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Meeting: Research and Development Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 25 July 2012
13:27:24 [shadi]
Agenda+ Welcome & Logistics (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments)
13:27:24 [shadi]
Agenda+ TC and E2R Submission timelines
13:27:24 [shadi]
Agenda+ Next Topic Discussion
13:27:24 [shadi]
Agenda+ Metrics W3C Note Status
13:27:24 [shadi]
Agenda+ Issues and Actions (Standing Item):
13:27:25 [shadi]
Agenda+ Any Other Business (Standing Item)
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I don't understand '??p6', Justin
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see Justin, vivienne, Shadi, Shawn
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13:49:26 [shawn]
[discussion of use of wiki, prioritizing topics, & more]
13:50:33 [shawn]
SAZ: need to formalize criteria by which we select topics
13:52:23 [shawn]
zakim, take up item 2
13:52:23 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "TC and E2R Submission timelines" taken up [from shadi]
13:53:05 [shadi]
scribe: vivienne
13:54:02 [vivienne]
Shawn: precall issued some time ago and the E2R needs more work before its ready for a call. Has met with Klaus and done some work but won't continue till he's back from vacation - after 8 August. Have done some work on the timeline, but no contents.
13:54:33 [vivienne]
Shawn: had decided to do the precalls at the same time with the submission deadline at the same time with the 2 seminars separate but close by. Maybe a single report, but waiting to see about this.
13:54:58 [vivienne]
Shadi: we have a precall for text customization - went out a while ago
13:55:02 [shawn]
s/precall issued some time ago/TC4R(text customization for readability) precall issued some time ago/
13:55:29 [vivienne]
Shadi: will send out a reminder when we send out the precall for the E2R. We'll send out the call for the text customizatin at the same time as the E2R.
13:55:39 [vivienne]
Shawn: no need for a precall for the E2R
13:55:54 [vivienne]
Shawn: need info to send out the precall, but only a bit more than this for the call
13:56:06 [vivienne]
Shawn: we can just go ahead and do the call for both and not bother with the precall
13:56:34 [vivienne]
Shawn: it looks like we still need the main objectives etc before we send the precall. by the time we have this ready, we can do the call at the same time.
13:57:03 [vivienne]
Shadi: there are loose ends with both of those topics to clean up
13:57:23 [shawn]
13:57:29 [vivienne]
Shawn: main to decide is the timeline
13:57:40 [vivienne]
Shadi: no quorum to decide that today
13:57:52 [vivienne]
Shawn: email went out already, can we discuss that?
13:58:19 [shadi]
14:05:58 [vivienne]
Shadi: December 3rd is a good date - International Day of Persons with Disabilities. No later than December 10.
14:06:46 [vivienne]
Shadi: can't do anything over the 2 weeks during the Christmas period. 3rd really should be the date chosen. 10th if we have to, but 17th too close to Christmas
14:08:03 [vivienne]
Shadi: 2nd suggestion - E2R for Dec.3 which puts Text customization on November 5th - the month before
14:08:31 [vivienne]
Shadi: we talked about having the 2 seminars a month apart, but putting it on 5 Nov. gets the call date right in the middle of August
14:09:02 [vivienne]
Shawn: that won't work because Klause won't be available to work on E2R by then, and 3 Sept is too early from August
14:09:49 [vivienne]
Shadi: if we have E2R on 3 Dec. that would mean the call would need to go out on Sept.10 for E2R
14:10:07 [vivienne]
Shawn: we need 3 weeks instead of 2 for extra time
14:10:42 [vivienne]
Shawn: because we are planning to have the submission deadline as the same date for both seminars, we need to count from the first date and not the second
14:11:03 [vivienne]
Shawn: 10 Dec. is the Human Rights Day which might be interesting to tie into
14:11:43 [vivienne]
Shawn: are we flexible on the proximity of the teleconferences themselves
14:12:00 [vivienne]
14:12:41 [vivienne]
Shadi: have to find a balance - maybe 1 weeks is too close, 2 weeks might be okay. Maybe 18 Nov and Dec. 3 or 10
14:13:54 [vivienne]
Shadi: calculating backwards - Nov. 18 as text customization and Dec. 3 as E2R or Dec.10 - 3 weeks before that to discuss
14:14:13 [vivienne]
Shadi: sorry, that was Nov.19
14:14:16 [shadi]
[Nv 19]
14:15:10 [vivienne]
Shadi: we shouldn't push one of the symposia into the next year - 6 Jan is a major public holiday and the 7th people wouldn't be back from vacation. We should keep it in this year
14:16:24 [vivienne]
Shadi: would most people be back on the monday after Thanksgiving?
14:16:54 [vivienne]
Shadi: action - look for an alternate teleconferencing possibility that would not give us the constraint of Monday
14:17:12 [vivienne]
Shadi: candidate dates Nov. 19, Dec. 3 (with the 10th as the least preferred)
14:17:47 [vivienne]
Shadi: need to retrofit the timeline so that we can meet these dates. Call could go out in the last week of August with reminders going out
14:18:08 [vivienne]
Shawn: if we get rid of the limitation of Mondays, it would make it easier
14:20:31 [vivienne]
will we be taking away from the audience possibility by having them too close together?
14:20:40 [vivienne]
Shawn: still think the 2 weeks between is okay
14:21:13 [vivienne]
Shadi: having them close shows that they are related, which may be useful
14:21:28 [vivienne]
Shadi: can adjourn for now
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Attendees were vivienne, Shadi, Justin, Shawn, peter
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