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Meeting: MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 29 March 2012
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tadej would you mind joining us on the Got
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Meeting: MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 29 March 2012
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Jirko, are you joining the GoTo? Would you mind scribing
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Dom and I are having issues with making the bots work..
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ACTON: df to delete this action
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ACTION: df to delete this action
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15:09:20 [Arle]
I never received the call-in details (I just checked). Can someone send them?
15:09:30 [DomJones_]
Present: dF, DavidL, Jirka, Mihael, Milan, Moritz, philR, Tadej, Yves_, DomJones, Des, Milan,
15:09:39 [DomJones_]
Regrets: Declan Groves
15:09:45 [tadej]
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... passcode is 54321
15:10:28 [DomJones_]
df: objections to the previous minutes? following meeting in luxembourg
15:10:51 [DomJones_]
df: lots of actions arised from luxembourg meeting.
15:11:35 [DomJones_]
df: lots of technical action items are in the minutes, dave L busy and Felix sick, David F only co-chair
15:12:03 [DomJones_]
df: next two weeks DaveL will be chairing meetings, felix will be away until early may. David F will chair meetings after easter
15:12:40 [DomJones_]
df: teleconferences will alternate between thursday evening and friday morning, bi-weekly.
15:13:06 [DomJones_]
df: next week meeting will be held on Friday morning 6th April
15:13:32 [DomJones_]
moritz: holiday in germany, german members will not be present
15:14:04 [DomJones_]
df: has sent goToMeeeting invites for both the Thursday and Friday meetings
15:14:58 [DomJones_]
df: task meetings / f-2-f events - closest one is in June, Dublin. 11-13th of June 2012. CFP is being prepared and will be distributed
15:15:15 [DomJones_]
domJones: Meeting regarding summer June meeting is planned for Monday
15:15:46 [DomJones_]
ACTION: DomJones to organise CFP conference call on Monday
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ACTION: DomJones_ to organise CFP conference call on Monday
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15:16:47 [DomJones_]
daveL: 11th+12th meeting will be MLW-LT meeting, whereas the 13th June will be a more MLW focused meeting based on one of the break-out sessions from Luxembourg
15:17:14 [DomJones_]
df: LOD Workshop will be co-chaired by Paul Beuier (SP) and Felix, although this may change
15:17:57 [DomJones_]
df: LOD Workshop will close requirements gathering process
15:18:27 [DomJones_]
df: Please look at questionnaire, which will close by the end of march, maybe prolong this for another couple of weeks
15:18:49 [DomJones_]
df: any objections?
15:18:58 [DomJones_]
daveL: how many responses have we had?
15:19:03 [DomJones_]
df: less than a dozen
15:19:46 [DomJones_]
mortiz: Drupcon in denver resulted in some interest about the questionnaire
15:20:21 [DomJones_]
ACTION: daveL to establish where the questionnaire responses are stored
15:20:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-39 - Establish where the questionnaire responses are stored [on David Lewis - due 2012-04-05].
15:21:26 [DomJones_]
df: please forward questionnaire to interesting contacts. Also draw your attention to Work in progress (point 5) everyone in the workgroup is able to add items into the req items
15:21:54 [DomJones_]
DomJones_: Arle is editing the requirements document
15:22:23 [DomJones_]
DaveL: Arle has done a great job tidying up and editing the req doc, are you happy to continue editing?
15:22:51 [DomJones_]
Arle: makes sense for me to edit high level content, if other members want to edit, go ahead...
15:23:06 [DomJones_]
df: the req doc is open to all, but arle is the "Gardener"
15:24:10 [DomJones_]
df: apart from reg calls and 2nd quater gathering meeting more general event schedulle exists for general "dissemination"
15:24:58 [DomJones_]
df: in Sept LRC conference will be going ahead in Ireland, cocomore will be at drupal con, etc. Important members keep an eye on this page and suggest trips
15:25:06 [DomJones_]
topic: deliverables
15:26:10 [DomJones_]
df: numbering of TOC only appears in the TOC not the body of the requirements. Can someone follow up on this
15:26:45 [DomJones_]
ACTION: DomJones_ to contact RI about item numbers in wiki page
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Sorry, couldn't find user - DomJones_
15:26:54 [DomJones_]
ACTION: DomJones to contact RI about item numbers in wiki page
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Sorry, couldn't find user - DomJones
15:27:22 [DomJones_]
Pedro: Can you resend the questionnaire to all the members?
15:28:21 [DomJones_]
df: Can you find out who to talk to at GALA about distribution of this? Can Arle make contact with GALA and liase with Pedro to send the questionnaire to the GALA members
15:28:44 [DomJones_]
ACTION: Arle to contact GALA about distributing the req questionnaire to all GALA members
15:28:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-40 - Contact GALA about distributing the req questionnaire to all GALA members [on Arle Lommel - due 2012-04-05].
15:30:11 [DomJones_]
dF: We dont need every GALA member to respond, but more than we have now
15:30:25 [DomJones_]
dF: Aiming for the 17th of April
15:30:52 [DomJones_]
dF: We can also distribute to the XLIFF TPC
15:31:10 [DomJones_]
ACTION Yves_ to distributed link through XLIFF TPC
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ACTION Yves_ to distributed link through XLIFF TPC
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Sorry, couldn't find user - Yves_
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ACTION Yves to distributed link through XLIFF TPC
15:31:22 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-41 - Distributed link through XLIFF TPC [on Yves Savourel - due 2012-04-05].
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15:32:33 [DomJones_]
Arle: If you want to take ownership of particular items please identify this in the table in the req document which lists everything in short form. Colum exists for "Owners"
15:33:19 [DomJones_]
daveL: Good idea which helps reviewing these tasks, anything without a name against it comes down to co-chairs and arle to follow up on
15:33:25 [DomJones_]
Arle and Df agree
15:33:55 [DomJones_]
dF: Action item to assure features between requirements are tracked, where should this exist?
15:34:09 [DomJones_]
daveL: Annex of draft rec or standards doc?
15:34:30 [DomJones_]
daveL: So everyone sees it, its small and compact? Keep peoples focus on a couple of docs.
15:34:48 [DomJones_]
dF: Any preferences, drafts doc or standards doc?
15:35:27 [DomJones_]
daveL: Once mature, supporting documentation will exist, have as annex then it can be extracted if needs be
15:35:46 [DomJones_]
df: mapping between req doc and data categories.
15:36:01 [DomJones_]
Pedro: Doc of req has become doc of data categories iteself
15:36:06 [DomJones_]
Arle agrees.
15:36:23 [DomJones_]
Arle: Felix wanted cross linking between tables, include something on requirements
15:36:33 [DomJones_]
Pedro: Maybe its not necessary ?
15:36:37 [DomJones_]
daveL agrees
15:37:18 [DomJones_]
dF: Owener of each requriement should check that theirs still exist
15:37:40 [DomJones_]
Arle: Items exist that are replicated and therefore may have been merged / deleted
15:38:33 [DomJones_]
dF: Everyone who had initial input in doc must check that their input exists and if not establish corrections. Appeals to group to check for their interests in the requirements
15:38:42 [DomJones_]
TOPIC: MD standards draft
15:39:13 [DomJones_]
dF: Felix was doing some work against normative and non-normative parts, please check and see if you agree with it against req docs
15:40:17 [DomJones_]
dF: Finally, open issues - Issue 2 has been closed, felix proposed resolution on issue 2, no resolution, hence closed.
15:40:51 [DomJones_]
dF: Details included in the issue tracker
15:41:29 [DomJones_]
daveL: Good proposal from Felix on Act2, later other issues will occur, but for now happy to close
15:41:44 [DomJones_]
dF: Any one have comments on remaining four issues?
15:42:18 [DomJones_]
dF: Need to look at scripting content. Its out of scope
15:42:48 [DomJones_]
daveL: Procedural issues - if an issue is not responded to in certain time frame, close anyway?
15:42:55 [DomJones_]
dF: No, not heard this
15:43:09 [DomJones_]
daveL: Discussed in a meeting, Yves, is this common practice?
15:43:26 [DomJones_]
Yves: No, keep open, not everything is disposed off
15:44:03 [DomJones_]
dF: This is a borderline case, scripting is not at core of charter, can be addressed non-normativly, keep open for now?
15:44:51 [DomJones_]
tadej: I opened an issue about Ontology / Taxonomy for defining topics and entity types, any opinions?
15:45:00 [DomJones_]
dF: Close issue on scripting,
15:46:14 [DomJones_]
Pedro: in LUX, and discussed in best-practices, decided that impl will be out of scope but still in best-practices we could discuss this, esp for real time translation system.
15:46:34 [DomJones_]
Pedro: Provide some general principles of concrete place with concrete client.
15:47:23 [DomJones_]
dF: We all agree its not in scope but could be included in best practices. How about priority on this, for issue tracking?
15:48:11 [DomJones_]
ACTION: Pedro to provide some input on the scripting issue
15:48:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-42 - Provide some input on the scripting issue [on Pedro Luis Díez Orzas - due 2012-04-05].
15:48:34 [DomJones_]
Pedro: Scripting maybe important in the CMS domain
15:48:41 [DomJones_]
Mortiz: Agrees
15:49:14 [DomJones_]
daveL: Suggest Pedro provides background on this in terms of other groups looking at internationalisation of scripting langs
15:49:22 [DomJones_]
Pedro: I dont know
15:49:49 [DomJones_]
dF closes discssion of issue 5
15:50:33 [DomJones_]
TOPIC: Ontology / Taxonomy for defining topics and entity types
15:51:28 [DomJones_]
tadej: This issue may get stuck / left behind for a while. 2 Options
15:52:05 [DomJones_]
daveL: Difficult subject - basic things that may have (micro-data, RDFa etc) its a difficult application dependant problem hard to nail down in standard
15:52:38 [DomJones_]
daveL: better off to identify term related to concept in a particular taxonomy where that taxonomy is referenced and the term itself is referenced.
15:52:53 [DomJones_]
daveL: Restrivtive to scope terms in a single ontology
15:53:22 [DomJones_]
tadej: Agree on this point but wants to emphasize on types, a person, scientist, etc should exist as an inventory.
15:53:52 [DomJones_]
tadej: Should be allowed to specify own types but also link to common model
15:55:01 [DomJones_]
daveL: Does this not overlap onto the issue to do with mapping to different types of schema? There are different referencing approaches to external meta-data depending on technology
15:55:07 [philR]
I have to leave the call. Will pick up the final conversations from the minutes.
15:55:15 [DomJones_]
daveL: Jirka, do you have any comments on this?
15:55:56 [DomJones_]
tadej: Only concerned about this in terms on technical contrainsts, must be practical
15:56:20 [DomJones_]
daveL: its not a case of one approach but a pattern to have defualt set, in microdata, which we may adopt
15:56:47 [DomJones_]
dF: please continue discussions offline.
15:57:00 [DomJones_]
dF: Please also use [TAGS] in emails
15:57:32 [DomJones_]
df: Thanks to all, for discussion, participation, etc, calls will be chaired by Dave L for the next two weeks. Then David F, then Felix.
15:57:40 [DomJones_]
df: Closes meeting.
15:58:01 [DomJones_]
rssagent, generate minutes
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