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14:46:35 [fsasaki]
meeting: MWL-LT WG
14:46:40 [fsasaki]
chair: felix
14:46:41 [fsasaki]
scribe: tbd
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present: Yves, Pedro, Felix
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present+ Des
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topic: agenda
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15:07:04 [fsasaki]
felix: any thoughts on the agenda draft?
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15:07:14 [fsasaki]
present+ olaf
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yves: agenda looks good, need to talk about the tests
15:08:46 [fsasaki]
felix: should we split sessions?
15:08:50 [fsasaki]
dave: hard to deal with
15:09:20 [fsasaki]
felix: will have one room, rather larger
15:11:09 [fsasaki]
pedro: objective is to resolve implementation issues
15:12:04 [fsasaki]
.. open issues about metadata definitions are not in focus anymore
15:12:56 [fsasaki]
felix: focus on 1st day for implementaitons, 2nd day for open spec issues
15:13:01 [fsasaki]
15:13:58 [fsasaki]
felix: what is the feeling about timeeline, the milestones
15:15:38 [fsasaki]
revision of M2: "M2 (every implementor has run at least one global and one local test file, one XML and one HTML as well - by 15 December)"
15:16:33 [fsasaki]
dave: if people don't do HTML or XML, they won't do parts of the above, but if they committ to things, they need to do it
15:17:11 [fsasaki]
yves: milestones fine with me
15:17:46 [fsasaki]
15:18:25 [fsasaki]
15:18:34 [fsasaki]
"review implementation isssues"
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15:19:54 [fsasaki]
yves: people on the call are the one who have listed issues
15:20:47 [fsasaki]
felix: what is the state of phil (vistatec) implementation?
15:21:05 [fsasaki]
dave: seen in seattle last week, again javascript based data for review
15:21:16 [fsasaki]
.. not sure about implementation progress
15:22:02 [fsasaki]
action: daveL to check implementation status from phil
15:22:30 [fsasaki]
topic: open issues
15:22:32 [fsasaki]
15:23:22 [fsasaki]
felix: what are the most pressing issues in your opinion?
15:23:34 [fsasaki]
yves: resolve the problem of the two reference mechanisms
15:24:20 [fsasaki]
.. the "tool" issue, issue-42
15:24:36 [fsasaki]
.. the other one: what to do with pointer attributes in global rules
15:24:46 [fsasaki]
dave: that overlaps with XLIFF mapping
15:25:14 [fsasaki]
yves: we have provenance and localization note
15:25:22 [fsasaki]
.. these are natural have standoff markup
15:25:36 [fsasaki]
.. for disambiguation it might be nice to have, but to be decided for the data category owners
15:26:44 [fsasaki]
felix: about XLIFF, should we just wait?
15:27:06 [fsasaki]
yves: the people in the XLIFF TC will promote that topic, hope that in a few days we will have an idea about the direction
15:27:45 [fsasaki]
dave: need to decide in Lyon what we will do in ITS
15:28:16 [fsasaki]
yves: we should assume that XLIFF will have "mrk" extension
15:28:37 [fsasaki]
"ed. note"
15:31:42 [fsasaki]
action: felix to make a doodle poll for 1/2 day calls in November
15:33:12 [fsasaki]
topic: issue-52
15:33:14 [fsasaki]
15:33:37 [fsasaki]
15:33:49 [fsasaki]
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15:34:17 [fsasaki]
yves: no discussion on algorithm since it has been posted
15:35:10 [fsasaki]
.. need to make sure that test cases have the algorithm build in
15:35:46 [fsasaki]
felix: could we close this and see what the test cases say?
15:36:05 [fsasaki]
dave: ankit and leroy will be in Lyon to discuss this
15:37:00 [fsasaki]
pedro: maurico is working on this
15:37:22 [fsasaki]
.. mauricio will try to test this before thursday
15:37:33 [fsasaki]
.. in real time system we will do it too
15:39:21 [fsasaki]
15:39:28 [fsasaki]
"session 0: "
15:42:00 [fsasaki]
"session 4: spec review from Mārcis Pinnis, and review of editoral notes in spec"
15:44:46 [fsasaki]
topic: aob
15:46:13 [fsasaki]
felix: nothing, see or hear you soon in Lyon
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