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Meeting: Research and Development Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 01 August 2012
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the conference code is 7394 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, sharper
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On the phone I see vivienne, Shadi, Shawn, ??P12
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On the phone I see vivienne, Shadi, Shawn, ??P12
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13:35:23 [shawn]
for the TC4R (text customization for readability) topic, afaik, what remains is:
13:35:23 [shawn]
* Finalize co-chairs & scientific committee
13:35:23 [shawn]
* Provide HTML template(s) - decide how prescriptive to be - decide how to allow for ethnographic studies, "position papers", and other such contributions
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see vivienne, Shadi, Shawn, sharper
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13:39:38 [shawn]
ltest list of confirmed SC:
13:39:53 [shawn]
s/ ltest list of confirmed/ latest list of confirmed/
13:40:09 [peter]
hello all :)
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sorry :)
13:42:01 [vivienne]
maybe he is?
13:42:15 [peter]
13:45:46 [shadi]
13:46:17 [shawn]
slh: what do we need in a co-chair?
13:46:25 [shawn]
simon: someone who can write the report
13:46:40 [shawn]
... SC judge the resaerch
13:46:46 [shawn]
... need people who can complete the work
13:47:08 [shawn]
ack shadi
13:47:23 [shawn]
saz: agree. need someone who will follow through
13:47:30 [shawn]
... complementary roles
13:47:50 [shawn]
... more in research side would be useful
13:47:57 [shawn]
... connect dots to other peices
13:48:31 [shawn]
... mentinoed two peole who are more developers, practioners
13:48:50 [shawn]
... one peson from research/academic, one practioner, + slh with standardization hat on
13:50:05 [shawn]
slh: I was expecting to write most of the report. so I really want complementary to fill in my "weaknesses"
13:51:11 [shawn]
saz: some people might bring bigger perspective, but might not be as active. some input and review, but not a primary writier
13:51:35 [shawn]
s/so I really want complementary to fill in my "weaknesses"/so I really want complementary to my work/
13:53:38 [shawn]
simon: research report...
13:53:57 [shadi]
q+ to mention process aspect
13:54:19 [shadi]
ack me
13:54:19 [Zakim]
shadi, you wanted to mention process aspect
13:54:28 [shawn]
[ Shawn envisions a research report and a less formal guidance thingie ]
13:54:50 [shawn]
saz: chairs will need to join the group
13:55:00 [shawn]
... (so under IPR)
13:55:21 [vivienne]
zakim, mute me
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13:55:37 [shawn]
q+ to ask only charis or also SC?
13:56:52 [shawn]
ack me
13:56:52 [Zakim]
shawn, you wanted to ask only charis or also SC?
13:57:13 [peter]
13:58:07 [shawn]
saz: only SC if actively writing stuff
13:58:23 [peter]
ack me
13:58:38 [peter]
Zakim, mute me
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13:58:45 [peter]
:-) I do every day
13:59:02 [peter]
(shawn: sure email it over)
13:59:41 [shadi]
13:59:52 [shadi]
ack me
14:00:11 [shawn]
simon: not be overly prescriptive
14:00:41 [shawn]
saz: can make the blurbs after the headings - expand or contexualize them for a specific heading
14:01:26 [shawn]
14:02:49 [peter]
agreed strategy->approach
14:04:20 [shawn]
shawn: not make then use these exact headings?
14:04:30 [shawn]
simon: I say yes
14:05:56 [shawn]
simon: good to have consistency across papers
14:06:01 [vivienne]
does it make it easier to do the research note after the symposium if the same headings are used?
14:06:10 [peter]
maybe "strongly encourage the use of this template outline …"
14:06:23 [shawn]
saz: think some papers did change headings a bit. so saying "use this as a starting point" is too open
14:07:07 [shawn]
s/think some papers did change headings a bit. so saying "use this as a starting point" is too open/(think some papers did change headings a bit.) saying "use this as a starting point" is too open/
14:11:04 [shawn]
pre-call email:
14:12:35 [shadi]
14:13:54 [shadi]
14:15:35 [shawn]
14:15:53 [shawn]
slh: we won't have time for pre-call for E2R. Need to finalize the Symposium page
14:16:06 [shadi]
14:28:07 [shawn]
review process
14:28:13 [shawn]
chairs triage
14:28:17 [shawn]
send to reviewers
14:28:22 [shawn]
reviwers submit comments
14:28:44 [shawn]
(Open Conf)
14:29:07 [shawn]
after reviews in, send email to all authors. here are the reviews. you have the chance to rebut
14:29:32 [shawn]
authors usually rebut within a couple days
14:29:53 [shawn]
chairs then look at reviews & rebuttals.
14:30:46 [shawn]
meta review. chairs make decsion on accept or not. inform accepted on condition that xyz issues are addressed
14:30:50 [shawn]
one week OK
14:31:01 [shawn]
submit "camera-ready copy"
14:37:38 [sharper]
Well Done!
14:37:39 [sharper]
You now need to create your Camera Ready Copy for publication no later than March 16th; here is what you need to do:
14:37:39 [sharper]
Technical papers are up to 10 pages, communications up to 4 pages, and all other papers are 2 pages;
14:37:39 [sharper]
Take a final look at your responsibility as an author;
14:37:40 [sharper]
Make the revisions as suggested by your reviewers and as discussed in your rebuttals (this is part of you implicit contract with us to publish);
14:37:41 [sharper]
Make sure you have changed your copyright block to bottom left of the front page – so that the ‘Submission Type’ states either ‘Technical’, ‘Communication’, ‘Microsoft Challenge’, ‘Google Student Award’, ‘Keynote’, or ‘After Dinner’; Example: W4A2012 – Technical or W4A2012 – Communication.
14:37:45 [sharper]
Change your ISBN to this years number of 978-1-4503-1019-2 / in word just replace the x’s on the bottom line of the block, in the LaTeX use \crdata{xxxx};
14:37:49 [sharper]
Now you must register so we know you intend to come along and present; Notice that deadline for early bird registration is on March 12th.
14:37:51 [sharper]
Send your completed accessible papers back via email to W4A General Chairs but in your email add a plain text version of your title, abstract, authors and their affiliations, and finally you W4A registration number;
14:37:54 [sharper]
Take a look at your responsibility as a presenter; The W3C-WAI provides some resources to make your presentations accessible in How to Make Presentations Accessible to All.
14:37:57 [sharper]
As a presenter you are making an implicit agreement to be filmed or recorded if the W4A decides to create Audio Visual resources as the conference proceeds;
14:38:00 [sharper]
You will then receive an email from the ACM detailing their copyright requirements, please follow these to the letter as we cannot publish without your copyright forms;
14:38:03 [sharper]
Find the procedures to get your visa;
14:38:05 [sharper]
Remember to add yourself to our Lanyrd Conference.
14:38:07 [sharper]
We are really looking forward to meeting you at W4A 2012, and you will bet more logistical information by email direct to you nearer to the conference dates.
14:39:12 [vivienne]
bye now everyone
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