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Zakim, this will be Style
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ok, glazou; I see Style_CSS FP()12:00PM scheduled to start in 43 minutes
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rrsagent, make logs public
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heycam, yes computed values
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Zakim, code?
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the conference code is 78953 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, glazou
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Zakim, ??P28 is me
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Zakim, mute florian
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61* to mute
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Zakim, mute florianr
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oops 61# that is
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Zakim, unmute florianr
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i'm speaking...
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florianr should now be muted
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Zakim, you are soooo painful
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florianr should no longer be muted
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Zakim, you're soooo slow too
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I don't understand 'you are soooo painful', glazou
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I don't understand 'you're soooo slow too', glazou
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zakim, who is on the phone?
16:03:39 [fantasai]
ack fantasai
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On the phone I see plinss, glenn, glazou, sylvaing, antonp, ??P37, hober, jdaggett, florianr.a, fantasai (muted), ??P51, [Microsoft], Brian_Leroux, [Microsoft.a], +1.650.253.aadd,
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... smfr, dbaron
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glazou: i think you should suggest that zakim just work
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16:06:16 [sylvaing]
scribenick: sylvaing
16:06:33 [sylvaing]
glazou: other agenda items?
16:06:49 [Zakim]
16:06:55 [jdaggett]
16:06:56 [glazou]
syntax of font-family and reserved keywords
16:06:56 [sylvaing]
Topic: font-family syntax and reserved keywords
16:07:10 [jdaggett]
font-family: [[<family-name> | <generic-family>] [, <family-name>| <generic-family>]* ] | inherit
16:07:10 [jdaggett]
<family-name> == [ <string> | ident+ ]
16:07:11 [jdaggett]
<generic-family> == [ sans-serif | serif | cursive | fantasy | monospace ]
16:07:12 [Zakim]
+ +1.253.307.aahh
16:07:20 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: there is a slight ambiguity in the current grammar for font-family names
16:07:28 [arron]
Zakim: aahh is me
16:07:48 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: in the current grammar reserved keywords can be matched either as keywords or a sequence of identifiers
16:07:48 [jdaggett]
16:08:10 [Zakim]
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16:08:20 [sylvaing]
jadaggett: in the paragraph linked above, keywords are required to be quoted to match the family name type
16:08:41 [sylvaing]
16:09:16 [Zakim]
16:09:25 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: so if you have an unquoted font name that includes inherit or initial it would have to be dropped
16:09:36 [glenn]
zakim, who's here?
16:09:36 [Zakim]
On the phone I see plinss, glenn, glazou, sylvaing, antonp, ??P37, hober, jdaggett, florianr.a, fantasai, [Microsoft], Brian_Leroux, [Microsoft.a], TabAtkins_, smfr, dbaron, bradk,
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16:09:53 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: there is some confusion across browsers. foo inherit can be valid while inherit foo might not be (or vice-versa)
16:10:09 [glazou]
16:10:23 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: I propose we tweak the grammar and change the prose
16:10:30 [glazou]
Zakim, who is noisy?
16:10:42 [Zakim]
glazou, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: jdaggett (48%)
16:10:46 [glazou]
16:10:51 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: we should allow names like 'inherit foo' but inherit, foo would be invalid
16:11:25 [sylvaing]
florian: I haven't looked at your grammar change but I'm comfortable allowing names such as 'inherit foo'
16:11:41 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: I'm ok with that as well
16:11:54 [Zakim]
16:12:02 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: anyone else has objections?
16:12:36 [Zakim]
16:12:39 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: one change involves fixing the syntax
16:12:53 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: second change is a rewording
16:12:59 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: both for the CSS2.1 errata
16:13:06 [jdaggett]
16:13:18 [sylvaing]
(both changes described in the post linked above)
16:13:43 [sylvaing]
Zakim, mute ??P21
16:13:43 [Zakim]
sorry, sylvaing, I do not know which phone connection belongs to ??P21
16:13:44 [fantasai]
s/are not allowed to/do not/
16:13:58 [fantasai]
otherwise, it's ok
16:14:00 [bradk]
reserved keyword if separated by comma, not if separated with space. Unless quoted.
16:14:14 [glazou]
slow down antonp
16:15:43 [Bert]
(I proposed a note as an alternative to jdaggett's text, maybe that addresses Anton's concern?)
16:15:57 [glazou]
Bert: please copy here ?
16:16:13 [Zakim]
16:16:23 [Zakim]
16:16:28 [hober]
Zakim, Apple has hober
16:16:28 [Zakim]
+hober; got it
16:17:13 [Bert]
(My proposed note: "Note that 'font-family: Times, inherit' is therefore an invalid declaration, because 'inherit' in that position can neither be a valid keyword nor a valid font family name.")
16:17:15 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: this is not the best language. I'm only trying to make the most important change i.e. identify initial, inherit and default as not being magic family names
16:17:39 [sylvaing]
dbaron: I just realized we want unquoted default inherit and initial to not match <family-name>
16:17:54 [sylvaing]
dbaron: but I'm not sure the proposed language says that
16:18:51 [sylvaing]
glazou: are folks ok with the change, modulo final language?
16:19:06 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: John's proposal to resolve the issue is accepted.
16:19:19 [glazou][]=spec%3Dcss3-flexbox
16:19:20 [sylvaing]
ACTION on jdaggett to finalize errata language
16:19:20 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - on
16:19:23 [fantasai]
16:19:28 [sylvaing]
topic: flexbox
16:19:43 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: we must resolve naming issues first so as to freeze the API
16:19:46 [glazou]
ACTION jdaggett finalize errata language for font-family and keywords
16:19:46 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-474 - Finalize errata language for font-family and keywords [on John Daggett - due 2012-05-30].
16:20:02 [fantasai]
16:20:04 [TabAtkins_]
16:20:11 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: first renaming alignment properties to generic names
16:20:24 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: this derives from fantasai's css3-align proposal
16:20:30 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: I'm ok with that
16:20:40 [sylvaing]
fantasai: we already have a resolution on this
16:20:51 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: let the bikeshedding begin
16:21:52 [sylvaing]
fantasai: do we prefer justify-items or justify-default?
16:22:13 [sylvaing]
fantasai: a lot of people thought default was really vague so let's drop it
16:22:23 [sylvaing]
szilles: what does items mean?
16:22:37 [dbaron]
I actually like default-*
16:22:41 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: it is the default alignment for flex items
16:22:49 [sylvaing]
szilles: so why is default a bad choice?
16:22:57 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: it's not clear what is being defaulted
16:23:58 [sylvaing]
pcupp: in grid layout we operate on items just like flexbox does on flexbox items
16:24:54 [Zakim]
16:24:58 [Zakim]
16:26:13 [fantasai]
pcupp: I don't see the use case for having the item-alignment property, why not style the elements directly
16:26:22 [fantasai]
Tab: anonymous items, and it's just easier
16:26:32 [glazou]
s/if the best/is the best
16:26:41 [fantasai]
pcupp: Anonymous content seems more of an error case than something intentional
16:27:06 [dbaron]
Was there a reason "child" wasn't considered as an alternative to "item" or "default"?
16:27:15 [sylvaing]
glazou: any objection?
16:27:19 [fantasai]
dbaron, grid items it's not the child always
16:29:11 [dbaron]
RESOLUTION: Eliminate the choice default-* (as opposed to item-*)
16:29:14 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: eliminate default as a naming option
16:29:28 [Rossen]
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16:29:52 [florianr]
16:31:05 [glazou]
Zakim, who is on the phone?
16:31:05 [Zakim]
On the phone I see plinss, glenn, glazou, sylvaing, antonp, jdaggett, florianr.a, fantasai, [Microsoft], Brian_Leroux, [Microsoft.a], TabAtkins_, smfr, dbaron, bradk, SteveZ, Bert,
16:31:08 [sylvaing]
straw poll
16:31:09 [Zakim]
... +1.253.307.aahh, ??P51, [Apple], [Microsoft.aa]
16:31:09 [Zakim]
[Apple] has hober
16:31:09 [Zakim]
[Microsoft] has JohnJansen
16:31:15 [sylvaing]
plinss: abstain
16:31:22 [sylvaing]
glenn: 2
16:31:28 [sylvaing]
glazou: abstain
16:31:32 [sylvaing]
sylvaing: abstain
16:31:38 [sylvaing]
antonp: 2,4
16:31:42 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: abstain
16:31:49 [sylvaing]
florian: 5
16:31:58 [sylvaing]
rossen: 4
16:32:02 [rbetts]
sorry - i'm also on the call, didn't notice you hadn't identified me: abstain
16:32:04 [sylvaing]
johnjansen: 4
16:32:06 [sylvaing]
arronei: 4
16:32:12 [sylvaing]
bradk: 5
16:32:26 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: 4,2
16:32:30 [Rossen]
Zakim, [Microsoft.aa] is me
16:32:30 [Zakim]
+Rossen; got it
16:32:32 [sylvaing]
smfr: 4
16:32:35 [dbaron]
dbaron: my preference order is 2 [big gap here] 4 3 5
16:32:48 [fantasai]
(smfr doesn't like term 'stack')
16:32:55 [sylvaing]
szilles: 2 or 4. do not like 5 (smfr doesn't either)
16:32:58 [sylvaing]
bert: abstain
16:33:02 [Zakim]
16:33:05 [Ms2ger]
Zakim, [Microsoft] also has rbetts
16:33:06 [bradk]
I don't like "justify" to mean "align x"
16:33:06 [Zakim]
+rbetts; got it
16:33:28 [fantasai]
prefer 4, *dislike* 1
16:33:28 [sylvaing]
fantasai: my favorite is 4. I'm OK with anything that is not 1
16:33:41 [hober]
hober: abstain
16:33:43 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: option 4
16:33:49 [Zakim]
16:33:52 [hober]
Zakim, Apple has hober
16:33:57 [Zakim]
+hober; got it
16:34:06 [sylvaing]
pcupp: and the intent is to apply those names to grid as well
16:34:10 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: yes
16:34:18 [sylvaing]
fantasai: that was our resolution as the f2f
16:34:22 [TabAtkins_]
16:34:48 [jet]
jet has joined #CSS
16:34:48 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: for flex-pack properties there are two values that mean 'spread the items out'
16:35:12 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: in one case the items at either end are flush, in the other they're evenly distributed in the container
16:35:32 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: justify for flushing, distribute for even spacing
16:36:13 [sylvaing]
glazou: why don't we use the names you have there?
16:36:29 [sylvaing]
glazou: that's readable
16:36:47 [rbetts]
+1 to glazou
16:36:48 [TabAtkins_]
glazou: edges-flush and equal-margins
16:36:50 [sylvaing]
antonp: is there any reason why equal spacing is not part of flexbox
16:36:58 [sylvaing]
fantasai: no one asked for it
16:37:47 [sylvaing]
16:38:10 [sylvaing]
szilles: distribute-items/distribute-space?
16:38:19 [sylvaing]
szilles: based on ruby align
16:38:31 [fantasai]
justify-content: no-margins ????
16:38:32 [sylvaing]
szilles: distribute-space maps to equal-margins
16:39:26 [bradk]
\me thinks that 'justify' should be a value that means what it does in 'text-align'. Confusing to have it as alignment property name.
16:39:27 [glazou]
glazou: no-margins?
16:39:35 [Zakim]
16:40:00 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: my objection is that this really aligns margin boxes i.e. it distributes space between the margins
16:41:06 [antonp]
\me likes szilles' way of looking at it
16:41:26 [Rossen]
justify-content: between | spread
16:41:45 [sylvaing]
16:42:38 [sylvaing]
florian: if we can't agree on anything better than what's there, let's keep it
16:42:41 [sylvaing]
rossen: +1
16:43:53 [sylvaing]
dbaron: I think it's reasonable to give long names to those that add space at the edges since it's something we haven't had before
16:44:05 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: it's a common usage pattern done with margins so far
16:44:50 [fantasai]
distribute-betwee | distribute-around
16:44:50 [fantasai]
16:45:04 [sylvaing]
glazou: this is difficult to straw-poll because we have discussed more proposals than what's on the wiki
16:45:14 [sylvaing]
szilles: can we straw poll between 0 or something new?
16:45:44 [fantasai]
space-between | space-around
16:45:48 [sylvaing]
fantasai: how about distribute-between/distribute-around?
16:46:15 [Rossen]
16:46:30 [sylvaing]
dbaron: I'm confused as to whether you're trying to assign 2 or 3 names
16:46:39 [rbetts]
makes sense to me
16:46:46 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: only two, we don't include the full space on each side scenario
16:46:49 [SteveZ]
+1 for space-between and space-around
16:47:18 [sylvaing]
16:47:33 [sylvaing]
16:48:53 [fantasai]
space-between | space-around | space-even
16:48:57 [fantasai]
16:48:57 [jdaggett]
proposed wording for CSS 2.1 errata related to unquoted font family names:
16:48:59 [jdaggett]
16:49:58 [sylvaing]
glazou: straw poll between option 0 and space-around/space-between
16:50:03 [sylvaing]
plinss: abstain
16:50:11 [sylvaing]
glazou: 0
16:50:13 [sylvaing]
sylvaing: 0
16:50:20 [sylvaing]
antonp: 1
16:50:26 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: abstain
16:50:28 [glenn]
sorry, was on mute, i'll go with 0
16:50:29 [sylvaing]
florian: abstain
16:50:31 [arron]
arronei: abstain
16:50:34 [sylvaing]
fantasai: 1
16:50:39 [sylvaing]
rossen: 0 then 1
16:50:45 [sylvaing]
johnjansen: 0
16:50:57 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: 1
16:51:00 [dbaron]
dbaron: abstain (though I might prefer splitting the difference, justify/space-?)
16:51:13 [sylvaing]
bradk: 0
16:51:17 [sylvaing]
szilles: 1
16:51:22 [sylvaing]
bert: 1
16:51:25 [rbetts]
16:51:34 [hober]
hober: abstain
16:52:06 [fantasai]
16:52:08 [TabAtkins_]
16:52:20 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: use space-between/space-around instead of justify/distribute
16:52:39 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: next, renaming the flex-order property
16:53:11 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: grid layout's auto placement is similar to flexbox's algorithm so we think there should be a common property: display-order
16:53:24 [sylvaing]
fantasai: also, this property has nothing to do with flexing
16:53:44 [sylvaing]
dbaron: this may be a bit confusing given the display property and display-inside/display-outside
16:53:49 [sylvaing]
dbaron: box-order?
16:54:02 [sylvaing]
szilles: this reorder the items so item-order?
16:54:06 [sylvaing]
bradk: just order!
16:54:44 [dbaron]
dbaron: item-order bad since we just made "item" something that applies to children rather than self
16:54:58 [sylvaing]
szilles: I'm concerned about box-order if this property is to apply to region flows
16:55:26 [sylvaing]
rossen: when you have multiple boxes for elements, do all the boxes have the same order
16:55:35 [sylvaing]
fantasai: it would work like z-index
16:56:21 [glazou]
Zakim, who is on the phone ?
16:56:21 [Zakim]
On the phone I see plinss, glenn, glazou, sylvaing, antonp, jdaggett, florianr.a, fantasai, [Microsoft], Brian_Leroux, [Microsoft.a], TabAtkins_, dbaron, bradk, SteveZ, Bert,
16:56:24 [Zakim]
... +1.253.307.aahh, ??P51, Rossen, [Apple]
16:56:24 [Zakim]
[Apple] has hober
16:56:24 [Zakim]
[Microsoft] has JohnJansen, rbetts
16:56:30 [rbetts]
+1 to just "order" as proposal D
16:56:44 [sylvaing]
pcupp: what other ordering is affected? if you re-order input element does the tab order move around?
16:56:57 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: at the moment no, tab order comes from document order
16:57:20 [sylvaing]
straw poll
16:57:31 [sylvaing]
plinss: D, then B
16:57:40 [sylvaing]
glazou: D, then B
16:57:47 [sylvaing]
sylvaing: abstain
16:57:52 [sylvaing]
antonp: not A
16:58:03 [sylvaing]
jdaggett: abstain
16:58:05 [glenn]
16:58:17 [sylvaing]
florian: B or D, not A
16:58:29 [fantasai]
fantasai: not A
16:58:36 [sylvaing]
johnjansen: abstain
16:58:40 [sylvaing]
rossen: B
16:58:47 [arron]
arronei: abstain
16:58:58 [dbaron]
dbaron: D, then B
16:59:00 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: D, C, B
16:59:07 [sylvaing]
bradk: D then B
16:59:13 [sylvaing]
szilles: D, C, B
16:59:28 [sylvaing]
bert: abstain
16:59:42 [rbetts]
16:59:44 [sylvaing]
hober: abstain
16:59:45 [glenn]
what is 'D' exactly; the above IRC doesn't indicate
16:59:52 [Bert]
(Steven Pemberton once proposed a 'something-order' property to reorder children, independent of the display model, like a generic transformation.)
16:59:56 [fantasai]
17:00:01 [florianr]
D is just "order"
17:00:02 [glenn]
D: 'order'
17:00:05 [glenn]
17:00:23 [sylvaing]
RESOLVED: rename flex-order to order
17:00:27 [antonp]
D both pleases and scares me
17:00:49 [TabAtkins_]
17:01:04 [Zakim]
17:01:06 [Zakim]
17:01:06 [Zakim]
17:01:06 [Zakim]
17:01:08 [Zakim]
17:01:11 [Zakim]
17:01:13 [Zakim]
- +1.253.307.aahh
17:01:14 [glazou]
17:01:15 [Zakim]
17:01:18 [Zakim]
17:01:19 [Zakim]
17:01:21 [Zakim]
17:01:23 [Zakim]
17:01:25 [Zakim]
17:01:28 [Zakim]
17:01:29 [Zakim]
17:01:31 [Zakim]
17:01:33 [Zakim]
17:01:35 [Zakim]
17:01:38 [Zakim]
17:01:40 [Zakim]
17:01:42 [Zakim]
Style_CSS FP()12:00PM has ended
17:01:43 [Zakim]
Attendees were plinss, glenn, glazou, +1.206.324.aaaa, sylvaing, +93550aabb, AndyS, antonp, +1.619.846.aacc, hober, Brian_Leroux, JohnJansen, [Microsoft], +1.650.253.aadd,
17:01:46 [Zakim]
... jdaggett, +1.408.636.aaee, +1.415.766.aaff, smfr, fantasai, dbaron, +1.650.275.aagg, SteveZ, bradk, TabAtkins_, Bert, +1.253.307.aahh, Rossen, rbetts
17:01:46 [TabAtkins_]
I am honestly surprised we got through three of the naming issues in 40 minutes.
17:01:51 [glazou]
honestly, that was not an easy call to manage, and I'm rather glad we came to resolutions
17:01:57 [florianr]
If we can even be efficient on bikeshedding, there is nothing that can resist us.
17:02:05 [TabAtkins_]
florianr: Next, THE WORLD.
17:02:27 [florianr]
I was thinking of prefixes </troll>
17:02:38 [fantasai]
glazou: congrats! That went better than I expected :)
17:02:50 [florianr]
17:02:51 [fantasai]
17:03:09 [glazou]
ok, have to run, bye people
17:03:12 [florianr]
17:06:20 [sylvaing]
i don't understand any of the new names. but i'm sure it'll make sense once there is a -webkit in front of it. right?
17:06:29 [TabAtkins_]
sylvaing: It always does, yeah.
17:06:45 [TabAtkins_]
17:07:21 [sylvaing]
there ought to be a be a -webkit-webkit property that takes a malkovich-malkovich value
17:08:09 [hober]
sylvaing: oh, there is one, but we haven't announced it on the webkit blog
17:08:32 [hober]
sylvaing: we decided to follow opera and also implement the -webkit prefix, so we'll be supporting -webkit-webkit-transform etc.
17:08:39 [sylvaing]
17:09:00 [dbaron]
hober, that should be -webkit--webkit-transform
17:09:16 [TabAtkins_]
17:09:22 [hober]
dbaron: oh, indeed. could you file a b.w.o bug on that? :)
17:11:13 [sylvaing]
I never want to minute a naming bikeshed again. ever.
17:11:38 [TabAtkins_]
Minute one of my presentations sometime. I rival TimBL in speaking speed if I'm not careful.
17:11:39 [arno]
arno has joined #css
17:12:02 [sylvaing]
there is something about naming that makes everyone goes twice as fast. well, except anton. he can't really double his speed
17:12:30 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: seen one or two of your presentations on videos. i don't think you're even close to timbl....
17:12:46 [sylvaing]
tabatkins: sure aren't slow either
17:15:48 [Liam]
although at the AC meeting last week timbl did really well at speaking slowly
17:15:57 [sylvaing]
amazing thing is to listen to the screen reader of someone who uses it every day: it can be even faster than timbl
17:16:13 [Liam]
it's not rude to interrupt a text reader program :)
17:16:42 [TabAtkins_]
Luckily our TGIF presentations can be played at double-speed. Still understandable, but much faster.
17:16:52 [TabAtkins_]
When you're just listening, very fast speaking is useful.
17:18:49 [Ms2ger]
Liam, that hurt my feelings :(
17:19:04 [TabAtkins_]
hahaha I KNOW IT
17:19:10 [TabAtkins_]
17:19:42 [Ms2ger]
Well, "I know it" wasn't really an accomplishment, was it?
17:24:13 [sylvaing]
true, watched the latest coursera course mostly at double speed
17:24:14 [myakura]
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17:27:27 [rbetts]
rbetts has joined #css
17:36:05 [drublic]
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17:39:14 [antonp]
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17:40:00 [Ms2ger]
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17:52:00 [nimbu]
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17:56:55 [drublic]
drublic has joined #css
17:57:36 [fantasai]
Phil Cupp, on the other hand, has gotten very close sometimes
18:02:03 [tantek]
oh look I missed a renaming survey. darn. ;)
18:03:35 [sylvaing]
tank, when is IndieBikeshedCamp?
18:03:47 [sylvaing]
fantasai: yes, though I think antonp comes closest
18:04:41 [nimbu]
nimbu has joined #css
18:04:54 [sylvaing]
fantasai: I can't exactly recall who it was but at some point in Paris he rephrased someone's question and the expression on their face was "omg I can't keep up with my own question"
18:16:21 [dbaron]
dbaron has joined #css
18:23:50 [nimbu]
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18:24:55 [jet]
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18:30:12 [TabAtkins_]
fantasai: Do you think Flexbox should keep the full definitions of the relevant alignment properties, or just normatively reference Box Alignment and just define the property's effects on flex containers?
18:30:29 [Ms2ger]
18:30:34 [Ms2ger]
Though I'm not fantasai
18:34:10 [kennyluck]
18:34:35 [nimbu]
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18:43:44 [nimbu]
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18:59:43 [Zakim]
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19:02:18 [tantek]
sylvaing - you were asking about perhaps? 2012-06-30..07-01 in Portland, OR.
19:14:52 [nimbu]
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19:24:48 [myakura]
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19:34:30 [nimbu]
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20:00:15 [logbot]
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20:08:07 [arno]
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20:14:24 [nimbu]
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20:16:30 [fantasai]
TabAtkins_: former
20:17:08 [fantasai]
TabAtkins_: keep the definitions, just rename everything
20:17:36 [fantasai]
TabAtkins_: css3-align currently defers to Flexbox / Grid to define the layout impact of its values anyway
20:17:45 [fantasai]
TabAtkins_: and I think you need that if you want those properties to go to CR asap
20:18:16 [fantasai]
20:20:55 [miketayl_r]
miketayl_r has joined #css
20:21:22 [TabAtkins_]
The "delay CR" thing was what was worrying me, since Box Alignment is still ED.
20:21:25 [TabAtkins_]
So I'll do that.
20:22:53 [fantasai]
multicol did a similar thing with the break properties
20:23:34 [nimbu]
nimbu has joined #css
20:24:20 [fantasai]
make sure you add a note that these properties will soon apply to other layout models so authors dont apply them indiscriminately
20:24:57 [fantasai]
and specify that until superseded, they only apply to flexboxen
20:25:41 [TabAtkins_]
Yus, already have a note to that effect written down.
20:25:59 [fantasai]
you can link to css3-align, it should go to fpwd when flexbox goed to lc
20:33:10 [nimbu1]
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20:35:30 [jet]
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20:42:46 [nimbu]
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20:53:54 [nimbu]
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21:11:29 [TabAtkins_]
fantasai: Hehe, you did a pretty sloppy search-and-replace on Box Alignment. ^_^
21:13:33 [nimbu]
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