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zakim, ??p19 is glenn
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+glenn; got it
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zakim, call philipp-home
15:03:49 [Zakim]
ok, ph; the call is being made
15:03:50 [Zakim]
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+ +1.408.475.aaaa
15:04:05 [ph]
zakim, who is here?
15:04:06 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Dewa, ??P5, Mark_Vickers, glenn, [IPcaller], David_Corvoysier, Jan_Lindquist, Philipp, +1.408.475.aaaa
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On IRC I see JanL, ph, David_Corvoysier, Mark_Vickers, giuseppe, yosuke, glenn, Paul-ATT, RRSAgent, Zakim, kaz, Dewa, masao, timeless, trackbot
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zakim, ??P5 is yosuke
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+yosuke; got it
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15:05:07 [giuseppe]
zakim, pick a victim
15:05:07 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Jan_Lindquist
15:05:47 [giuseppe]
chair: giuseppe
15:05:59 [ph]
scribe: jan
15:06:10 [ph]
scribe: janl
15:06:17 [giuseppe]
15:06:37 [JanL]
liaison letter topic is first
15:06:41 [giuseppe]
15:06:44 [JanL]
to be discussed
15:06:54 [ph]
Topic: OIPF Liaison letter
15:07:03 [JanL]
what was discussed is summarized
15:07:16 [JanL]
plus status of the w3c drafts
15:07:55 [JanL]
extend bugzilla to external groups
15:07:59 [Zakim]
15:08:12 [JanL]
in order to give input like requirements to influence the work to the WG
15:08:31 [JanL]
webtv would then facilitate this input
15:09:19 [JanL]
there was comments on the proposal
15:09:30 [JanL]
the comments was positive
15:09:41 [JanL]
any further comments can be forwarded to giuseppe
15:09:55 [JanL]
next issue are the bugzilla raised issues
15:10:14 [JanL]
group brings up the requirements that is input to the profile
15:10:47 [JanL]
david raised issues
15:10:58 [giuseppe]
15:11:10 [giuseppe]
15:11:36 [JanL]
he has issues with the template that there is alot of areas to fill in
15:11:44 [JanL]
it will take time to go through
15:13:16 [JanL]
caching of video objects is implied
15:13:25 [JanL]
"finish on hold message"
15:14:15 [JanL]
for sake of optimization html spec should clarify garbage collected of content
15:14:22 [Mark_Vickers]
Perhapsnext time the hold voice comes on, we should be quiet and zakim should listen so we can hang it up.
15:14:44 [JanL]
wording in specification may address the issue
15:15:08 [JanL]
giuseppe comment is a valid input that it is worth discussing in mptf
15:16:01 [JanL]
using bugzilla will facilitate moving issues like these to the other Task Force
15:16:16 [JanL]
only issue with profile is that this is not new for desktop
15:16:18 [Zakim]
15:16:30 [JanL]
gius this is meant for platform indep
15:16:54 [Zakim]
15:16:57 [JanL]
once there is a draft text then it can be used as input to the profile
15:17:13 [JanL]
better input if taken in mptf
15:17:29 [JanL]
not to mix both task force
15:17:44 [JanL]
bugzilla will be used by all TF's in webtv
15:18:13 [JanL]
mptf has regular phone conferences, every Thursday
15:18:59 [JanL]
next bug being discussed
15:19:28 [JanL]
epg mozaic overlayed on video
15:19:59 [JanL]
easier to use the image map
15:20:07 [JanL]
but not allowed on video element
15:20:27 [JanL]
this should be discussed in mptf
15:21:06 [JanL]
is conclusion is that if we only need guidelines then we collect them in profile
15:21:37 [JanL]
gius conclusion move it to mptf
15:22:04 [JanL]
finished with agenda
15:22:19 [JanL]
giuseppe moderates the input from teh group
15:22:30 [JanL]
the group needs to provide the input as to what should be included
15:22:37 [JanL]
without input there is nothing to be discussed
15:22:48 [JanL]
do people agree with approach?
15:23:03 [JanL]
mark says that this makes sense
15:23:29 [JanL]
although input may take longer
15:23:54 [JanL]
15:24:09 [JanL]
bugzilla will be used to control the input
15:25:31 [JanL]
jan comment that using bugzilla makes sense and will help facilitate the work and all the input
15:25:51 [JanL]
mobile core platform is defining profiles
15:26:13 [JanL]
Glenn spoke
15:26:35 [JanL]
they use wiki for collecting input to the draft
15:27:18 [JanL]
the work is being done in the community group
15:27:26 [glenn]
15:27:40 [glenn]
15:28:27 [JanL]
gius may use similar approach to this group
15:28:36 [glenn]
15:28:50 [glenn]
15:28:57 [JanL]
gius looking at css section
15:29:13 [JanL]
outstanding point for people to provide input
15:30:03 [JanL]
mark says which group does profile for web on a automobile
15:31:49 [JanL]
meeting is closed without any more discussion points
15:32:02 [ph]
zakim, list attendees
15:32:02 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been Mark_Vickers, glenn, [IPcaller], David_Corvoysier, Dewa, Jan_Lindquist, Philipp, +1.408.475.aaaa, Juhani, yosuke, John_Simmons
15:32:05 [glenn]
15:32:16 [JanL]
call completed
15:32:19 [glenn]
cites the Web & TV profile work
15:32:20 [Zakim]
15:32:21 [Zakim]
15:32:21 [Zakim]
15:32:25 [Zakim]
15:32:26 [Zakim]
- +1.408.475.aaaa
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rrsagent, make minutes
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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WEBT_Profile()11:00AM has ended
15:32:52 [Zakim]
Attendees were Mark_Vickers, glenn, [IPcaller], David_Corvoysier, Dewa, Jan_Lindquist, Philipp, +1.408.475.aaaa, Juhani, yosuke, John_Simmons
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:34:38 [kaz]
Meeting: Profile TF Teleconf
15:34:45 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:36:05 [giuseppe]
kaz, will you send around the minutes or do you prefer I do
15:36:06 [giuseppe]
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zakim, IPCaller is me
15:37:36 [Zakim]
sorry, giuseppe, I do not recognize a party named 'IPCaller'
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zakim, [IPCaller] is me
15:37:46 [Zakim]
sorry, giuseppe, I do not recognize a party named '[IPCaller]'
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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s/jan, janl/janL
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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i/next issue are the bugzilla raised issues/Topic: new issues in Bugzilla
15:43:42 [giuseppe]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:44:31 [giuseppe]
i/next issue are the bugzilla /Topic: new issues in Bugzilla/
15:44:33 [giuseppe]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:45:52 [giuseppe]
i/giuseppe moderates the input/Topic: Profile work process/
15:45:55 [giuseppe]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:46:26 [giuseppe]
i/mobile core platform is defining profiles/Topic: AOB/
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Scibe: janL
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ScibeNick: janL
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ScribeNick: janL
15:49:52 [giuseppe]
Scribe: janL
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zakim, bye
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rrsagent, bye
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