOWG
15:17:41 [Detlev]
Shadi: agrees there should be a written summary
15:17:49 [Vivienne]
15:17:55 [Detlev]
15:17:56 [Vivienne]
ack me
15:18:09 [MartijnHoutepen]
q- Detlev
15:18:19 [Detlev]
Vivienne: Shadi sent a summary of the EOWG minutes at TPAC
15:18:58 [Detlev]
Vivienne: Was there also a wrap-up the TPAC meeting as well?
15:19:09 [Detlev]
Shadi: Shawn send minutes as well
15:19:15 [shadi]
15:19:33 [Detlev]
Shadi: with bullet points summary - we should have them as well
15:19:41 [Detlev]
Vivienne: agrees
15:20:06 [Detlev]
Vivienne: they have a summary at the top, then minutes
15:20:14 [Detlev]
Shadi: We can do that as well
15:20:32 [Detlev]
Shadi: Reg. survey on sampling - has it been filled out?
15:20:34 [Detlev]
15:20:48 [Liz]
15:20:57 [MartijnHoutepen]
I filled it out
15:20:57 [Detlev]
Shadi: should we reopen it?
15:20:58 [MoeKraft]
If it is still open, I will fill it out. The deadline was 10/23 but the survey is still active.
15:21:11 [Detlev]
Sarah: not clear when this went out
15:21:37 [MoeKraft]
15:21:51 [Detlev]
Shadi: was sent out at 23 October, to respond before the Lyon meeting - some said this would be too quick - it seems to be still open
15:22:15 [Detlev]
Shadi: problem that you can't see responses
15:22:41 [Detlev]
Shadi: Constructed so that people can fill it out more than once if they have several roles
15:22:48 [Vivienne]
zakim, mute me
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15:23:38 [Detlev]
Shadi: resend msg with clear subkect line
15:23:41 [Detlev]
will do
15:23:42 [Liz]
15:23:57 [Detlev]
Shadi: unconfortable to staet new things without Eric present
15:24:42 [Detlev]
Liz: should people who have no expreience in evaluation fill out the survey nevertheless?
15:24:53 [Detlev]
Shadi: feel free nit to fill it out
15:26:02 [Detlev]
Shadi: WOuld call it a day if no one else has issues
15:26:03 [Vivienne]
I agree,let's leave it for now.
15:26:38 [Detlev]
Shadi: next week will be difficult due to thanksgiving, may be cancelled
15:26:48 [Detlev]
Shadi: another draft id due end of Dec
15:27:20 [Detlev]
Shadi: there will be new surveys, disposition of comments, and editor draft to work on
15:27:27 [Mike_Elledge]
Ciao! US participants will be in a food coma next Thursday, so perhaps postponing the next telcon might be wise...
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ack me
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15:27:31 [Detlev]
Wrap up
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bye now
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trackbot, end meeting
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... MoeKraft
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