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615.253 is Bobby Martin from State of Tennessee
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I don't understand 'aadd is Rachel Flagg', PhilA
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15:10:49 [PhilA]
15:10:58 [PhilA]
chair: Jeanne_
15:11:27 [PhilA]
meeting: eGov IG Atlantic Call, 24 August 2012
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15:13:14 [DeirdreLee]
Scribe: DeirdreLee
15:14:28 [DeirdreLee]
Jeanne introduces speakers
15:14:58 [DeirdreLee]
Carlos Iván Chesñevar, National University of the South, Argentina is first speaker
15:15:03 [Jeanne_]
arlos Ivan Chesnevar--DECIDE 2.0: Intelligent Processing of Citizen Opinions in Social Media (slides can be downloaded at
15:15:21 [PhilA]
Slides available at
15:16:10 [DeirdreLee]
benefits of gov 2.0 tools - new ways of communicating with citizens & new opportunities
15:16:28 [Jeanne_]
Slides for all presentations today are at the eGov wiki:
15:16:38 [PhilA]
Speaker is Carlos Ivn Chesevar (
15:16:38 [PhilA]
CONICET / Laboratory of Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence
15:16:38 [PhilA]
Department of Computer Science and Engineering Universidad Nacional del Sur Baha Blanca, Argentina
15:17:34 [DeirdreLee]
carlos: describes challenges of gov 2.0
15:18:01 [DeirdreLee]
...introduces Decide 2.0 project
15:18:08 [Zakim]
15:18:14 [Zakim]
15:21:08 [PhilA]
For the minutes - Carlos' slides contain the bulk of the detail being presented in readily accessible form
15:21:43 [Jeanne_]
Challenge is that citizens post comments and suggestions, but it is hard for government officials to be aware of what these opinions and counter-opinions are
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15:23:04 [Jeanne_]
The framework is on slide 8 and shows how the information is gathered from Facebook, Twitter, and Windowslive to create a citizens' opinion database that creates a contextually understandable argument of pros and cons for government officials to consider
15:24:50 [DeirdreLee]
decide 2.0 Framework utilises tweet sentiment tools
15:25:28 [PhilA]
Looking for idea of how accurate the pos/neg/neutral classification is claimed to be, esp. for Twitter
15:26:29 [DeirdreLee]
All Tweets that have a common context and sentiment are aggregated to form an argument
15:27:19 [PhilA]
Presence of given hashtag seems to be requirement
15:28:30 [PhilA]
I don't think my tweet from 27 July would be picked up
15:28:38 [olyerickson]
Current slide: 15
15:29:37 [PhilA]
Now on slide 17
15:31:44 [PhilA]
15:32:21 [DeirdreLee]
ack PhilA
15:34:22 [DeirdreLee]
PhilA: Marketing companies claim about 70% accuracy with sentiment analysis, Phil can claim up to 96%, not necessarily needing specific hashtags
15:34:22 [Jeanne_]
PhilA: Looking at accuracy of gathering tweets that refer to Greece without using the #Greece tag. Do decision makers care how accurate the content is or are they looking for a general view of pros and cons?
15:35:44 [DeirdreLee]
main goal was to define opinion trees and counter-arguments
15:36:01 [Jeanne_]
All--if you have a question, just enter +q to be recognized.
15:36:13 [DeirdreLee]
carlos: not necessarily sentiment analysis
15:37:07 [PhilA]
My claim (on behalf of i-sieve Techniologies) of high accuracy in classification of pos/neg and neutral doesn't apply to Twitter where context is absent, only things like blog posts and comments on them
15:37:28 [DeirdreLee]
Jeanne_: where is the challenges in relation to close the loop with decision-makers
15:38:17 [PhilA]
Paraphrasing Jeanne_ "Do government officials actually take any notice?"
15:38:20 [DeirdreLee]
... once the user comments are organised, is there still challenges in getting decision-makers to respond to the feedback
15:39:57 [PhilA]
A paper was presented at PMOD about South American use of eGov and transparency, see and
15:39:58 [DeirdreLee]
carlos: no definite answer to what is the best method in feeding this back to decision-makers, but it can be used to identify critical issues
15:40:13 [BobbiMartin]
Great presentation!
15:40:34 [PhilA]
Topic: Social Media in Government
15:40:35 [PhilA]
Soon Ae Chun, Ph.D
15:40:35 [PhilA]
City University of New York
15:40:35 [PhilA]
College of Staten Island
15:41:40 [PhilA]
Slides are at
15:41:46 [PhilA]
Now on slide 3
15:43:26 [PhilA]
Now slide 5
15:43:42 [PhilA]
Again, slides are informative and capture much of what Soon Ae Chun is saying
15:43:43 [DeirdreLee]
SoonAeChun: moving from traditional government to social media-based digital government (gov 2.0)
15:47:00 [PhilA]
I think we're on slide 8 now
15:48:26 [PhilA]
Slide 9
15:50:23 [PhilA]
Slide 10
15:52:25 [PhilA]
I heard "standard vocabularies" and my W3C light came on ;-)
15:55:06 [PhilA]
Slide 11
15:57:18 [PhilA]
Slide 12, related to the work of P. Sobkowicz, M. Kaschesky and G. Bouchard
15:57:54 [PhilA]
zakim, who is making noise?
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Can other people please mute?
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zakim, mute ??P19
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15:58:54 [Jeanne_]
Phil--you'll have to show me how to do that...
16:00:38 [DeirdreLee]
Slide 13
16:02:05 [olyerickson]
There is precedence for the type of research discussed in Kavanaugh, but from the financial domain. e.g. correlation btween s.m. activity and market trends
16:02:52 [PhilA]
Slide 14 looks at the work of G. Lee and Y. Kwak
16:02:53 [Jeanne_]
Interesting olyerickson
16:04:04 [PhilA]
This is reminiscent of Tim Davies' 5 srats of open data engagement
16:04:13 [PhilA]
16:05:23 [olyerickson]
Are these metrics (stars) any different for ANY public engagement?
16:05:42 [DeirdreLee]
Slide 15
16:07:29 [olyerickson]
Overarching question: for all of these papers, do they focus on their immediate countries/regions, the whole" world or a specific interesting country (e.g. USA, UK, EU countries, etc)
16:09:33 [PhilA]
Slide 16, paper by K. Andersen, R. Medaglia and H. Kenriksen
16:12:12 [PhilA]
That's the "Doctor, I have diagnosed myself as having disease X, please give me drug Y (I know I'm right, I saw it on Facebook)"
16:12:27 [DeirdreLee]
16:12:47 [PhilA]
zakim, unmute ??P19
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16:13:47 [Zakim]
16:14:25 [DeirdreLee]
Topic: Deploying Social Media Services Across Government,
16:14:36 [DeirdreLee]
Rachel Flagg,
16:14:43 [DeirdreLee]
General Services Administration, USA
16:14:57 [PhilA]
Key links from Rachel: and
16:15:32 [DeirdreLee]
16:16:10 [sandro]
"Federal Compatible" Terms of Service --- team of lawyers at GSA which works with vendors
16:16:33 [PhilA]
zakim, mute ??P19
16:16:33 [Zakim]
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16:16:38 [sandro]
eg jurisdiction and indemnification
16:17:27 [DeirdreLee]
Rachel_Flagg: terms of service programme
16:18:25 [DeirdreLee]
... helping federal agencies and vendors agree on model agreement on how to use social media tools in an appropriate manner for government
16:18:42 [dickg]
Archives included in TOS ?
16:18:51 [DeirdreLee]
... allows agencies to communicate using social media tools in a legally sound manner
16:19:28 [DeirdreLee]
... registery where all agencies register their official federal social media accounts
16:19:46 [DeirdreLee]
... citizens can then check if social media accounts are genuine or impersonation
16:20:05 [DeirdreLee]
GSA provides the registry and tools for agencies to use
16:20:23 [DeirdreLee]
... helps for verification of authentic accounts
16:20:39 [BobbiMartin]
The State of TN was one of the first States to create a Social Media policy because our former Governor had a false facebook.
16:21:02 [DeirdreLee]
16:21:34 [PhilA]
16:22:11 [DeirdreLee]
Jeanne_: Has GSA's work in creating a 'safe legal space' changed agencies' adoption of social media?
16:23:01 [DeirdreLee]
Rachel_Flagg: Setting up these centralised programmes validates that these social media tools are good/useful and can be operated in a safe, legal manner
16:23:48 [DeirdreLee]
... there is now also support offered for specific agencies criteria
16:24:14 [DeirdreLee]
... there has also been a culture shift, that social media such as Twitter, has become so prevalant in our lives
16:24:18 [PhilA]
ack me
16:24:41 [PhilA]
zakim, who is making noise?
16:24:47 [olyerickson]
16:25:02 [sandro]
zakim, mute bobby_martin
16:25:02 [Zakim]
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16:25:10 [Zakim]
- +1.914.262.aaff
16:25:12 [olyerickson]
Tsk, tsk...
16:25:41 [DeirdreLee]
PhilA: Was there much resistance?
16:25:48 [dickg]
zakim, mute dickg
16:25:48 [Zakim]
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16:25:55 [DeirdreLee]
... how did GSA go about collecting all the social media channels
16:26:27 [BobbiMartin]
I had to an incoming call, that might have caused my issue. Sorry.
16:28:00 [DeirdreLee]
Rachel_Flagg: participates in group that meets up regularly and issues of social media and verification were discussed regularly
16:28:29 [DeirdreLee]
... so there was not much resistance
16:28:39 [Jeanne_]
Next W3C eGov Interest Group meetings are 3 September 1600-1730 CST (Hong Kong) and 21 September 0800-0930 PST (Los Angeles)
16:29:03 [olyerickson]
+1 to thanks to our speakers, scribe and our leaders!
16:29:06 [PhilA]
Next meetings 3 Sept (Eurasian) and 21 Sept (Atlantic)
16:29:27 [dickg]
16:29:53 [PhilA]
rrsagent, make logs public
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16:30:41 [Zakim]
16:30:41 [Zakim]
16:30:42 [Zakim]
16:30:43 [Jeanne_]
Thanks everyone!
16:30:46 [Lukasz]
16:30:50 [Zakim]
16:30:51 [Zakim]
16:30:51 [Zakim]
T&S_EGOV(Atlantic)11:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +1.508.333.aaaa, sandro, +3539149aabb, +1.202.566.aacc, +1.509.464.aadd, +1.818.434.aaee, +1.914.262.aaff, +1.973.325.aagg, +1.615.253.aahh, PhilA, olyerickson,
16:30:52 [Zakim]
... dickg, DeirdreLee, EthanMcmahon, Rachel_Flagg, Soon_Ae_Chun, Bobby_Martin
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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