Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

14 Nov 2012

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Shawn, Annika, Markel, Yehya, David, Kerstin, Georgio, Simon
Klaus, Shadi, Justin, Vivienne, Peter, Yeliz


TC Symposium on Monday (10m) (shawn)

<shawn> e-mail with list of questions: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2012Nov/0044.html

There is a documents with a list of questions for the participants (authors)

The questions are assigned to the authors.

dave: are there any comments on the list of questions?
... additional topics or questions.

<giorgio> [i think i muted my mike, though. i don't understand where the 4% noice come from.]

dave: The list will be circulated to the authors.

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2012/text-customization/Overview.html

<shawn> ^^^ symposium page

shawn: 57 people have registered for the TC symposium.
... We will use Zakim.

simon: Remember that RDWG participants also have to register to participate.

<shawn> Invitation for short contributions to Text Customization for Readability Online Symposium http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2012Nov/0026.html

<shawn> Additional short contributions are welcome (preferably by Monday 12 November) via e-mail to the publicly-archived mailing list:

<shawn> <public-wai-rd-comments@w3.org>

<shawn> with subject starting: "[TC4R Symposium]"

dave: If you send additional questions, please identify the topic.

<shawn> say where in the agenda your question applies: http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/2012/text-customization/Overview.html#agenda

<markel> I do

simon: Do we want to cancel the regular RDWG meeting next Wednesday?


<Yehya> +1

<kerstin_m> +1

<sharper> +1

<markel> +1

<shawn> [ need to have at least one meeting to discuss e2r before 3 Dec ]

decision: Next meeting 28th November

<shawn> Dave: would like to debrief, but not available 21 Nov

simon: only two topics on 28th. Debrief of TC and prepare for E2R.

Next Topic Candidate - "User Modelling" http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/User_modelling (5m)

yehya: User modelling as next topic. Many project address this topic.
... Would be interesting to investigate the state of the art of this active research area.

<shawn> Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) http://gpii.net/

<kerstin_m> i will come back to you. sorry

<markel> I like the topic

<sloandr> +1

simon: Is this a good next topic?

<giorgio> +1

giorgio: What are the accessibility issues related to user modelling?

yehya: Main aspect is adaptivity. How can the system adapt to the needs of the user?
... User models and user profiles can be use to adapt the web site, e.g for a blind user.

<shawn> [ Shawn notes it is related to text customization! :-]

yehya: And about mainstreaming adaptivity of user interfaces.

<shawn> [ Shawn asks Yehya & Christos to send questions for the upcoming symposium on tc4r related to text customization and user modelling ]

yehya: Another aspect: Design of UIs, e.g. for elderly users. The design system can give recommendation during development of UI.

giorgio: Did some research in user modelling some years ago. Question: users change. How long is the information in the profile valid?
... What are the cues / evidence used to collect information about the user (e.g. how does the system know that a user is blind)?

yehya: Automatic approach and manual approach. Manual is prefered.
... Automatic approach is of limited use, must be confirmed by the user.
... There is a lot of research in this area.
... There are dedicated conferences on user modelling (for all users, not only people with disabilities).

E2R Symposium Status (10m) (klaus)

kerstin: The symposium is planned for 3 hours.
... 2 hrs with panels: (1) guidelines, (2) tools, (3) services.
... Questions will be send to the panalists beforehand.
... After a break there will be an open discussion for 1 hr.
... We hope that the participants stay on after the break.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to comment on scirbe, live captions

kerstin: There will be a student to transcribe.

shawn: Life captioning is available. So no additional scribe is needed.
... zakim has a limited number of lines.
... In previous symposiums not all people could participate.
... Zakim supports about 50 lines.

kerstin: the system we tried out last week worked well. But the more difficult to manage ...
... Would prefer to use another system.

<shawn> [ con of other system: not able to see who is on the line]

kerstin: Can Shadi prepare a list of participants?

shawn: Yes, that should be possible.

<sloandr> thankyou shawn

simon: more comments about E2R?

shawn: new topic: pros and cons of system used last week

Conferencing system

<shawn> [ con of other system: not able to see who is on the line]

<shawn> [ /me agrees audio quality varied - sometimes not so good]

kerstin: The audio quality was differing. Good quality for chair. But not so good for other participants.

<shawn> [ some not able to connect through SIP ]

markel: Agree with Kerstin. Zakim was much better. And there were problems with connecting through sip.

dave: participated for the first time in a W3C call.

<shawn> [ missed ability to queue ]

yehya: New system does not offer options for queuing.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say don't need to use zakim codes & shadi manages

kerstin: zakim can be difficult for people using it the first time.

shawn: keep in mind that the participants don't have to use zakim.
... there will be instrutions for the participants. Each participant gets a code. Shadi manages the muting etc ...

<shawn> Annika: remember web metrics. didn't have to use any Zakim commands. It was all managed by Shadi. Worked well for speakers, but don't remember how queueing.

<shawn> .... sound quality depends on what kind of line people using. Skype quality was poor.

<shawn> ... last week seems had better quality with Skype dial in.

kerstin: shawn said that shadi manages the participants. How does this work?

shawn: that's a different system. Each partipant gets a code that is entered when they dial in.

<shawn> [ /me apprecaites Shadi's work on this!!!]

simon: most people seem to prefer zakim. but the number of participants is limited.
... The other suggested topics can't be presented because the people are not on the call.
... Remember that the RDWG charter runs out in June. Suggestion to select and run two more topics soon.
... For example the topics: user modelling and access to graphics.

shawn: Leave at least one months between the topics. Two weeks (as for TC and E2R) are a bit tight.

dave: agree with shawn. More time in between also avoids confusion between the two topics.

<kerstin_m> +1

dave: timing in the year and month also help to distiguish the symposia.

simon: suggest to have three symposia: in April, May and June.

shawn: keep in mind that we also need editors / organisers.

<shawn> [ /me wonders if Markku would prefer to do "Accessible Illustration/Diagrams" or "Notifications and Interruptions" first ? ]

simon: Editors are available. (The people who suggested the topics.)

yehya: We need also time after the symposium to prepare the note etc.

simon: Do you agree to schedule three topics now?

<sloandr> +1

<giorgio> +1

<markel> +1 as long as we are rechartered

<kerstin_m> +1

<shawn> +1 to choosing 2 or 3 now


<sharper> +1

<Yehya> +1

simon will send a message to the list.

<sloandr> +1 to shawn

shawn: The user modelling has an interesting relationship to TC. Good sequence to do user modelling next.

<giorgio> +1

<markel> +1

<sloandr> +1

<sharper> +1

<kerstin_m> +1

simon: should we take up user modelling first?


<sharper> RESOLUTION: User modelling next symposium based on linkage with TC4R (pending Ok with those not on the call)

Metrics W3C Note Status (5m)

markel: the update of the note is completed. comments have been addressed.
... shadi needs to clarify the next steps.

Mobile W3C Note Status (5m)

simon: will be ready in the next couple of weeks.

<shawn> ok with me

simon: Propose to invite coordination group and RDWG to common meeting on 12. Dec to discuss the mobile roadmap

<markel> 12 of Dec is ok for me (by now)

<giorgio> 12 of Dec is not ok with me; i'll be away.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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