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logging to
15:04:32 [Zakim]
15:04:34 [Zakim]
+Jan; got it
15:04:47 [Zakim]
+David; got it
15:04:49 [kaz]
zakim, code?
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15:05:03 [Clarke]
15:05:19 [Zakim]
sorry, kaz, I do not recognize a party named 'Cesile_Marc'
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15:05:35 [Zakim]
kaz, you need to end that query with '?'
15:05:43 [JanL]
clarke states we will review what was not complete last week, open bugs and open issues in bugzilla
15:05:46 [bryan]
present+ Bryan_Sullivan
15:05:52 [JanL]
if there is time discuss what the group wants to do
15:05:54 [David_Corvoysier]
zakim, Cecile_Marc is David_Corvoysier
15:05:55 [JanL]
going forward
15:06:17 [JanL]
from last week what is left to do
15:06:25 [Zakim]
the conference code is 93288 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, kaz
15:06:32 [JanL]
is to put the requirements into a real draft
15:06:40 [JanL]
still open
15:07:20 [JanL]
clarke to contact david singer to check if adaptive streaming is disadvantaged
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15:07:35 [JanL]
need some more time to give david more time to respond
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+David_Corvoysier; got it
15:07:37 [SungOk_You]
present+ SungOk_You
15:08:01 [mark]
Zakim, aaee is Mark Watson
15:08:12 [JanL]
next item is discussion over requirment 10
15:08:17 [JanL]
error reporting
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15:08:25 [Zakim]
15:08:28 [JanL]
additional errors to feed back
15:08:38 [JanL]
ads and splicing
15:08:41 [nisc]
zakim, nisc is Niklas Schmücker
15:08:46 [JanL]
using another video element
15:08:59 [JanL]
need for a use case to handle position timeframe
15:09:20 [Zakim]
+ +1.858.735.aagg
15:09:36 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'aaee is Mark Watson', mark
15:09:46 [Zakim]
15:09:55 [kaz]
zakim, aaee is Mark_Watson
15:09:58 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'nisc is Niklas Schmücker', nisc
15:09:58 [KevinStreeter]
It should be possible to seamlessly splice content with a discontinuous timeline (such as advertising) into the presentation [this requirement may conflict with (2)?]
15:10:08 [Zakim]
+ +1.360.367.aahh
15:10:22 [kaz]
zakim, nisc is Niklas_Schmücker
15:10:27 [JanL]
this req may conflict with req 2
15:10:39 [JanL]
continous timeline is required
15:10:51 [JanL]
lets have some more discussion
15:10:54 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
15:10:58 [Zakim]
+Mark_Watson; got it
15:10:59 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
15:10:59 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
15:11:15 [Zakim]
+Niklas_Schmücker; got it
15:11:25 [JanL]
need a common time reference
15:12:30 [JanL]
erin pointed out that use cases that are overlapping should be considered and timeshift
15:12:42 [JanL]
need to be considered to properly support the use case
15:12:59 [JanL]
need to keep a buffer to handle trickplay
15:13:28 [JanL]
need a master timeline to insert ads into
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15:14:21 [JanL]
possibly need to adjust or map to the master timeline
15:14:46 [kaz]
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15:16:05 [JanL]
may need to expose a timestamp offsetting to the API
15:16:23 [JanL]
2 is indep requirement
15:16:37 [JanL]
it is fully addressed by the proposal
15:16:47 [JanL]
11 is an additional requirement
15:18:07 [JanL]
any thing else on the avr requirements?
15:18:26 [kaz]
15:18:55 [JanL]
between here and next week clarke to add clarification before sending req to html5
15:19:05 [JanL]
next subject is bugs
15:19:13 [kaz]
-> Bugs section
15:19:41 [kaz]
i/clarke states/topic: ABR proposal/
15:19:55 [kaz]
i/next subject is/topic: Bugs/
15:19:57 [JanL]
profile group has decided to use bugzilla to handle issues raised to the task force
15:20:09 [JanL]
bug 13625
15:20:18 [kaz]
Meeting: Media Pipeline Task Force Teleconference
15:20:23 [kaz]
Chair: Clarke
15:20:31 [JanL]
In process. Hixie needs to read provided materials.
15:20:34 [Zakim]
15:20:39 [JanL]
bug 12399
15:20:53 [JanL]
In process. Should this be generalized beyond video? Maybe start with video and consider a broader scope in any solution.
15:21:47 [JanL]
bug 13359
15:22:01 [JanL]
In process. Discussions on parameters and whether changes are necessary. "Must be human readable" requirement.
15:22:22 [JanL]
bugs 13357 and 14492 have not been address since filed
15:22:28 [JanL]
2 new bugs
15:23:01 [JanL]
david: bugs came from discussions in profiling TF
15:23:19 [JanL]
bug 16479
15:23:30 [giuseppe]
15:23:31 [David_Corvoysier]
15:24:19 [JanL]
bug relates not being able to piping multiple streams
15:24:21 [joesteele]
15:24:36 [JanL]
nothing is stated as to how resources are freed
15:25:03 [joesteele]
15:25:06 [JanL]
what webkit does the resource are not released when video tag is unloaded
15:25:23 [JanL]
only when garbage collection actually removes the resources
15:26:03 [JanL]
joe points that decryption resources are not released
15:26:26 [JanL]
david: video decoder has been the main issue
15:27:02 [JanL]
aeren: what is issue, if opening multiple videos
15:27:23 [Zakim]
- +1.425.269.aabb
15:27:37 [JanL]
some content depending on decryption may require hardware
15:27:57 [JanL]
which is locked
15:28:37 [JanL]
there are 2 errors, if there are policy concerns and there should be a warning if software is going to be used as fallback
15:29:41 [JanL]
many audio tracks may be opened at the same time in order to give special effects which may confuse what should be handled
15:30:21 [KevinStreeter_]
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15:30:28 [JanL]
david: when listening audio may be persisted
15:30:46 [JanL]
when should resources be released
15:31:00 [JanL]
javascript may remove tag from dom and reinsert it
15:31:21 [JanL]
same media element may be used when transferring it
15:31:39 [JanL]
david: may some use cases are required
15:32:19 [JanL]
gius: add the use cases into the bug
15:32:24 [JanL]
next bug
15:32:35 [JanL]
15:33:06 [JanL]
when needing to have broadcast channel where there is a mosaic of the channels
15:33:25 [JanL]
may want an interface to select one of the channels
15:34:50 [JanL]
need to draw borders in order to select channel or everything is done in javascript
15:35:24 [JanL]
map element would be a much easier solution to be used but it is not available for the video element
15:35:29 [JanL]
only images
15:37:43 [bryan]
is there anyway to use SVG as an scalable overlay frame, and trigger events from it?
15:37:50 [JanL]
for each of the elements need to put the source to handle the multiple stream types
15:37:59 [bryan]
just a random idea
15:38:00 [JanL]
wiht map you can associated anchors
15:39:13 [Clarke]
15:39:14 [JanL]
gius: investigate if there are better solutions
15:41:06 [JanL]
bryan: there might be markup language like svg that can help in providing a solution
15:41:33 [JanL]
giuseppe to explain how bugzilla to be used
15:41:49 [JanL]
bugzilla to be used to collect issues
15:42:08 [JanL]
and it is a better way to monitor questions and share with other groups
15:42:27 [JanL]
it is a prefilter of the raised issues
15:42:49 [JanL]
if agreed then it is pushed into the different WG's
15:42:58 [JanL]
there is a template for filling out issues
15:43:05 [JanL]
it is in the main wiki webpage
15:43:12 [giuseppe]
15:43:34 [JanL]
use template to describe use case
15:44:17 [JanL]
clarke: what could be useful to add the template to the mptf as a reference
15:44:48 [JanL]
... once the discussion is started it is necessary to highlight to clarke to be discussed
15:45:13 [JanL]
... person who filed bug has responsibility to highlight it
15:45:41 [JanL]
... general discussion
15:46:01 [JanL] next couple of week finishup the requirements documents
15:46:20 [JanL]
...use time every week to discuss opened bugs
15:46:33 [JanL]
... soon to limit the number of phone conferences
15:47:01 [JanL]
... if any suggestions forward them to clarke as to how to progress
15:47:17 [JanL]
move to phone conf every 2 weeks
15:47:42 [JanL]
adhock would make it harder to plan attending
15:48:11 [bryan]
I like the building of the agenda on the wiki. It's easy to keep up as the topics for discussion are collected.
15:48:22 [JanL]
clarke: plan to continue phn conf every week until req done
15:48:36 [kaz]
15:48:48 [JanL]
joe to be scribe next week
15:48:50 [bryan]
That approach can help make the calls more adhoc but keep people engaged on the agenda as it builds.
15:49:38 [JanL]
could use wiki agenda to identify critical mass of issues to be discussed
15:49:49 [Zakim]
- +1.360.367.aahh
15:49:54 [kaz]
Present: Kazuyuki_Ashimura, Giuseppe_Pascale, Clarke_Stevens, John_Simmons, Niklas_Schmücker, Bryan_Sullivan, Glenn_Adams, Joe_Steele, Aaron_Colwell, David_Corvoysier, Mark_Watson, Jan_Lindquist, Dave_Mays, Russell_Berkoff, Franck_Denoual, Paul_Gausman, Jason_Lewis, Kevin_Streeter, David_Mays, Juhani_Huttunen, SungOk_You, +1.425.269.aabb, ??P63, ??P25, +1.858.735.aagg, +1.360.367.aahh
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15:49:59 [Zakim]
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- +1.858.735.aagg
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15:50:09 [Zakim]
15:50:10 [giuseppe]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate giuseppe
15:50:11 [Zakim]
15:50:13 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
15:50:13 [Zakim]
15:50:15 [Zakim]
15:50:17 [Zakim]
15:50:19 [Zakim]
15:50:20 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
15:50:20 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
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disconnecting the lone participant, Niklas_Schmücker, in UW_WebTVIG()11:00AM
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Attendees were Kazuyuki, giuseppe, +1.425.214.aaaa, +1.425.269.aabb, glenn, +1.408.536.aacc, joesteele, +1.206.218.aadd, Aaron, +1.415.867.aaee, +1.408.475.aaff, Jan_Lindquist,
16:05:05 [Zakim]
... Jan, David, David_Corvoysier, +1.858.735.aagg, Dave_Mays, +1.360.367.aahh, Mark_Watson, Niklas_Schmücker, Canon
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