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Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 03 May 2012
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see George, +3539149aaaa, Sandro, mhausenblas, gatemezi
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topic: Admin
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PROPOSAL: accept last meetings' minutes
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RESOLUTION: accept last meetings' minutes
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minutes were here:
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14:06:11 [George]
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chair: George Thomas
14:06:38 [cygri]
topic: Main Vocab Agenda: DCAT
14:07:21 [sandro]
cygri: What I've been saying about this is "Oh Yeah, We'll be looking intot this... as part of void or dcat or something."
14:07:31 [sandro]
... This needs to be worked out. Some people have looked at this
14:07:50 [sandro]
... semantic CKAN, which unfort. is defunct now. It was emitting both -- we can look at how they did it.
14:08:08 [sandro]
... I don't have a clear answer on how they can use them together.
14:08:19 [sandro]
... that should be published as part of one or the other.
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14:08:55 [cygri]
George: do we want to do this in GLD? or do we defer to void?
14:09:01 [sandro]
14:09:27 [cygri]
ack sandro
14:09:31 [Zakim]
14:09:56 [gatemezi]
I suggest we have the discussion in GLD..
14:10:12 [cygri]
sandro: procedurally, it would fall on void to explain how they work together because void is not on REC track and hence not so stable
14:10:13 [cygri]
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see George, fadmaa, Sandro, cygri, gatemezi, DaveReynolds, BenediktKaempgen
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14:12:51 [sandro]
14:12:57 [sandro]
ack cygri
14:15:53 [cygri]
sandro: GLD should probably address it somehow, because people already use void
14:16:04 [George]
i'll ping the CKAN list and see when might be back
14:16:35 [George]
then we'll use how it emits both DCAT and VOID to seed a GLD wiki page on the topic
14:17:04 [George]
cygri: start with a wiki page and collect the obvious material - dcat example, void example, some options
14:17:42 [George]
sandro: start with ReSpec?
14:17:54 [George]
cygri: what are the possible/desired outcomes?
14:18:55 [George]
sandro: could be a working group note instead
14:19:24 [George]
cygri: separate doc is overkill - preference is to put this in the void note
14:19:47 [George]
... could setup a void ED soon
14:19:58 [George]
... but start with wiki to iterate a bit
14:20:29 [gatemezi]
+1 to create a wiki page
14:20:40 [cygri]
ACTION: cygri to create wiki page for void-dcat mapping
14:20:41 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-69 - Create wiki page for void-dcat mapping [on Richard Cyganiak - due 2012-05-10].
14:21:09 [cygri]
topic: DCAT Product Tracker
14:21:16 [George]
14:21:27 [cygri]
topic: DCAT Product Tracker Actions/Issues
14:22:25 [George]
14:22:36 [cygri]
cygri: i'll update DERI dcat page to point to the WD
14:24:15 [cygri]
ACTION: sandro to put in place proper HTML and RDF for the dcat namespace
14:24:15 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-70 - Put in place proper HTML and RDF for the dcat namespace [on Sandro Hawke - due 2012-05-10].
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14:25:51 [sandro]
14:25:51 [trackbot]
ISSUE-7 -- Drop dcat:accessUrl, use the URI of the dcat:Download resource instead -- raised
14:25:51 [trackbot]
14:25:51 [fadmaa]
14:26:41 [cygri]
fadmaa: on ISSUE-7, this is an old issue, i think olyerickson tried to follow up with edsu and got no reply
14:26:52 [cygri]
DaveReynolds: i thought we saw a response from Ed?
14:26:54 [cygri]
14:27:17 [sandro]
14:27:18 [cygri]
george: really?
14:30:03 [DaveReynolds]
+1 to cygri - propose resolutions ahead of time to allow for discussion and preparation
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14:31:09 [cygri]
cygri: it would be helpful to propose resolutions before via email and have them explicitly on the agenda
14:31:23 [cygri]
george: yes, and it would be good if editors are prepared to address issues
14:31:48 [cygri]
sandro: i think it makes sense to close the loop with ed. tell him to please come back to the WG if you care
14:32:43 [cygri]
DaveReynolds: edsu offered to join a meeting where these issues are discussed. john's reply didn't respond to that
14:33:03 [cygri]
george: we'll ping him
14:33:23 [cygri]
ACTION: george to ping Ed Summers regarding DCAT ISSUE-7/8/9
14:33:23 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-71 - Ping Ed Summers regarding DCAT ISSUE-7/8/9 [on George Thomas - due 2012-05-10].
14:33:37 [cygri]
14:33:37 [trackbot]
ACTION-71 -- George Thomas to ping Ed Summers regarding DCAT ISSUE-7/8/9 -- due 2012-05-10 -- OPEN
14:33:37 [trackbot]
14:34:28 [cygri]
sandro: should dcat be on the agenda for every vocabulary call, or every *other* vocab call?
14:34:49 [cygri]
... we'd like him to participate in more than one meeting
14:35:29 [fadmaa]
14:35:41 [George]
14:35:55 [cygri]
ack me
14:35:55 [fadmaa]
14:36:19 [gatemezi]
@Sandro: you mean having at least one dcat call per month?
14:37:02 [George]
fadmaa: Rufus from CKAN has some DCAT input
14:37:11 [cygri]
fadmaa: i got some personal feedback from Rufus Pollock
14:37:20 [George]
sandro: he should send an email to the comments list if he would
14:37:24 [cygri]
... i told him to raise issues but he can't cause not WG member
14:37:35 [cygri]
sandro: ask him to mail the comments list, or forward his mail
14:38:04 [cygri]
fadmaa: he suggested to distinguish mandatory and optional properties
14:38:19 [cygri]
... so consumers can be sure that some basic properties will be present
14:38:42 [cygri]
... and he suggested to drop some properties because they are underspecified
14:39:14 [cygri]
... things like dataQuality or dataDictionary
14:39:41 [cygri]
... vague definitions don't help much, and precise definitions might require more work and might be out of scope
14:39:50 [cygri]
... i found this reasonable
14:40:00 [cygri]
14:40:14 [cygri]
george: so should something like dataDictionary be optional, or completely removed?
14:40:24 [cygri]
fadmaa: he says completely removed/deprecated
14:40:35 [George]
ack fadmaa
14:42:09 [cygri]
ack me
14:44:45 [cygri]
cygri: defining something like "minimally complete record" is probably good
14:45:13 [cygri]
george: this might relate to the new Linked Data Protocol work
14:45:44 [cygri]
... you want to say, here are properties that you can expect
14:46:05 [cygri]
... on dataDictionary, it's possible that the CKAN folks don't find it useful, but we find it useful on
14:48:50 [gatemezi]
So maybe we can provide in the usage page here how useful is on
14:51:29 [George]
14:52:38 [George]
cygri: conversations regarding DCAT as JSON-LD
14:53:06 [George]
... need to have an answer to 'can you use DCAT with JSON-LD?' kind of thing
14:53:42 [George]
DaveReynolds: specific to JSON-LD? what about Talis JSON-RDF?
14:56:56 [cygri]
(discussion on RDF in JSON)
14:58:08 [gatemezi]
JSON-LD unofficial Draft here..
14:58:24 [DaveReynolds]
+1 to cygri, vocabularies should be agnostic to RDF serializations
14:59:26 [sandro]
note that has every example in FIVE syntaxes, with toggles.
14:59:49 [cygri]
sandro: the owl2 primer has all examples in five different syntaxes with a JS picker. we might want to do something like this
15:00:10 [sandro]
zakim, who is on the call?
15:00:13 [Zakim]
On the phone I see George, fadmaa, Sandro, cygri, gatemezi, DaveReynolds, BenediktKaempgen
15:00:31 [rreck]
like i said i couldnt call in
15:01:56 [sandro]
W3C Members, please give feedback on -- AC Members, please vote now.
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RRSAgent, make minutes public
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RRSAgent, make logs public
15:02:51 [rreck]
invited experts cannot vote?
15:03:56 [George]
thanks for scribing richard!
15:04:01 [cygri]
rreck, i don't think so. it's one vote per member org?
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15:05:04 [sandro]
correct. this a vote as to what W3C will work on, so it's paying members only. public input has been and remains welcome, though.
15:05:14 [sandro]
of course, rreck just left.
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