05 Jun 2012

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David_MacDonald, JF, Judy, Laura_Carlson, janina
David, Judy, JF


<Judy> scribe: David

Agenda review; identify scribe.

<janina> Fighting with Zakim ...

Issue 30, longdesc: Timing concerns and expectations

<Judy> scribe: Judy

JB: Laura reminded us of the one-year anniversary of the HTML Co-Chairs' commitment to expedite Issue 30: Longdesc, which is still pending. Do have continued concerns about the time it has taken; had voiced concerns about the potential for delays from 204, which seems to have occurred.

<laura> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-a11y/2012May/0149.html

LC: Received email from Susan Taylor, Association of American Publishers, expressing concern.

JB: We've continued to hear concern as well.

JF: Heard more from HTML Co-Chairs?

JB: JS and JB raise it at each coord meeting, but 204 is in queue before it still.

LC: Will they be responding to my email?

JB: They seemed to prefer that JS or JB respond.

JS: We declined to reply, seems more their task; they wanted something more substantive to respond with, on 204, but there 204 is still hung up.

JB: We'd said this would probably happen with 204.

JS: Did anyone ever respond to AAP's letter?

LC: Got assigned bug status.

JB: Latest reason 204 is stuck?

JS: Pending Sam's response about strong objection, since after my email to the list last Thursday.

JB: I will include that reminder in my summary of the coordination call with H5CC's from yesterday.

Issue 31b, buggy alts and buggy alt guidance: Remaining steps and timeline?

<David> scribe: David

JS: What is recap of next steps?

<JF> scribe: JF

JS: coordinating with David about how to present how wrong the guidance, and examples, are
... believe I am on top of it, but need to review some older emails. Believe Steve F was going to work on some alternative alt text - Action 54(?)

ultimately became Steve's authoring guide

however what seems to be lost is the reason for steve's doc - which was to remove the bad alt text+

<laura> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/tracker/actions/54

DM: so can we pull out the old stuff and insert the new stuff, or remove the old stuff and point to Steve's doc
... so my task was to summarize what needed to be worked on in the HTML5 spec

JS: correct

JB: so next steps?

JS: recollection is to take David's succinct and detail "problem" list, and turn it into bugs in bugzilla and maintain a table based on David's work
... Checked with Steve F, and we believe there are no other bugs - so we need to create them

DM: so I need to start a table with the following columns

JS: 1) David's bulletted list of wrong guidance


2) Pointer to where in spec (i.e. section number)

3) any bugs filed on that point/issue (bugzilla)

4) where contradicts WCAG 2 or other W3C Recs

5) Comments as required

6) where in Steve's document this is addressed

(these are row headings for columns)

JB: and can we add another or aux table which singles out where there is bad alt text in the HTML5 spec

DM: WCAG 2 group have also been reviewing Steve's doc, and there is some feedback forthcoming

JB: we need to connect the dots with Steve's document which speaks to the guidance in the core HTML5 spec - pro or con?

DM: there may be a few overlaps, have not done a full cross-check to date

JB: I believe this is critical to do - to approach this holistically; if we comment on these in isolation, it will only add to the confusion.

LC: Josh Steve and Laura started this document - there are notes in the wiki, and in one of the drafts all that data is captured

<laura> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/Action54AltAttribute

<laura> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/Action54AltAttributeSecondDraft

<laura> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/Action54AltAttributeThirdDraft

LC: in the third draft we forwarded it all to WCAG

I added comments - need to locate them

JB: perhaps JS and DM should review this as well and touch back to laura as required

JS: question - is there an email from the original chairs (Dan and Chris) that suggests that this was a task to replace the bad text with this

what was the understanding of the action?

JF: collectively this was an approach by a group of people

JB: sounds like the history question should not be totally put aside

but I think we need to think about next steps forward

DM: will need at least another week or so - perhaps after the 15th

JB: there is a pending last Call

DM: so we need to do this now

JB: yes

DM: is a time-managment issue
... will work at it over the next couple of days then - can't make a promise but will apply best effort

DM could use some assistance with the bugs

JS: they are listed in Steve's recent email, can forward on

DM: that would be very helpful - cross-reference Steve's doc?

JS: yes

JB: it seems that initially it appeard to be written of SME - it needs to be more General Population targetted

Issues 31c, meta generator: JB & MS schedule work session to move ahead

<scribe> scribe: David

<JF> ?me back to you sir

Issue 194, transcript: Remaining discrepancies resolved in Tuesday's teleconf?

jf: The discussion is diverging again, strong push-back, people not understanding normal transcript behaviours, Charles responded to her... 2 people from Apple want a no change jf wants programmatic association because some authors want to hide the link
... there will be a wbs survey, the no change proposal will not be withdrawn 3 contenders, 6 in the mix
... sylvie available for 60 minutes tonight...

jb: if it stays diverged what is the next steps

jf: looking for consensus, ben objected, may not get consensus in task force
... i think that sylvia's draft proposal is in good shape...

jb: 1) ted no chantge 2) ted id refs anchors on page, 3) sylvia transcript element

<Judy> jb was asking about status of the more accessibility-supporting proposals, still not getting a clear picture

jb: engineers say cannot have link right out of element

Issue 199, ARIA processing: Ted's reply on Michael's proposal still expected for 6/7?

<JF> s/chales/chaals/

<Judy> JS: will check with Ted on action 219 in html wg

Issue 204, ARIA hidden: Sam responded on strength of anticipated RFC 2119 objection?

<Judy> JB: summarize H5CC discussion yesterday and reping sam

Issue 203, media descriptors: JS checking TF support for Wiki proposal ahead of June 10 call for counter-proposals?

<Judy> JS: yes, checking

Issue 205, canvas text editor: JS & JB documenting overlap on Action 217 intersection with Issues 201 & 205

<Judy> JB: summarizing the apparent cross-linked confusion that JS and JB researched after coord meeting H5CC yesterday; pending action for this afternoon

<janina> ++1

<Judy> JB: JS willing to chair?

<Judy> JS: yes

<Judy> JB: thanks!

Summary of Action Items

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