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Meeting: Device APIs Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 October 2012
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Chair: Frederick_Hirsch
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Topic: Welcome, agenda review, scribe selection, announcements
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14:05:48 [fjh]
"Web Intents Addendum - Local Services" FPWD published 4 October 2012 -
14:06:00 [fjh]
Updated working draft of "Network Service Discovery" published 4 October -
14:06:08 [fjh]
Welcome to new DAP members,
14:06:14 [fjh]
zakim, who is here?
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Topic: Minutes approval
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14:06:57 [Josh_Soref]
scribe: Josh_Soref
14:07:05 [Josh_Soref]
dsr: I'll be stepping down
14:07:09 [Josh_Soref]
... as team contact
14:07:14 [Josh_Soref]
... i'll be working with Sys Apps
14:07:18 [Josh_Soref]
... it was good working with you
14:07:18 [Zakim]
14:07:26 [fjh]
Much thanks to dsr !
14:07:27 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: much thanks for all that you've done with the group
14:07:35 [Zakim]
14:07:48 [Josh_Soref]
dsr: i'll also be working with NFC when it gets launched
14:07:51 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: thanks a lot dsr
14:07:59 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Minutes Approval
14:08:03 [fjh]
Approve 3 October 2012 minutes:
14:08:20 [fjh]
proposed RESOLUTION: Minutes from 3 October 2012 are approved.
14:08:27 [Josh_Soref]
RESOLUTION: Minutes from 3 October 2012 are approved.
14:08:43 [Josh_Soref]
s/ScribeNick: fjh//
14:08:49 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Contacts Web Intent
14:08:51 [fjh]
CfC to remove search extended to 22 October -
14:09:11 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: bryan gave a UC for search
14:09:11 [gmandyam]
Zakim, aadd is me
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14:09:18 [Josh_Soref]
... we should probably have this discussion at the F2F
14:09:30 [Jungkee]
14:09:30 [Josh_Soref]
... the discussion is still going on on the list
14:09:34 [Josh_Soref]
topic: Media Capture LC
14:09:39 [fjh]
14:09:47 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: we have the comments on Tracker
14:09:59 [Josh_Soref]
... Josh_Soref, i think you have additional comments that should go to the list
14:10:00 [fjh]
14:10:11 [Zakim]
14:10:18 [Josh_Soref]
... i think we should go through these at the F2F
14:10:26 [Josh_Soref]
... but we have a number of comments that haven't been addressed
14:10:37 [Zakim]
14:10:39 [Josh_Soref]
... we should try to work on these before the F2F
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14:10:55 [Josh_Soref]
... i don't think there's time on this call
14:11:12 [Josh_Soref]
... / the right people (anssik)
14:11:17 [Josh_Soref]
... i know shepazu disagreed with our response
14:12:35 [Zakim]
14:12:38 [fjh]
Topic: F2F Agenda review
14:12:46 [fjh]
14:13:07 [fjh]
fjh: updated to have 17:00 end time on day 2 but depending on discussion may end earlier
14:13:31 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: one subject we'll need to discuss soon
14:13:37 [Josh_Soref]
... is whether browsers are converging
14:14:06 [fjh]
Tuesday F2F items relevant to DAP
14:14:09 [fjh]
Media Capture F2F 13:00 - 18:00 (after lunch),
14:14:21 [fjh]
WebIntents session during WebApps,
14:14:33 [fjh]
16:45 - 17:45 Web Intents: update, status, Q&A with Web Intents Task Force members. Lead: James Hawkins. (May have remote participants e.g. Greg, Paul)
14:14:54 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: i think there's also a web intents session on wednesday during the plenary
14:15:04 [Josh_Soref]
... i know jhawkins won't be there in person
14:15:11 [Josh_Soref]
... the most important thing going forward
14:15:14 [Josh_Soref]
... is browser support
14:15:18 [Josh_Soref]
... especially mozilla support
14:15:33 [Josh_Soref]
... i think the right thing to do is to work on a proposal for the agenda
14:15:44 [Josh_Soref]
... i'll do that with jhawkins and greg
14:16:06 [Josh_Soref]
... does anyone else have comments on the agenda?
14:16:16 [Josh_Soref]
dcheng3: i have a concern about one of the items on the agenda
14:16:22 [Josh_Soref]
... network information api action points
14:16:34 [Josh_Soref]
... i thought in the last F2F we informally killed this spec
14:16:51 [Josh_Soref]
... i don't know if it's reasonable to
14:16:58 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: i thought we shelved the previous version
14:17:11 [Josh_Soref]
... but that we had a simplified version we were progressing
14:17:18 [Josh_Soref]
... i'll change the agenda item to be a general topic
14:17:22 [Josh_Soref]
... and figure out what we're doing
14:17:34 [Josh_Soref]
dcheng3: my understanding was that we shelved both versions
14:17:41 [Josh_Soref]
... there were finger printing issues with the first one
14:17:52 [Josh_Soref]
... and the second one had implementability issues
14:17:59 [Josh_Soref]
... and wasn't going to be useful
14:18:06 [Josh_Soref]
... i think Josh_Soref had comments on the mailing list
14:18:11 [Josh_Soref]
Josh_Soref: +1
14:18:19 [Zakim]
14:18:24 [Josh_Soref]
nwidell: one thing i think we should discuss
14:18:31 [nwidell]
14:18:37 [Josh_Soref]
14:18:46 [Zakim]
14:19:18 [Josh_Soref]
nwidell: previously discussed a bit
14:19:19 [Josh_Soref]
... the sensor apis
14:19:23 [Josh_Soref]
... for sensors not on the device
14:19:29 [Josh_Soref]
... i know mozilla doesn't really like this
14:19:39 [Josh_Soref]
... maybe there are other supporters in the group
14:19:46 [Josh_Soref]
... so maybe we should raise the question
14:19:53 [Josh_Soref]
... and see if there are other supporters
14:20:01 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: are you talking about temperature and web intents?
14:20:04 [Josh_Soref]
nwidell: eactly
14:20:14 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: how do we go forward with this?
14:20:21 [Josh_Soref]
nwidell: maybe we put together a presentation for that
14:20:37 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: are you volunteering to do a presentation?
14:20:41 [fjh]
fjh: note to self, add next step for sensor API agenda item
14:20:42 [Josh_Soref]
nwidell: yeah, i can do a short one
14:20:55 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: that'd be great
14:21:11 [Josh_Soref]
... another topic is where do we focus our future efforts
14:21:31 [Josh_Soref]
... does anyone else have comments?
14:22:16 [Josh_Soref]
topic: Calendar
14:22:28 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: the question is whether we should try to progress it
14:22:35 [Josh_Soref]
... my understanding is if it were to mimic contacts
14:22:41 [Josh_Soref]
... one would be WebIntents intergration
14:22:46 [Josh_Soref]
... the other would be the data format
14:22:58 [Josh_Soref]
... my understanding is we finished the data format
14:23:03 [Josh_Soref]
... but i think Josh_Soref disagreed on that
14:23:44 [fjh]
josh_soref: at the last time we looked we noticed bugs in the calendar data format, didn't handle leap years
14:24:08 [fjh]
josh_soref: could live with that bug but given that it took so long to get the comment, not sure about the amount of review
14:24:42 [fjh]
josh_soref: need explanation of reason for difference for vcard etc, can take action to look at our implementation
14:25:29 [Josh_Soref]
14:26:02 [Josh_Soref]
dcheng3: one idea would be to invite tantek, who's working on the calendar implementation for firefox os
14:26:30 [Josh_Soref]
... so we can see where they want to go
14:26:48 [Josh_Soref]
s/tantek/tantek ├želik/
14:27:08 [fjh]
action: fjh to update F2F agenda for sensor next steps, network information, and to make invitations for mozilla participation
14:27:08 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-584 - Update F2F agenda for sensor next steps, network information, and to make invitations for mozilla participation [on Frederick Hirsch - due 2012-10-24].
14:27:14 [Josh_Soref]
Josh_Soref: he's the same person who complained about DAP's contacts api not following the vaporware vCard 4
14:27:36 [Josh_Soref]
... which is why i believe we need to have an explanation of why we aren't using iCal or whatever the IETF format is called
14:27:44 [dsr]
(BTW Tantek will be at TPAC)
14:27:53 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: anything else about new work that should be discussed at the F2F?
14:28:23 [Josh_Soref]
Topic: Action Review
14:28:30 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: i've been sending emails to people who have action reviews offline
14:28:35 [Josh_Soref]
... i've gotten back answers from Josh_Soref
14:28:41 [Josh_Soref]
... and darobin , and klaus
14:28:46 [Josh_Soref]
... i'll send a summary at some point
14:28:54 [Josh_Soref]
... i've done my action to contact people about actions
14:29:02 [fjh]
close ACTION-582
14:29:02 [trackbot]
ACTION-582 Follow up regarding DAP action status offline closed
14:29:10 [fjh]
close ACTION-583
14:29:10 [trackbot]
ACTION-583 Make publication request for Network Service Discovery closed
14:29:11 [Josh_Soref]
Josh_Soref: i'll send a summary based on my response to fjh to the list
14:29:25 [fjh]
14:29:46 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: the most important goal of mine for the f2f
14:29:56 [Josh_Soref]
... is to know what we're doing with webintents
14:30:02 [Josh_Soref]
... and what we're building on webintents
14:30:59 [fjh]
goals include 1) convergence of WebIntents with respect to Mozilla and other implementations, details of WebIntents changes (2) progress specs that build on webintents
14:31:16 [fjh]
(3) progress docs that are in LC/CR onward on Rec track, discuss testing
14:31:28 [fjh]
(4) identify work that needs to be started or worked on
14:31:39 [fjh]
also review privacy and security issues
14:31:57 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: are there any other big goals i'm forgetting?
14:32:16 [Josh_Soref]
topic: AOB
14:32:49 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: we don't have a call the week after TPAC
14:32:52 [fjh]
14:33:05 [Josh_Soref]
fjh: thanks for taking the time today
14:33:12 [Josh_Soref]
[ adjourned ]
14:33:15 [Josh_Soref]
trackbot, end meeting
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Zakim, list attendees
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14:33:18 [Zakim]
... +1.289.261.aaff, Josh_Soref, gmandyam, SungOk_You
14:33:18 [Zakim]
14:33:19 [Zakim]
14:33:19 [Zakim]
14:33:20 [Zakim]
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