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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
16:00:11 [trackbot]
Date: 10 May 2012
16:00:19 [MikeSmith]
Zakim, call Mik
16:00:19 [Zakim]
I am sorry, MikeSmith; I do not know a number for Mik
16:00:21 [MikeSmith]
Zakim, call Mike
16:00:21 [Zakim]
ok, MikeSmith; the call is being made
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16:00:40 [Julian]
Zakim, who's on the phone?
16:00:40 [Zakim]
On the phone I see no one
16:00:59 [Julian]
Zakim, who's on the phone?
16:00:59 [Zakim]
On the phone I see no one
16:01:54 [bryan]
present+ Bryan_Sullivan (bryan)
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Zakim, who's on the phone?
16:01:58 [Zakim]
On the phone I see no one
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Present+ Clarke_Stevens
16:02:21 [mjs]
hi all
16:02:44 [paulc]
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Meeting: HTML WG
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16:04:31 [krisk]
Chair: paulc
16:04:31 [J_Voracek]
16:04:34 [Julian]
what's wrong with Zakim?
16:04:36 [krisk]
Scribe: krisk
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16:05:14 [krisk]
16:05:58 [krisk]
Agenda Item#1 ACTION items due by Thursday, May 10
16:06:29 [mjs]
Zakim, who is making noise?
16:06:40 [Zakim]
mjs, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: ??P16 (25%), ??P19 (9%), ??P29 (5%)
16:06:45 [krisk]
ACTION-210: Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-204 change proposal by next friday [Sam Ruby]
16:06:45 [trackbot]
ACTION-210 Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-204 change proposal by next friday notes added
16:06:54 [mjs]
Zakim, mute ??P16
16:06:54 [Zakim]
sorry, mjs, I do not know which phone connection belongs to ??P16
16:06:59 [krisk]
16:07:48 [krisk]
Do we have an update from JF?
16:08:07 [krisk]
janina: we are on track for a getting this done this friday
16:08:24 [krisk]
janina: We have on objection, but no others
16:08:42 [krisk]
mjs: Next Agenda Item ACTION-211: Ted O'Connor to write up a video-transcript IDref proposal
16:09:08 [krisk]
mjs: ted is not on the conf call, Ted could you type in IRC and update?
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16:09:15 [mjs]
hober: ^
16:09:35 [krisk]
mjs: Ted is at the CSS WG F2F right now..does anyone else know the status?
16:09:46 [krisk]
16:10:19 [krisk]
janina: Lots of activity on issue 194, though no updates on 211
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16:11:07 [krisk]
janina: we may need more time and need to consider the end user impact
16:11:22 [krisk]
mjs: we will take this under consideration
16:11:36 [krisk]
mjs: this also covered ACTION-213: Get JF to deliver a revised ISSUE-194 change proposal by next friday
16:11:43 [krisk]
16:11:55 [krisk]
mjs: let's move on to ACTION-216: Update ISSUE-199 proposal based on Ted's
16:12:12 [krisk]
mjs: is Michael Cooper around to give an update?
16:12:54 [krisk]
janina: I asked Michael and he is seems to believe the due date is later than May 11th
16:13:16 [krisk]
janina: Michael seems to be able to get this done by 5/18
16:13:27 [krisk]
mjs: charis will ask him about this...
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16:13:36 [krisk]
mjs: ACTION-217: Create an updated Caret ring focus (Rich, Ted, Frank) ISSUE-201 CP
16:13:42 [krisk]
16:13:52 [krisk]
mjs: richard do you have an update?
16:14:06 [krisk]
janina: we talked alot about this at our conf call this morning...
16:14:18 [krisk]
janina: he needs feedback from franko and ted
16:14:36 [krisk]
janina: he is trying to get this completed before next thursday
16:14:51 [krisk]
mjs: ted will be back from travel on the 15th
16:15:15 [krisk]
janina: not much overlap for time to discuss
16:15:24 [krisk]
mjs: New Issues This Week:
16:15:27 [krisk]
mjs: none
16:15:41 [krisk]
mjs: note one tracker item does exist
16:15:48 [krisk]
mjs: Items Closed Last Week
16:15:51 [krisk]
mjs: none
16:15:57 [krisk]
mjs: Items Closing This Week
16:16:08 [krisk]
mjs: ISSUE-184: data-element, Revise Change Proposals closes May 11
16:16:16 [krisk]
This closes on may 11th (tomorrow)
16:16:34 [krisk]
mjs: any questions or comments on issue 184?
16:16:43 [krisk]
mjs: Items Closing Next Week
16:16:50 [krisk]
mjs: ISSUE-205: text-editing-canvas, Revise Change Proposals closes May 17
16:17:05 [krisk]
mjs: one CP needs a revision
16:17:14 [krisk]
mjs: ISSUE-203: media-descriptions, Call for Counter Proposals closes June 10
16:17:50 [krisk]
mjs: We also have a revised proposal and we are proceeding
16:17:57 [krisk]
mjs: New Surveys this week
16:18:00 [krisk]
mjs: nonew
16:18:08 [krisk]
16:18:14 [krisk]
mjs: Decisions this week
16:18:23 [krisk]
ISSUE-198: innerHTML-patent-policy, Closed by Amicable Consensus
16:18:23 [trackbot]
ISSUE-198 Ensure innerHTML and related APIs are subject to the W3C patent policy notes added
16:18:32 [krisk]
mjs: This has been closed by consensus
16:18:51 [mjs]
16:19:17 [krisk]
RE: CfC: Close ISSUE-198 innerHTML-patent-policy by Amicable
16:19:22 [krisk]
16:19:29 [krisk]
krisk: Testing Task Force
16:19:49 [krisk]
We meet as planned on 5/8
16:19:53 [krisk]
Notes ->
16:20:02 [krisk]
No new bugs on approved tests
16:20:40 [krisk]
Need w3c systems team to add '/resources/' on for Aryeh's use case
16:20:52 [krisk]
Any other questions?
16:21:11 [krisk]
mjs: no other questions so lets move on to accessibility TF
16:22:02 [krisk]
janina: We covered most of the activity in the start of the meeting
16:22:23 [krisk]
janina: we have other remaining issue (alternate text)
16:22:42 [krisk]
janina: 194, 204 (consensus due to F2F)...
16:23:05 [krisk]
janina: not much more to say, unless their are questions?
16:23:18 [krisk]
mjs: alright, then no questions so let move on..
16:23:26 [krisk]
mjs: Other Business
16:23:32 [krisk]
Draft HTML5 Stabilization Plan
16:23:39 [krisk]
see ->
16:23:52 [krisk]
mjs: it was posted in april prior to F2f
16:24:01 [krisk]
mjs: any questions about this???
16:24:11 [krisk]
mjs: HTML Working Group Changes
16:24:20 [krisk]
mjs: see ->
16:24:22 [adrianba]
i can scribe
16:24:45 [krisk]
mjs: thanks adrianba for scribing next week
16:24:55 [krisk]
mjs: Meeting Adjourned
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate krisk
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Zakim, drop Mike
16:25:52 [Zakim]
sorry, MikeSmith, I do not see a party named 'Mike'
16:26:17 [MikeSmith]
16:26:33 [plh]
zakim, drop no one
16:26:35 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'drop no one', plh
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