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RRSAgent, make logs public
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good morning
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hi tantek
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Zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see glazou, lstorset, rhauck, hober, krit, arron, rbetts, Stearns, SylvaIng, [Microsoft], antonp, ??P50, TabAtkins, SimonSapin, tantek (muted), smfr
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16:06:36 [TabAtkins]
glazou: First item, taking CSS3 Conditional to LC.
16:06:43 [Zakim]
16:07:38 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: A few weeks ago I put up a list of the last few issues in the Conditional draft.
16:07:50 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: I resolved two of them, and the remaining two are just "punt stuff to level 4".
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16:09:05 [TabAtkins]
SimonSapin: I had an issue about allowing functions int he grammar for future compat.
16:09:09 [glazou]
sylvaing: LOL
16:09:14 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: Done now, and dbaron approved it. It's in the at-risk list.
16:09:48 [TabAtkins]
RESOLVED: Publish CSS3 Conditional as LCWD.
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16:10:12 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: As part of this resolution, we're dropping the @import addition and @document to the next level?
16:10:15 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: Yup.
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16:11:20 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: Drop @document
16:11:39 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: Defer issue on @import syntax for @supports queries
16:11:45 [glazou]
16:11:46 [TabAtkins]
Topic: text-decoration
16:11:50 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: I don't have a writeup yet.
16:11:54 [TabAtkins]
glazou: So defer it again?
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16:12:01 [TabAtkins]
smfr: I don't have feedback yet either.
16:12:03 [glazou]
16:12:06 [TabAtkins]
Topic: 'clip' property
16:12:19 [TabAtkins]
krit: Should we combine 'clip' with the other clip/mask properties into the Masking spec?
16:12:43 [TabAtkins]
krit: I think it makes sense to have them in one collection, and makes the merging of SVG and HTML easier with one description in one place.
16:13:03 [krit]
Adding links:
16:13:04 [krit]
16:13:06 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: Accept functional notation in place of property-value support queries, treat unknown functions as false, all functions unknown in L1
16:13:10 [fantasai]
16:13:23 [krit]
16:15:12 [fantasai]
^ and mark that behavior at-risk
16:15:18 [TabAtkins]
[discussion about priority of Masking]
16:15:32 [tantek]
TabAtkins: don't need to worry about priority list unless we are worried about running out time in terms of things to talk about.
16:15:34 [TabAtkins]
szilles: If it didn't go into Masking, where would you put an updated version?
16:16:27 [Zakim]
16:16:37 [glazou]
guys at MSFT , we still need YOUR answers so stop ranting :-D
16:16:41 [TabAtkins]
rossen: Wasn't there discussion about moving 'clip' closer to the esclusion shapes?
16:16:57 [TabAtkins]
krit: Yeah, there's an issue about using those shape functions.
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16:17:11 [tantek]
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16:17:14 [glazou]
sylvaing: please _send_ it
16:17:54 [TabAtkins]
rossen: I was just wondering if that might be a more natural place for it.
16:18:16 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: I think that it makes the most sense for 'clip' to go in with the rest of Masking, though it will probably want to reference Shapes.
16:18:20 [TabAtkins]
glazou: Any objection?
16:18:29 [TabAtkins]
RESOLVED: Put 'clip' into the Masking spec.
16:18:36 [glazou]
16:18:51 [TabAtkins]
Topic: marker-side vs marker-direction
16:19:09 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: Nothing to discuss about that yet.
16:19:11 [glazou]
16:19:17 [stearns]
16:19:19 [TabAtkins]
Topic: Circular dependencies between flows
16:19:25 [TabAtkins]
stearns: I just sent a reply to the list about what to do.
16:19:36 [TabAtkins]
stearns: The question is, when a circular reference occurs, what happens?
16:19:41 [TabAtkins]
stearns: And what to do when it happens.
16:19:46 [TabAtkins]
stearns: So I suggest just avoiding them entirely.
16:20:08 [TabAtkins]
stearns: If you have a circular reference, the entire cycle doesn't become regions.
16:20:22 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: I agree - that's how I've dealt with other places where I have to track circular references.
16:20:39 [TabAtkins]
antonp: What's the effect on the content forced into that flow?
16:21:05 [TabAtkins]
stearns: If you ahve content using flow-to, and have a flow-from producing a circular ref, that flow-form is just ignored.
16:21:27 [TabAtkins]
antonp: And if that's the only flow-from consuming that flow, it's just ignored, because it's piped into a flow that's never consumed. That's expected behavior.
16:21:31 [TabAtkins]
stearns: Yes.
16:21:47 [glazou]
16:21:53 [TabAtkins]
Topic: baselines of inline-blocks
16:22:17 [TabAtkins]
antonp: This was raised by someone saying there was a gap about the fact that css3 specs expect everything to have a baseline.
16:22:26 [TabAtkins]
antonp: But 2.1 doesn't provide a baseline for some things, like blocks and tables.
16:22:57 [TabAtkins]
antonp: To solve an issue specific to Flexbox, Tab put in a note in Flexbox specificying those.
16:23:03 [TabAtkins]
antonp: But I think it's worthwhile to codify that.
16:23:14 [fantasai]
16:23:20 [TabAtkins]
antonp: The proposal is that tables have baselines, but that doesn't contribute toward an inline-block's baseline.
16:23:35 [TabAtkins]
antonp: So if a table is in an inline-block, the table doesn't contribute - it's skipped over during inline-block baseline determination.
16:24:05 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: Yes, we need a reasonable baseline for other things, but for legacy reasons inline-blocks need to ignore them.
16:24:34 [TabAtkins]
antonp: So Tab's basically saying, just, can we ignore the table's own baseline when determining the inline-block's baseline?
16:24:48 [TabAtkins]
antonp: I think it's reasonable. What do others think?
16:24:48 [Zakim]
16:25:33 [Zakim]
16:25:39 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: I expect it'll need some more review, but we can at least put it somewhere normative and get it moving.
16:25:54 [TabAtkins]
RESOLVED: Accept the definitions for additional baselines ni the Flexbox spec.
16:26:06 [fantasai]
for 2.1?
16:26:08 [TabAtkins]
Topic: circular refs in regions
16:26:38 [TabAtkins]
stearns: My proposal addresses the case where an element has the same flow in its flow-from and flow-to. But it doesn't address cycles *between* elements.
16:27:24 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: Unclear about how to detect circular references, or how to react to cycles once detected?
16:27:27 [TabAtkins]
stearns: How to specify.
16:27:39 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: I have an example already in Images 4 - look in element(). You can just copy that.
16:27:46 [TabAtkins]
glazou: So how to respond?
16:28:00 [TabAtkins]
stearns: [something that I missed about breaking one of the refs to avoid a cycle]
16:28:34 [TabAtkins]
antonp: Is all of that something that can be calculated just from the style rules? No layout needed?
16:28:45 [TabAtkins]
stearns: Yes, it's all just looking at flow-to/from properties.
16:29:12 [tantek]
reminder: TPAC coming up
16:29:44 [tantek]
16:29:49 [TabAtkins]
glazou: Reminder - sign up for TPAC - the fee goes up substantially soon.
16:29:53 [tantek]
16:29:57 [TabAtkins]
glazou: Also, put topics up on the wiki for the call.
16:30:08 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: I have a quick issue about i18n.
16:30:25 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: They'd like to take over the @counter-style list beyond what we resolved to keep in Counter STyles.
16:30:51 [tantek]
looks like a lot of folks are attending: (member only link)
16:30:58 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: I'm totally for this - it means someone who knows a lot more about me is taking care of these things.
16:31:09 [tantek]
and getting something off your plate Tab!
16:31:12 [TabAtkins]
RESOLVED: Let i18n maintain the additional @counter-style rules.
16:31:34 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: Also, they're meeting Thu/Fri. We should check if there are more topics to discuss with them than just case-sensitivity.
16:31:45 [TabAtkins]
szilles: Would some of them be able to show up on Tuesday and be part of our discussion?
16:31:53 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: Dunno. But there will be some who are there earlier.
16:32:08 [TabAtkins]
glazou: I'll ping the i18nWG and ask.
16:32:13 [Zakim]
16:32:22 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: Another topic is, what's the status of TTA? Progress? Issues to discuss?
16:32:54 [TabAtkins]
smfr: Dirk and I briefly looked at the remaining Transforms issues. We'll ahve a conf call with some people about them next week, so we'll hopefully have some issues to add to the agenda.
16:33:24 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: Simon had an issue on the multicol module that we didn't address last week.
16:33:41 [TabAtkins]
SimonSapin: I was working through a reply to Hakon, because he seems to have a response to some things that I didn't understand.
16:34:11 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: On that topic, Tab and I spent yesterday writing out the intrinsic sizing definitions for multicol elements. This is significantly different from what Hakon thinks it should be, I think.
16:34:35 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: dholbert brought up an example related to Flexbox, and that guided our ideas.
16:34:41 [TabAtkins]
SimonSapin: Do you think that should go in Sizing?
16:34:53 [fantasai]
16:34:55 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: I think so, yeah - multicol is in CR. Sizing is already taking other things from 2.1.
16:35:06 [fantasai]
16:35:26 [fantasai]
16:35:57 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: The point is that there is no definition of these sizing things in Multicol, and the expectation that they size the same as a regular block element does not work.
16:36:13 [TabAtkins]
SimonSapin: And if we just remove the lines from the multicol module, and define this in Sizing, this is fine with me.
16:36:20 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: I agree with your suggested changes.
16:36:22 [fantasai]
16:36:44 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: I think we should resolve to take the changes that Simon suggested.
16:36:51 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: We'd also need to change a couple of the terms in the algorithm.
16:36:58 [TabAtkins]
glazou: Did Hakon have a chance to review this?
16:37:09 [TabAtkins]
TabAtkins: No, we just did it late yesterday.
16:37:20 [TabAtkins]
glazou: I suggest we ask for feedback from Hakon.
16:37:26 [TabAtkins]
fantasai: The changes are in the email I just linked to.
16:38:02 [Zakim]
16:38:03 [Zakim]
16:38:03 [TabAtkins]
glazou: Okay, out of topics. Call adjourned.
16:38:04 [Zakim]
16:38:04 [Zakim]
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krit: hober: krit1: I mean :)
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23:32:39 [stearns]
I have an issue in CSS Regions on circular normative references - is it bad that CSS Regions refers to CSS Break which refers to CSS Regions?