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logging to
15:02:32 [krisk]
if 'yang' doesn't show up soon we can start
15:02:51 [krisk]
I send him an email as well saying we just do this meeting on IRC
15:05:26 [krisk]
15:05:44 [krisk]
Item #1 Check for new bugs on approved tests
15:06:52 [krisk]
short url to bug list
15:07:51 [krisk]
I just CC the list on an email from Zhang (Intel) about bug #17686
15:07:52 [krisk]
15:09:03 [krisk]
plh should be able to help him get access to Hg, etc...
15:10:28 [krisk]
It looks like he just wants to change to move these into the video folder
15:11:14 [krisk]
I have no objections for either, unless someone else objects?
15:12:01 [krisk]
Ms2Ger do you have an opinion?
15:13:05 [Ms2ger]
That seems sensible; do you know why they ended up in the audio folder in the first place?
15:15:56 [krisk]
Ok I updated the bug
15:16:05 [krisk]
He may want to help in other ways as well
15:17:22 [krisk]
As mentioned earlier 'yang' ( might start to participate
15:17:58 [krisk]
He asked some questions last week on the list and in the HTML WG meeting about ARIA and when this meeting occured.
15:18:27 [krisk]
Next bug is
15:19:07 [krisk]
I opened a HTML5 spec bug and sent it out to the list
15:19:50 [krisk]
No responses or changes have been made to the bug
15:20:34 [krisk]
...though I did notice that Opera does indeed like to throw a SYNTAX_ERR exception
15:21:30 [krisk] of Opera 12 on Windows
15:22:16 [krisk]
Item #2 New Test Submissions
15:23:27 [krisk]
Last time we met we didn't finish looking at the canvas updates, let continue
15:24:53 [krisk]
15:24:59 [krisk]
was the changeset
15:27:30 [krisk]
Ms2Ger I'm looking at 2d.gradient.interpolate.zerosize.stroke.html , 2d.gradient.interpolate.zerosize.strokeRect.html, 2d.gradient.interpolate.zerosize.fillRect.html, 2d.gradient.interpolate.zerosize.fill.html
15:28:37 [Ms2ger]
15:30:34 [krisk]
Looking at how other browsers render/etc...
15:32:46 [krisk] looks fine
15:33:30 [krisk]
though not much interoperability
15:34:47 [krisk]
Opera and IE pass, FF/Chrome fail
15:35:45 [krisk] looks fine
15:36:19 [krisk]
Same interoperablility as the previous test (.stroke.html)
15:37:03 [krisk] looks fine
15:37:19 [krisk]
Opera, Chrome and IE pass
15:38:02 [krisk] looks fine
15:38:24 [krisk]
same interop as (.stroke.html)
15:39:51 [krisk]
Now looking at
15:40:03 [krisk]
'Add tests for 2d.gradient.linear.zerosize in fillText/strokeText. '
15:41:17 [krisk] looks fine
15:42:01 [krisk] looks fine
15:42:16 [krisk]
Opera and IE pass, FF and Chrome fail
15:44:22 [krisk]
Looking more at Hg
15:44:43 [krisk]
Ms2Ger looks like you have testharness.js working with the canvas tests?
15:45:26 [Ms2ger]
15:45:47 [krisk]
Thanks for making progress on this 'bug'
15:45:51 [Ms2ger]
15:46:36 [krisk]
Now looking at
15:46:59 [krisk]
Which adds
15:48:01 [krisk]
Classic testing...
15:48:27 [krisk]
We had a large, small and zero for maxWidth
15:48:32 [krisk]
now we have negative
15:48:37 [krisk]
make sense
15:48:51 [krisk]
IE, Chrome pass and Opera and FF fail
15:49:04 [krisk]
15:51:11 [krisk]
This seems fine as well
15:51:26 [krisk]
Now looking at
15:53:05 [krisk]
This is really big update....
15:56:14 [krisk]
Ms2Ger was your intention to make sure all tests throw "TypeError"?
15:57:39 [Ms2ger]
Only where that was what was already being tested
15:59:52 [krisk]
This is going to take longer than we have left...
16:00:05 [krisk]
Since it updates 41 tests
16:01:22 [krisk]
Let's have a meeting next week so we can catchup on the Hg changes
16:01:30 [krisk]
Does that work for you Ms2ger?
16:03:30 [krisk]
The last agenda item was just a FYI about the meeting schedule has been extended
16:03:31 [krisk]
16:03:37 [krisk]
I also updated the wiki
16:05:09 [krisk]
we are past the meeting end time...
16:05:24 [Ms2ger]
16:05:34 [krisk]
so we should adjourn
16:05:56 [krisk]
RRSAgent, make logs public
16:06:02 [krisk]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate krisk