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RRSAgent, make logs public
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Zakim, this will be html_wg
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ok, trackbot, I see HTML_WG()12:00PM already started
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Meeting: HTML Weekly Teleconference
15:59:38 [trackbot]
Date: 19 April 2012
15:59:52 [Zakim]
16:00:03 [Zakim]
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16:00:11 [glenn]
zakim, ??p30 is glenn
16:00:11 [Zakim]
+glenn; got it
16:00:26 [rubys]
hober: ack. everybody else: any volunteers to scribe?
16:00:35 [krisk]
zakim, Microsoft is me
16:00:35 [Zakim]
+krisk; got it
16:00:57 [Zakim]
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16:01:07 [Zakim]
16:01:34 [Zakim]
16:01:37 [Zakim]
16:01:37 [glenn]
i can scribe, but will remain on mute
16:01:43 [rubys]
16:01:45 [Zakim]
16:01:53 [rubys]
thanks glenn!
16:01:58 [adrianba]
zakim, [Microsoft] is me
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16:02:03 [glenn]
scribenick: glenn
16:02:06 [Zakim]
+adrianba; got it
16:02:10 [glenn]
topic: ACTION items due by Thursday, April 19
16:02:29 [glenn]
16:02:36 [glenn]
topic: New Issues This Week
16:02:39 [glenn]
16:02:49 [glenn]
topic: Items closed last week
16:02:54 [Zakim]
16:02:56 [glenn]
16:02:56 [trackbot]
ISSUE-184 -- Add a data element -- open
16:02:56 [trackbot]
16:03:07 [glenn]
16:03:07 [trackbot]
ISSUE-198 -- Ensure innerHTML and related APIs are subject to the W3C patent policy -- open
16:03:07 [trackbot]
16:03:22 [Zakim]
16:03:27 [Zakim]
16:03:29 [glenn]
16:03:29 [trackbot]
ISSUE-201 -- Provide canvas location and hit testing capability to fallback content -- open
16:03:29 [trackbot]
16:03:42 [Zakim]
16:03:47 [MikeSmith]
Zakim, call Mike
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16:03:50 [glenn]
16:03:50 [trackbot]
ISSUE-183 -- Enhance and simplify the time element -- open
16:03:50 [trackbot]
16:03:52 [Zakim]
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16:03:58 [Zakim]
ok, MikeSmith; the call is being made
16:04:00 [Zakim]
16:04:00 [glenn]
topic: Items closing next week
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16:04:11 [glenn]
16:04:17 [Zakim]
16:04:22 [janina]
zakim, ??P26 is Janina
16:04:23 [glenn]
16:04:23 [trackbot]
ISSUE-204 -- Exempt ARIA attributes from the rule that prohibits reference to hidden elements -- open
16:04:23 [trackbot]
16:04:33 [Zakim]
+Janina; got it
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16:04:39 [glenn]
ISSUE-204: Call for Counter Proposals closes Apr 18
16:04:39 [trackbot]
ISSUE-204 Exempt ARIA attributes from the rule that prohibits reference to hidden elements notes added
16:04:50 [tantek]
greetings, scribe, Zakim, I am attending by IRC only today.
16:05:10 [glenn]
???: some proposals may be withdrawn, should sort out today
16:05:21 [rubys]
16:05:24 [glenn]
topic: Items closing next week
16:05:27 [glenn]
16:05:33 [glenn]
topic: New calls this week
16:05:35 [glenn]
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16:05:42 [glenn]
topic: New surveys this week
16:05:50 [glenn]
none, but might be one coming up shortly
16:05:58 [glenn]
topic: Decisions this week
16:06:06 [JVoracek]
16:06:12 [glenn]
ISSUE-184: Data Element adopted by Amicable Consensus
16:06:12 [trackbot]
ISSUE-184 Add a data element notes added
16:06:16 [glenn]
16:06:16 [trackbot]
ISSUE-184 -- Add a data element -- open
16:06:16 [trackbot]
16:06:37 [glenn]
topic: Task force reports
16:06:43 [Zakim]
16:06:50 [glenn]
topic: Testing Task Force
16:06:55 [krisk]
We met on 4/10
16:07:01 [krisk]
Notes ->
16:07:08 [glenn]
krisk: no new bugs
16:07:27 [glenn]
... reviewed canvas patch from ms2ger, see IRC logs
16:07:33 [glenn]
16:07:39 [glenn]
16:07:42 [krisk]
we meet agin on 4/24th
16:07:48 [Zakim]
16:07:53 [rubys]
16:07:56 [Zakim]
16:07:58 [glenn]
topic: Accessibility Task Force
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16:08:19 [krisk]
16:08:24 [glenn]
??? focusing on issue 204
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16:08:37 [glenn]
... forwarded two last night
16:09:00 [Zakim]
16:09:00 [glenn]
s/two/two proposals/
16:09:22 [glenn]
[who is talking?]
16:09:46 [glenn]
... will take up review of 194
16:09:55 [glenn]
16:10:13 [glenn]
topic: Other Business
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16:10:24 [glenn]
CfC: Create Media Task Force - deadline now April 18
16:10:35 [glenn]
16:11:17 [glenn]
janina: needs discussion and involvement from accessibility
16:11:33 [glenn]
ISSUE-133: modal-attribute: CLOSED
16:11:33 [trackbot]
ISSUE-133 Add a modal attribute to html5 to indicate a modal segment of the DOM (modal dialog) notes added
16:11:45 [glenn]
ISSUE-194: full-transcript: change proposal reviews
16:11:45 [trackbot]
ISSUE-194 Provide a mechanism for associating a full transcript with an audio or video element. notes added
16:11:54 [Zakim]
16:11:56 [glenn]
ISSUE-195: form-http-req: change proposal reviews
16:11:56 [trackbot]
ISSUE-195 Enhance http request generation from forms notes added
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16:12:32 [glenn]
ISSUE-198: innerHTML-patent-policy: change proposal needs to be revised
16:12:32 [trackbot]
ISSUE-198 Ensure innerHTML and related APIs are subject to the W3C patent policy notes added
16:12:49 [glenn]
ISSUE-199: aria-processing: change proposal reviews
16:12:49 [trackbot]
ISSUE-199 Define complete processing requirements for ARIA attributes notes added
16:13:03 [glenn]
ISSUE-200: legend-placement: change proposal reviews
16:13:03 [trackbot]
ISSUE-200 Allow wrapping LEGEND (or new iLEGEND) in non-FIELDSET elements notes added
16:13:11 [glenn]
ISSUE-201: canvas-fallback: delaying action until after the F2F
16:13:11 [trackbot]
ISSUE-201 Provide canvas location and hit testing capability to fallback content notes added
16:13:25 [Zakim]
16:13:33 [glenn]
ISSUE-205: text-editing-canvas: change proposal reviews
16:13:34 [trackbot]
ISSUE-205 Define what author guidance and/or methods should be provided to those that wish to create accessible text editors using canvas as a rendering surface. notes added
16:13:43 [glenn]
Open Web Platform Summary
16:13:51 [glenn]
16:14:04 [glenn]
topic: AOB
16:14:12 [glenn]
16:14:22 [glenn]
topic: Scribe for next meeting
16:14:45 [krisk]
I can scribe
16:14:46 [glenn]
16:14:53 [glenn]
krisk will scribe
16:15:01 [glenn]
topic: Adjournment
16:15:03 [Zakim]
16:15:04 [paulc]
Thanks, Sam
16:15:05 [Zakim]
16:15:07 [glenn]
16:15:07 [Zakim]
16:15:08 [Zakim]
16:15:08 [Zakim]
16:15:10 [Zakim]
16:15:10 [Zakim]
16:15:11 [Zakim]
16:15:11 [Zakim]
16:15:12 [Zakim]
16:15:14 [Zakim]
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16:15:17 [glenn]
rrsagent, publish minutes
16:15:17 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate glenn
16:15:19 [Zakim]
16:15:30 [krisk]
Hey Mikesmith do you have some time to chat on IRC?
16:15:45 [Zakim]
16:16:21 [Zakim]
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16:30:16 [MikeSmith]
krisk, I will in about 10 minutes
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16:38:19 [MikeSmith]
krisk, back now
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16:50:48 [krisk]
Hey mike I have another module to add to the websocket server
16:51:00 [MikeSmith]
16:51:10 [krisk]
Though in the past you had a suggestion to make it easier on your side to add modules
16:51:31 [krisk]
I didn't understand exactly what you ment in the email(s)
16:51:46 [krisk]
could you explain or suggest how you would like this to be setup?
16:52:56 [MikeSmith]
hang on gimme a minute to look at the code again
16:54:04 [krisk]
feel free to send it in email as well if you need more time to gather your thoughts
16:55:11 [MikeSmith]
no, let's do it now
16:57:09 [MikeSmith]
krisk, did you check those java sources into
16:57:42 [MikeSmith]
ah yeah
16:58:01 [krisk]
No but I can check them in, it will only take a few minutes
16:58:28 [MikeSmith]
no, I mean the previous onese
16:58:40 [MikeSmith]
I see they are at
16:58:44 [MikeSmith]
so OK
16:59:20 [krisk]
correct that this the current one
16:59:24 [MikeSmith]
krisk: so now my question
16:59:50 [MikeSmith]
is your other module a class like EntryPoint? or is it a class like TestServer?
17:00:24 [MikeSmith]
hmm, I don't think it matters either way
17:00:25 [krisk]
It has both
17:00:30 [MikeSmith]
17:00:38 [MikeSmith]
so what port does it run on?
17:03:22 [krisk]
It would be the same ports
17:03:50 [MikeSmith]
so I don't see how that would work without shutting down one or the other
17:04:03 [MikeSmith]
are you guys running them that way internally?
17:04:10 [MikeSmith]
if so, I'd really like to know how
17:05:06 [krisk]
We could put them on different ports
17:05:07 [MikeSmith]
the class you sent me, I am calling it from the java command this way:
17:05:36 [MikeSmith]
yeah, I don't would like to avoid opening up N different ports for N different classes
17:06:01 [MikeSmith]
I am calling the existing EntryPoint class you sent me this way:
17:06:06 [krisk]
I suspect that we won't need many more classes
17:06:38 [MikeSmith]
17:07:08 [MikeSmith]
so if you check in the code I will get it deployed and will open up new ports for it
17:07:25 [krisk]
Though we have it such that the path is differnet
17:07:35 [MikeSmith]
17:07:39 [MikeSmith]
the class name?
17:07:42 [krisk]
e.g. wss://
17:07:54 [krisk]
and wss://
17:08:01 [MikeSmith]
yeah, that's fine
17:08:07 [MikeSmith]
that part is no problem
17:08:41 [krisk]
Ok I'll push the files into Hg and send you an email
17:08:45 [MikeSmith]
thanks man
17:09:14 [krisk]
You'll need to make a simalar modification for the secure ports like the previous configuration on your end
17:09:26 [krisk]
thanks and have a good day/night
17:11:02 [MikeSmith]
17:11:04 [MikeSmith]
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17:31:41 [Zakim]
17:31:42 [Zakim]
HTML_WG()12:00PM has ended
17:31:42 [Zakim]
Attendees were glenn, krisk, Sam, Radhika_Roy, hober, adrianba, [Microsoft], Cynthia_Shelly, Mark_Watson, Mark_Vickers, Mike, Joseph_Scheuhammer, Janina, milan
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