Who Should Participate

To ensure productive discussions, the Workshop will include sessions which are primarily technical, but grounded in business needs.

We invite representatives from following communities to submit papers:

  • Publishers digital books production (including magazines and journals)
  • Retailer/Bookshops (on line and off line)
  • Manufacturers of eBooks readers devices
  • Providers of eBooks readers applications software
  • Providers of eBooks authoring tools
  • eBook related software contributors to browser cores
  • Distributors (eBook server)
  • News agencies
  • Libraries
  • Search engines
  • Specialized search and web analytics
  • Library management software companies
  • Relevant standard setting institutions
  • eBooks service providers
  • Cloud-based eReading platform providers
  • Accessibility companies and institutions
  • Localization companies
  • Consumers
  • Academic researchers in digital publishing
  • Industry consultants

List of attendees to the W3C Workshop on Electronic Books and the Open Web Platform 11-12 February 2013, New York, USA