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janina has changed the topic to: IndieUI F2F at TPAC2012; Friday 2 November
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trackbot start meeting
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zakim, this will be WAI_Indie
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ok, janina; I see WAI_Indie()3:00AM scheduled to start 64 minutes ago
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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WAI_Indie()3:00AM has not yet started, janina
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08:14:57 [Ryladog]
TOPIC: GPII video - Cloud for All Overview -- Gottfried Zimmerman
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08:22:04 [Gottfried]
GPII video:
08:23:48 [Ryladog]
GZ: I am happy and excited about IndieUI as it could be an integral part of GPII
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08:24:10 [Ryladog]
GZ: My presentation is about User Prefernces
08:25:00 [Ryladog]
GZ: GPII is Global, No Loyalty, It is an infrasctucture - building streets not cars
08:25:28 [Ryladog]
GZ: It needs the adoption by industry so that the cars can comeinto the street
08:25:29 [MichaelC]
q+ to ask about relationship to Raising the Floor
08:25:35 [David_MacD_Lenovo]
08:25:53 [Ryladog]
GZ: It is about storing User Settings/preference locally or in the cloud
08:26:26 [Ryladog]
GZ: Cloud for All. Everything that involve UIs
08:26:46 [Ryladog]
GZ: GPII is a global initiative
08:27:30 [Ryladog]
GZ: Gregg Vanderheiden, Jim Tobias and other took it from NPII to GPII
08:27:31 [MichaelC]
08:28:59 [Ryladog]
GZ: Raising the Floor International is promoting/hosting/organizing GPII - and Cloud for All is a Eurpeon project contributes to GPII. There are 27 partners
08:32:01 [Ryladog]
GZ: The GPII video shows the goal of GP But now I want to talk about user needs, preferences
08:37:56 [Ryladog]
GZ: ISO/IEC 24751-2:2008: Is currently working with the GPII effort to revise it
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08:41:22 [Ryladog]
GZ: W3C, ISO and IMS are all working on similar standards for Uses Needs
08:43:13 [Ryladog]
GZ: None of the current standards address the CONTEXT -
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08:44:54 [Ryladog]
GZ: Zimmermann - Personalization Concepts in GPII
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08:51:13 [Ryladog]
GZ: Define and develop a registry of User Preferences
08:53:20 [Ryladog]
GZ: defining property and values of devices for a registry for User Preferences and Contexts
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09:03:06 [Ryladog]
GZ: We would like feedback from Indie-UI because we want to harmonize
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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09:19:54 [MichaelC]
q+ to talk about inferring medical / disability info - even to the point of being useful in diagnostics but scary privacy
09:20:15 [Ryladog]
GZ: We need a modern Security architecture and users need to be able see what is stored about them.
09:20:40 [Ryladog]
GZ: Cloud4All started a year ago
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09:21:27 [Ryladog]
GZ: Cloud4All expected to end by Oct 2015
09:21:49 [Lachy]
09:22:36 [Ryladog]
RS: Were you looking to do transformations on anyones content in the MatchMaker?
09:23:12 [Ryladog]
GZ: No. Matchmaker is meant to propose and suggest new ways to improve the user experince
09:27:41 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:27:50 [MichaelC]
ack me
09:27:50 [Zakim]
MichaelC, you wanted to talk about inferring medical / disability info - even to the point of being useful in diagnostics but scary privacy
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09:29:03 [Ryladog]
Michael: If rousyou doctor knew about some of these issues, he could help you, but, from a Privacy perspective that could be dange
09:29:29 [Ryladog]
GZ: The MatchMaker has no idea of who you are
09:29:37 [andy]
09:30:01 [Lachy]
ack me
09:30:10 [janina]
ack l
09:30:10 [jcraig]
q+ to indicate this is a lofty, yet worthwhile goal, but also wanted to express concerns about applying this across personal devices, context/condition changes likely to confuse users, and recommendation to stick to public kiosk-type machines
09:30:25 [Ryladog]
GZ: Matchmaker will get anonymous sets from the preferences server
09:31:13 [Ryladog]
LH: I think that these ideas are external and out of scope for this working group
09:31:59 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:32:15 [Ryladog]
LH: Why are we spending so much time on these things out of scope issue?
09:33:36 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:33:38 [janina]
ack q
09:33:43 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:33:44 [Ryladog]
GZ: I would agree it is mostly out of scope, but the user needs and contexts work done by Access4ALL, GPII and Cloud4All may be useful for IndieUI
09:33:47 [janina]
ack and
09:33:47 [richardschwerdtfeger]
ack andy
09:33:51 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:34:36 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:35:35 [Ryladog]
AH: Indie UI can use a smaller set of user needs and events - and this can work for now. Longer term I thing that we want compatability of term
09:36:03 [Ryladog]
GZ: Let decide on a Core set and then we can go register them with GPII
09:36:31 [janina]
ack jcr
09:36:31 [Zakim]
jcraig, you wanted to indicate this is a lofty, yet worthwhile goal, but also wanted to express concerns about applying this across personal devices, context/condition changes
09:36:35 [Zakim]
... likely to confuse users, and recommendation to stick to public kiosk-type machines
09:36:35 [Ryladog]
AH: Secuirty challange is ovewhelming
09:37:04 [Ryladog]
JC: I think this is lofty - and therefore might be unsolvable
09:39:11 [Ryladog]
JC: or example, I thonk storing user pref is a great idea. But storing this in the cloud - I do not think will be doable. What if a bank kiosk and the sun hit the screen. There are so many conditions
09:39:49 [Ryladog]
JC: So many issues that cant be solved by an outside MatchMaker and the user may be frustrated
09:40:46 [Ryladog]
JC: There seems to be a great potential for confusion for the user if the Match Maker gets it wrong
09:41:44 [David_MacD_Lenovo]
09:42:10 [Ryladog]
GZ: I think you have kicked the features that are way down the pike. Current set is much simpler. It is ambitious. Some of it vendor already do, but we want to store across platforms
09:43:12 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:43:21 [Ryladog]
JC: On a smaller scale, on like machine, like ATMs, kiosks, etc - this concept has the best inroad
09:44:12 [Ryladog]
JC: Being able to request setting across devices may not be necessary
09:44:42 [Ryladog]
GZ: But the Matchmaker will not give the TV setting for an ATM
09:44:57 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:45:55 [Ryladog]
JC: Best to concentrate on public like devices - and less on personal devices
09:46:07 [richardschwerdtfeger]
09:47:29 [Ryladog]
RS: I have some business needs to be addressed right now
09:48:47 [Ryladog]
RS: Our Business Analytic team does not understand the needs of the client.
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10:21:55 [richardschwerdtfeger]
10:21:57 [richardschwerdtfeger]
10:22:00 [richardschwerdtfeger]
10:22:05 [richardschwerdtfeger]
10:22:08 [richardschwerdtfeger]
10:22:11 [richardschwerdtfeger]
ack richard
10:23:01 [Ryladog]
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10:24:12 [andy]
10:24:25 [richardschwerdtfeger]
10:25:11 [andy]
rich:toggling captions - do we use an event or throughout the context
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10:26:08 [andy]
could send an event directly or a property change that required an event
10:26:41 [andy]
this may be superfliuous
10:26:49 [andy]
tabled till browser ppl in the room
10:26:53 [andy]
10:27:00 [andy]
to increase the volume
10:27:22 [andy]
increase/decrease the volume
10:28:13 [andy]
can't be done with a preference
10:28:36 [andy]
needs two events for increase and decrease
10:30:13 [richardschwerdtfeger]
Action: jcraig add RequestVolumeIncrease and RequestVolumeDecrease events
10:30:14 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-19 - Add RequestVolumeIncrease and RequestVolumeDecrease events [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
10:30:18 [andy]
needs mute, mute-on and mute-off
10:32:44 [andy]
could be one event with a parameter
10:33:43 [David_MacD_Lenovo]
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10:33:55 [andy]
need a new use case for mute
10:35:05 [andy]
two variations a mute - a toggle and a mute-on and mute-off
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10:36:28 [andy]
needs mute-on/mutte off because say a television might be muted and the user doesn't realise as there is no sound at that momemt
10:37:14 [Gottfried]
s/might be muted/might be unmuted
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10:38:15 [richardschwerdtfeger]
Action: jcraig add RequestMute event with three values (on, off, toggle)
10:38:15 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-20 - Add RequestMute event with three values (on, off, toggle) [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
10:38:20 [andy]
for similar reasons to discussion of pause/play yesterday
10:38:52 [andy]
next use case - command to zoom in - S16
10:40:44 [andy]
returning to captions use case S13
10:41:19 [andy]
if we have a property for captions do we need another event for that
10:41:56 [andy]
10:43:09 [andy]
keep caption event simple - on, off and toggle event
10:43:18 [andy]
languages as a preference
10:43:37 [andy]
AfA has similar like transcript for example
10:44:03 [andy]
all dealt with as prefs, including priortiy
10:44:10 [andy]
if we want
10:45:04 [andy]
how is the user going to trigger mute
10:45:17 [andy]
gottfried - could be multiple sounds
10:45:56 [andy]
captions - event will be captions on, off, toggle
10:45:57 [richardschwerdtfeger]
Action: jcraig add RequestCaption with property values (on, off, toggle)
10:45:57 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-21 - Add RequestCaption with property values (on, off, toggle) [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
10:46:20 [andy]
need volume increase and decrease as well
10:46:32 [andy]
back to S16
10:47:09 [andy]
do we need vibration or not?
10:47:35 [andy]
css have discussed vibrate
10:48:40 [andy]
some devices can do it
10:48:50 [andy]
why would the web app need to know ?
10:49:00 [jcraig]
ACTION: jcraig to add zoomRequest with property zoomIn, zoomOut, or specific zoomLevel?
10:49:01 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-22 - Add zoomRequest with property zoomIn, zoomOut, or specific zoomLevel? [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
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10:49:46 [andy]
web app content might wish to trigger that
10:50:30 [andy]
vibration is not an event because its an output
10:50:48 [andy]
next use case - panning
10:51:02 [Judy]
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10:52:24 [andy]
jcraig - we want panning not in 8 directions but in 360 degrees
10:52:47 [jcraig]
ACTION: jcraig to add panRequest (may already be in) with pan direction and distance
10:52:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-23 - Add panRequest (may already be in) with pan direction and distance [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
10:54:31 [andy]
next use case - homing in - S18
10:55:47 [David_MacD_Lenovo]
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10:55:48 [andy]
jcraig - need point-of-regard change request
10:56:06 [andy]
rich - could have next, prev, home etc. as params
10:57:03 [andy]
rich - these are logical, the directional one may need a separate event
10:57:32 [andy]
jcraig - these are navigation, the others are directional-navigation
10:57:56 [jcraig]
ACTION: jcraig to work in point-of-regard change request(s) with both 2-dimensional (up, down, left, right) and linear (home, end, pageup, pagedown, next previous, etc)
10:57:56 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-24 - Work in point-of-regard change request(s) with both 2-dimensional (up, down, left, right) and linear (home, end, pageup, pagedown, next previous, etc) [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
10:58:24 [andy]
Use case S20
10:58:40 [andy]
grab an object
10:58:55 [andy]
rich - assuming its already selected
10:59:21 [andy]
jcraig - aria drag and drop is not really drag and drop
10:59:36 [shepazu]
10:59:38 [sangwhan]
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10:59:51 [andy]
jcraig - the web app should not have to manage this
11:00:56 [andy]
jcraig - having separate event that work outside the html context isn't the right way to do it
11:02:01 [andy]
rich - does html have an event for grabbing as part of drop
11:02:29 [andy]
scraig - need explicit drag targets and drop targets - there is nothing in AT to indicate these
11:03:13 [andy]
11:04:17 [andy]
shoe - there is impetus to work on d and d 2 - there is also clipboard operations (which are similar)
11:04:28 [andy]
11:06:02 [andy]
jcraig - elements need to declare themselves as drag targets and drop targets rather than using keyboard methods - should be copy and paste
11:07:49 [andy]
shepazu explains d and d inside and between apps
11:08:13 [andy]
shepazu - we are conflicting events and requests to do something
11:08:29 [smaug]
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11:09:07 [andy]
jcraig - we are calling them events but each is named as a request because they are notifications
11:11:30 [andy]
jcraig - we are currently doing d and d as cut/copy and paste
11:12:38 [andy]
rich - we never know on a desktop whether something is going to be grabbed or not
11:13:03 [SimonSapin]
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11:13:15 [andy]
rich - after a grab a drop could be a paste, it could cause an execution and other things
11:14:56 [SimonSapin]
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11:15:00 [andy]
jcraig - its all determined by the context at the stop sirte
11:15:07 [andy]
11:15:59 [andy]
shepazu - confusion UI d and d with the notion of indicating some function
11:17:17 [andy]
rich - I need to be able to identify what are the objects on the screen that are grabbable
11:18:17 [andy]
janina - if html are going to redo d and d then we need to do something with this
11:18:38 [andy]
MichaelC - need to create an issue in their tracker ?
11:18:49 [jcraig]
ISSUE: Discuss drag/drop with PF and HTML (need cut/copy markers and well as drop targets)
11:18:49 [trackbot]
Created ISSUE-7 - Discuss drag/drop with PF and HTML (need cut/copy markers and well as drop targets) ; please complete additional details at .
11:19:44 [andy]
rich explains with the aid of a whiteboard diagram
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13:14:03 [RRSAgent]
logging to
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13:14:24 [Gottfried]
zakim, make minutes
13:14:24 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'make minutes', Gottfried
13:14:41 [sangwhan]
Scribenick: Gottfried
13:14:54 [Gottfried]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:14:54 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Gottfried
13:15:42 [Gottfried]
Gottfried: For now, stick to the use cases. There may be extensions in the next version.
13:16:15 [sangwhan]
Chair: Janina
13:16:22 [sangwhan]
Zakim, this is WAI_Indie
13:16:22 [Zakim]
sangwhan, I see WAI_Indie()3:00AM in the schedule but not yet started. Perhaps you mean "this will be WAI_Indie".
13:16:32 [sangwhan]
Zakim, this will be WAI_Indie
13:16:32 [Zakim]
ok, sangwhan; I see WAI_Indie()3:00AM scheduled to start 376 minutes ago
13:17:01 [Gottfried]
Rich: We should circulate the drag&drop use case by HTML5. Obviously, we have a terminology conflict between WAI-ARIA and HTML5.
13:17:25 [sangwhan]
Meeting: Indie UI Task Force Face to Face
13:17:42 [sangwhan]
Scribe: Gottfried
13:17:48 [sangwhan]
rrsagent, draft minutes
13:17:48 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate sangwhan
13:17:59 [Gottfried]
13:20:17 [Gottfried]
Rich: Not working well for mobile solutions.
13:20:37 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: We should look how these devices handle keys for native control.
13:23:06 [Gottfried]
Rich: You need to know that the object is multi-selectable. And that it is possible to select discontinuous items.
13:23:52 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: iOS presents a separate list with each item selectable.
13:24:12 [Gottfried]
... A custom event would probably work with multiple click events.
13:24:25 [Gottfried]
... We don't need to consider this as a use case for us.
13:24:48 [Gottfried]
Andy: What if it is not visual?
13:25:12 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: Same as with other assistance.
13:27:00 [Gottfried]
... Typical: email application. Select all, invert selection, etc. are just links. You usually don't see a simulation of a native control in the Web.
13:27:40 [Gottfried]
Rich: Do we need a command for selection?
13:27:46 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: Click event should suffice.
13:29:32 [sangwhan]
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13:29:38 [sangwhan1]
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13:30:30 [Gottfried]
Rich: Looking at Yahoo email application. It would be easier to navigate over the items, and for each item be able to send a select event.
13:30:54 [Gottfried]
... Looks like this row is focusable, and you can just send a select event.
13:32:27 [jcraig]
jcraig has joined #indie-ui
13:34:36 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: How does a user trigger this action, in a device-independent way?
13:35:03 [Gottfried]
... If using device-dependent things, that limits its use.
13:36:24 [Gottfried]
James: Is there a use case that allows the user to check an arbitrary check box, e.g. by speech?
13:36:30 [Gottfried]
... "Select this"
13:36:48 [Gottfried]
Rich: If there is something that is checkable, why not having a check event for this?
13:38:37 [Gottfried]
Andy: This is similar to drag&drop, solve it by marking?
13:39:03 [Gottfried]
James: But mark should not deselect a previous one.
13:39:29 [Gottfried]
... Do we need a property that says that it is multi-markable?
13:40:07 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: How to trigger this special event?
13:40:19 [Gottfried]
James: Click the first one, and hold the shift key, moving down.
13:40:42 [Gottfried]
... That could fire a mark on each one in the sequence.
13:41:36 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: If the checkboxes are in the same group, maybe this could be built into the platform.
13:41:47 [Gottfried]
Andy: What about "add to previous selection"?
13:42:09 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: If it behaves like a native checkbox, it could work.
13:42:31 [Gottfried]
James: Could bubble up, and be handled by the app.
13:42:48 [Joshue108]
Joshue108 has joined #indie-ui
13:42:55 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: role="checkbox"
13:43:13 [Gottfried]
Rich: You could have 5 checkboxes.
13:43:51 [shepazu]
shepazu has joined #indie-ui
13:43:57 [Gottfried]
James: For example in CSS: font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
13:44:13 [Gottfried]
... role="switch checkbox"
13:44:22 [Gottfried]
... checkbox as a fall-back for switch
13:45:28 [Gottfried]
... We could also have "slider spinbutton"
13:46:26 [Gottfried]
... action attribute, listing possible requests: action="valuechange"
13:46:38 [Gottfried]
13:46:51 [Gottfried]
... actions="mark"
13:47:23 [Gottfried]
Rich: We can have a list of actions
13:47:34 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: This as markup in HTML5?
13:47:44 [Gottfried]
James: Could be aria-actions
13:48:10 [Gottfried]
... Could be a direct mapping from ARIA
13:48:49 [David_MacD_Lenovo]
David_MacD_Lenovo has joined #indie-ui
13:49:16 [Gottfried]
... Mark event would be canceled and thus tell the AT that it was perceived.
13:50:05 [Gottfried]
James: An author may not find a mapping to a role, but may know how to respond to some events. That's what @actions is for.
13:51:36 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: If we want to make it easy for web developers to allow range selections, the browser could interpret the user's action.
13:52:58 [Gottfried]
... Browser could send select-range request to the Web app.
13:53:08 [Gottfried]
James: How to do this on a custom element?
13:53:17 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: If it has role assigned, would work.
13:55:01 [Gottfried]
James: How would the application learn about the user action? Multiple selection events or one select-range?
13:55:15 [Gottfried]
... Wouldn't it be better to fire mark-requests first?
13:55:30 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: Range-request - could work as a single event
13:56:44 [andy]
13:57:28 [Gottfried]
James: Could be select-all-from-last-mark event
13:57:46 [Gottfried]
Rich: User agents should not have to be so smart to predict what the application is going to do
13:58:23 [Gottfried]
Rich: Like this solution
13:58:44 [Gottfried]
... The user knows that they want to mark a range.
13:58:50 [Gottfried]
13:59:13 [Gottfried]
Andy: So this is separate from normal selection?
13:59:44 [Gottfried]
James: Is the range from previous selection or previous mark?
13:59:52 [Gottfried]
13:59:59 [Gottfried]
James: It's from the previous mark
14:03:27 [Gottfried]
Rich: So do we need multiple events?
14:03:36 [Gottfried]
James: It can be one event with different properties
14:04:12 [Judy]
Judy has joined #indie-ui
14:04:29 [Gottfried]
James: At first, we thought that independent events would block standard events, but that's not kept now.
14:05:53 [Gottfried]
... Fire the intentional event just prior to the up event of a key. The author needs to be able to react to the IndieUI event before receiving the last key event in a series.
14:06:05 [Gottfried]
Rich: We could also use this to mark a range of text.
14:06:23 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: That's handled by the native selection process.
14:06:29 [Gottfried]
James: Yes, with contenteditable
14:08:15 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: Could an implementation natively fire subsequent select events in order to perform a range-select?
14:08:26 [Gottfried]
James: That would break the expected default actions for a role.
14:09:01 [shepazu]
shepazu has joined #indie-ui
14:12:13 [Gottfried]
Rich: This is going to be much cleaner. No modifier keys etc.
14:12:46 [Joshue108]
Joshue108 has joined #indie-ui
14:13:29 [jcraig]
action: jcraig to add markRequest with variant properties indicating "mark in addition to" and "include range from last mark", similar to the table selection interpretation of shift+click and cmd+click, or shift+ctrl+click on different implementations.
14:13:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-25 - Add markRequest with variant properties indicating "mark in addition to" and "include range from last mark", similar to the table selection interpretation of shift+click and cmd+click, or shift+ctrl+click on different implementations. [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
14:13:43 [Gottfried]
14:15:29 [jcraig]
s/@actions is for/@actions [could be] for (whether @aria-actions, @ui-actions, etc. native HTML or SVG @actions, whatever)/
14:16:13 [Gottfried]
Rich: Who is going to do the copying?
14:16:53 [Gottfried]
James: We don't need this.
14:17:02 [Gottfried]
Gottfried: Just tab out. Would automatically be saved.
14:17:53 [Gottfried]
Rich: Is "clear prior selection" a parameter for mark?
14:18:16 [Gottfried]
James: You would just select something else.
14:28:07 [Gottfried]
James: mark event with the following property: retain (the previous selection)
14:28:20 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: That is the standard behavior for checkboxes anyway.
14:28:58 [smaug]
smaug has joined #indie-ui
14:29:18 [Gottfried]
James: The other property is: include-range-from-last-mark
14:30:48 [Gottfried]
Lachlan: The browser may not know whether there was a last selection, and just send the retain=true.
14:31:24 [Judy_clone]
Judy_clone has joined #indie-ui
14:32:06 [Gottfried]
14:32:21 [Gottfried]
Rich: We don't need S25, right?
14:32:22 [Gottfried]
14:32:35 [Gottfried]
14:32:42 [jcraig]
maybe a retainMarks property (like Cmd+Click) and fromLast (like Shift+Click)
14:33:15 [jcraig]
though I dislike the name "fromLast"
15:00:06 [jcraig]
jcraig has joined #indie-ui
15:09:01 [smaug]
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15:11:22 [shepazu]
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15:13:27 [Lachy]
RRSAgent, make minutes
15:13:27 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Lachy
15:15:09 [Lachy]
RRSAgent: help
15:16:03 [jkiss]
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15:17:06 [jcraig]
I believe 26-29 covered by valueChangeRequest on each representative UI element, maybe a sizeChangeRequest variant?
15:19:20 [jcraig]
lh: shift modifier on mouse drags constrains proportions and option modifier
15:21:07 [jcraig]
s/option/lock centerpoint/
15:29:22 [richardschwerdtfeger]
richardschwerdtfeger has joined #indie-ui
15:29:55 [jcraig]
ACTION: jcraig to research UI manipulation of size in graphics programs; may need a sizeChangeRequest event with an [x,y,(z?)] values and event properties "constrain proportions" and "lock centerpoint"
15:29:55 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-26 - Research UI manipulation of size in graphics programs; may need a sizeChangeRequest event with an [x,y,(z?)] values and event properties "constrain proportions" and "lock centerpoint" [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
15:34:05 [jcraig]
perhaps a moveRequest? almost identical to a map pan but with opposite direction.
15:34:28 [jcraig]
katie: may overlap with scroll views
15:35:07 [jcraig]
jc: except scroll views have limits, and maps are like a scroll view with no limits
15:40:21 [jcraig]
action: jcraig to consider moveRequest in the context of scrollRequest and panRequest
15:40:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-27 - Consider moveRequest in the context of scrollRequest and panRequest [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
15:44:19 [jcraig]
I think 31 and 32 are covered by expand/collapse request events, which are already in the spec.
15:52:12 [jcraig]
action: jcraig to consider show/hide details as expand/collpse or possibly ???/dismiss.
15:52:12 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-28 - Consider show/hide details as expand/collpse or possibly ???/dismiss. [on James Craig - due 2012-11-09].
15:53:05 [Judy]
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15:57:19 [andy]
USe case S33
15:57:45 [andy]
closeness indication - is this the same as hover ?
15:58:26 [andy]
unsure the purpose of this use case
15:58:35 [andy]
more infer required
15:58:40 [andy]
Use case 34:
15:59:46 [andy]
34 is mouse out
15:59:57 [andy]
34 to the end are not defined enough to address
16:07:52 [Zakim]
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16:14:46 [andy]
16:14:55 [richardschwerdtfeger]
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16:15:08 [andy]
zakim, makeminutes
16:15:38 [richardschwerdtfeger]
zakim, bye
16:15:49 [richardschwerdtfeger]
Zakim bye
16:16:00 [richardschwerdtfeger]
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