Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

04 Jul 2012

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Shadi, Shawn, Giorgio, Markel, Simon, Peter, Yehya
Vivienne, Yeliz, Joshue, Klaus, Christos


Mobile Topic Report Timetable (5m)

Simon: mobile topic plan - we have some general ideas of setting up the document (note)

… timeline proposed we're looking for a draft by mid September

… we'll work on bits apart and then combine and then show the group

… we'll follow the same procedure as the previous note for line by line editing

Shadi: recap on timeline so mid september the draft comes to the group

… we'll have at least 3 weeks plus a survey review/approve

… plan for at least 4 weeks for a resolution to publish with the group

… for it to then become a a working draft for the public (around October)

Simon: I need to speak with the coordination group about this, in particular Judi's rode map on mobile

Shadi: right, might be a way to get early feedback

<shawn> [ internal draft mid-Sept (maybe bring outline or rough draft to RDWG & CG earlier) - RDWG review & approval to publish draft for public review (3 weeks) plus CG review - prep for public WD (1-2 weeks) ]

Simon: yah that might be an idea .. could be a parallel task of approval

Symposium Package Overview (10m)

<shawn> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2012Jul/0001.html

Shawn: we got feedback from Yeliz and Josh - should we discuss/questions/..?

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/rd/home.html

Shawn: the issue of all caps/italics - acceptable as is for readability etc. for headings

… opinions?

<shawn> * Is the use of all caps and italics acceptable?

Simon: in general I want to thank you for this - I really like it ..

<shawn> design credit largely goes to Liam McGee :-)

… I have no problems with the italics/caps - big improvement

… we're all happy with this - Shawn will work with people who made comments ..

… can we resolve this?

Simon: only want this to come back to the group if Shawn finds a conflict and is unresolvable

Shadi: we don't want to hold either up (previous note)

… unless big issues then we'll just notify the group of changes and go ahead

Simon: agreed

RESOLUTION: Ok to go with this design no need to bring back the group unless unresolved issues

TC and E2R Submission deadline - and extrapolate timeslines from this for both (40m)

Simon: now this is about a submission deadline

… Shawn I've seen some emails about Linz? (shawn)

… should we talk about the submission date?

Shawn: I think it would be good to talk about general suggestions

… any changes in the default timeline.. we have a template timeline for approx in between dates

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Topic_3_Timeline

… for mobile we talk about rebuttal etc. making longer

Simon: timeline for 30th july which we aren't going to me (link)

Shawn: the planning over the last column, 2 weeks review/rebuttal ..

… that last column we need to decide on the default

… any comments on considerations for symposium/deadlines ie. holidays etc.

… and then come back with a proposal i. time for each thing, ii. consideration for dates

Simon: I have an app for dates on the conference and then outputs some dates +-15 weeks in the

… if we decided Nov 1st, then easy to read 1st Dec, then 13 Sept deadline submissions, and announce the pre call 26 July, and then 9th aug full call

Shawn: I think we ned to revisit those dates

… right now we have 12 for the call, 8 weeks for deadline sub, 2 weeks to rev, 2 weeks rebuttal/rev.

… based on mobile experience is this good?

Shadi: I do think that some of the timelines need to shift

<shadi> -15+ weeks: pre-call for papers

<shadi> -12 weeks: call for papers; scientific committee confirmed

<shadi> -8 weeks: paper deadline

<shadi> -6 weeks: feedback to paper authors; programm annopuncement

<shadi> -3 weeks: deadline for final papers

<shadi> -2 weeks: publication of accepted papers, registration opens

<shadi> Day X: online seminar

Simon: looks reasonable (timeline)

… pushing them through this quickly means people don't have time to forget about it

<shadi> -15+ weeks: pre-call for papers

<shadi> -12 weeks: call for papers; scientific committee confirmed

<shadi> -7 weeks: paper deadline

<shadi> -5 weeks: feedback to paper authors; programm annopuncement

<shadi> -3 weeks: deadline for final papers

<shadi> -2 weeks: publication of accepted papers, registration opens

<shadi> Day X: online seminar

Shadi: shift down paper deadline to give ppl more time ..

… is that better?

Simon: this one might be fine as well

<markel> I'm happy with the one that gives more time to authors to prepare their submission

… give them a bit more time to write stuff

… these are suppose to be the latests to get calls out, so hope before this

<shawn> [ Shawn agrees to get the CfPs out as early as possible ]

… happy with either forms

<shawn> +1 to having one week between final papers due and publication of them

Shadi: side note for this symposium - 2 tracks so the 2 weeks etc. might require some coordination

… editors/sci comm. need to be really available during this time

Shawn: might need a little more time for review

… time for talking about the split between symposiums

Shadi: so where does that take us

<shawn> NOTE: Chairs & Sci Committee need to be available during review time to address papers between 2 related symposia

…so we are kind of looking at October

Shawn: give the holidays I think it would be wise for a sub. in Sept if we're ok to put the Symp. later

<markel> I think that's too late

Simon: if I do that then we get a 5th for Nov the teleconference 10th Sept for submissions (dates right?)

… 5th of Nov for text cust. and then 3rd dec for easy to read

Shadi: is their an over lap with persons with disabilities day

… might be good to have it on this day or..

Simon: could have on 3rd or 10th

Shadi: I'd rather pull it forward 19th ...

Simon: so we only have 2 weeks

Shawn: not sure it matters

Simon: might matter for ppl in Australia etc.

Shawn: 26th won't work for ppl in the US .. or maybe ..

… no 22nd

… I think this is good - we have some ideas on dates

… I'll check dates on international calendars

… this is good guidance and then Klaus and I can collaborate and come come back on this

… may want to think about that date - conflicts with ppl's agenda etc..

Simon: don't know if this is a good or bad thing

Shadi: lets think about that

… doing something with cog. dis. on that day could be good to show our presence

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say leaning towards doing it on 3 Dec!

Shawn: preference to think about negatives but see a lot of positives for that day

*advisory for next steps: 5th of November and 3rd of December and Shawn and Klaus will hammer out dates

(thanks!! :-)

Metrics W3C Note Status (5m)

Shadi: I want to check in on the open thread on bib text

… question on mailing list - proper use of bib text - not really my area..

… I've been looking at entries/semantics and trying to understand it a bit more

… I'm wondering about shifting that to using proceedings as the pub. and part of the proc. as part of the report..

… reactions?

<shadi> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-rd/2012Jul/0006.html

Simon: I'd like to invite Giorgio?

<shadi> @proceedings {

<shadi> title = {W3C/WAI Symposium on Website Accessibility Metrics},

<shadi> ...

<shadi> }

<shadi> @inproceedings {

<shadi> title = {Measuring Accessibility ...},

<shadi> booktitle = {W3C/WAI Symposium on Website Accessibility Metrics},

<shadi> ...

<shadi> }

<shadi> @incollection {

Giorgio: not really, I wasn't paying much attention to bib text issues

<shadi> title = {Research Report on Web Accessibility Metrics},

<shadi> booktitle = {W3C/WAI Symposium on Website Accessibility Metrics},

<shadi> series = {W3C/WAI Research and Development Working Group (RDWG) Notes},

<shadi> ...

<shadi> }

Markel: my opinion, I gave yesterday, it's not a big deal

… both look similar - I don't think it's a big deal

Shadi: I put my suggestions in IRC … (see above)

<shawn> looks good to me

… it seamed to me more semantically correct

Simon: I personally think that that's coherent … (bib text)

… I would suggest for the book title that it's about the set of notes generated from the symposium

… title ie. research report on web accessibility metrics ..

… so the book title remains consisten across all notes

Shawn: but isn't it part of a series

… we have the pub that is a symp. on metrics, a series that are these notes

Simon: that's kind of right but that's not how it's used in the academic domain..

<markel> the optional fields tend not to be shown by latex

… in reality I suppose it doesn't matter hugely

Giorgio: it doesn't matter that much

… one minor detail on typeset on bib text items into his/her paper - not a big issue here

<shawn> [ conceptually - proceedings include papers and report. report is also part of a series of RDWG publications ? ]

Simon: ok

Shadi: Shawn and I are trying to think in hypertext :-0

Simon: can we put this in as a plus one

<giorgio> +1

<shawn> +1

Simon: as Shadi proposes

<sharper> +1


<markel> I stick to the original :-)

<Yehya> +1

RESOLUTION: going to take the proposal from Shadi (see above IRC)

<markel> lol

Markel: I'm happy with any of the options

<markel> yes, no problem at all

Shadi: I have no preference

… I was trying to think of meta data ..

<markel> good question

<shawn> [ /me too not know much about BibTeX and thinking conceptually :-]

Simon: talking of meta data is their a way to code the bib text into the meta data for each paper/page for search?

<sharper> http://dublincore.org/

Shadi: a colleague of Klaus is looking into the dublin core format ..

… not sure of best seo - including for Google Scholar

Simon: good thing of dublin core is that we're able to get semantic links

Shadi: is ok to use bib text/dublin core/ … in combination?

<sharper> http://bibtex2rdf.sourceforge.net/

Simon: we got this sorted

Upcoming Availability

<shawn> Shawn regrets 11 July & 18 July

Simon: what's people's availability for the coming weeks?

<markel> I'm away on holyday, regrets for 11 of July

<sharper> Simon regrets 18th and 25th July

<Yehya> regrets 11 July

<shadi> regrets for 11th and potentially 18th

Simon: suggest not the 11th

… and also not the 18th

… only me off on the 25th - could start again then with a firming up of the timeline

Shawn: I should be here and hopefully Klaus as well

<markel> i'll be away on the 25th too

<giorgio> +1

<markel> +1

<Yehya> +1

Simon: if that's ok I'll announce not the 11th,18th but start again on the 25th?

<shawn> +1

Simon: ok good


Simon: would like to check the wiki

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Main_Page

… I'd like to pick topic 5

… I don't want to lose time … I want to get topic 5 and 6 sorted for end of year charter

… I also think our work is useful and it would be a shame to not make these deadlines

… anyone have a preference from the wiki - like to be editors on?

<shawn> [ also good to ask CG for suggestions :-]

suggests: Ubiquitous Web Accessibility and or something on ARIA

Shadi: talk of another topic?

<shawn> IndieUI?

… mooks?

<markel> what's that?

<sharper> accessibility of moocs

<sharper> MOOC - massive open online course

<shawn> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massive_open_online_course

Shadi: this may be related to some of online education ..
... I think indieUI and cloud computing - both topics may be an interesting followup to the mobile topic

<sharper> Software as a Service (SaaS)

<markel> agree with Shadi that Cloud Computing and IndyUI look as good candidates

… deeper into gestures or people on the move ..

sounds fun!

<shawn> coordinate with Raising the Floor & GPII

Simon: we need to think about editors ..

… I'm going to put this on as a topic for the 25th - where do we go for topic 5 ..

… and how are we going to get editors ..

Simon: try to share my excel sheet on google docs to work out dates

Shawn: I don't need it .. but if you want to that's fine ..

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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