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18:54:53 [Jan]
Zakim, this will be AUWG
18:54:53 [Zakim]
ok, Jan; I see WAI_AUWG()3:00PM scheduled to start in 6 minutes
18:54:59 [Jan]
Meeting: WAI AU
18:55:16 [Jan]
18:55:34 [Jan]
Chair: Jan Richards
18:55:55 [Jan]
Regrets: Tim B.
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WAI_AUWG()3:00PM has now started
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zakim, ??P0 is really Jan
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+Jan; got it
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19:13:42 [Jan]
Topic: 1. Publication update (Jeanne)
19:13:50 [Jan]
JS: Making way through process
19:14:07 [Jan]
Regrets: Tim B., Jutta T, Sueann N
19:14:56 [Jan]
JS: Status and announcement getting some edits
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19:15:34 [Jan]
JS: No ETA yet
19:15:54 [Jan]
Topic: 2. Need to update conformance report (Jan)
19:15:59 [Jan]
JR: Not done yet
19:16:36 [Jan]
Topic: 3. Testing update (Jeanne)
19:18:40 [Zakim]
19:19:05 [Jan]
JS: Raises idea of a taskforce of testing people to jointly work on conformance testing
19:19:24 [Jan]
zakim, [Microsoft] is really Cherie
19:19:24 [Zakim]
+Cherie; got it
19:19:58 [Jan]
JS: If we get past Last Call we move on to Candiate Rec and then we need test cases
19:20:52 [Jan]
JS: Especially the edge cases
19:20:58 [Jan]
CE: Timing?
19:21:07 [Jan]
JS: To start in the next month or two
19:21:30 [Jan]
Scribe: Jan
19:22:22 [Jan]
CE: Timing is a prob
19:24:09 [Jan]
Topic: 4. F2F at TPAC in Nov (Jeanne)
19:24:23 [Jan]
Next tpac in Nov in France:
19:24:35 [Jan]
JS: Tremendous opportunity to interact with other WG
19:25:08 [Jan]
JS: 4 days when WGs can we can have F2F mtg there
19:25:19 [Jan]
CE: Call in capabilities?
19:25:27 [Jan]
JS: Yes, we always have that
19:25:53 [Zakim]
19:26:30 [Jan]
zakim, ??P3 is really Jutta
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+Jutta; got it
19:26:54 [Jan]
Regrets: Tim B., Sueann N
19:27:09 [jeanne]
action: jeanne to create a survey on a F2F at TPAC
19:27:09 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-375 - Create a survey on a F2F at TPAC [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2012-04-02].
19:27:15 [Jan]
JS: We need to respond by mid-april
19:27:27 [Jan]
Topic: 5. Process review heads-up (Jeanne)
19:28:24 [Jan]
19:28:53 [Jan]
JS: Very important for accessibility groups to look at this critically.
19:29:22 [Jan]
JS: If things are too accelerated, accessibility can be lost.
19:29:36 [Jan]
JS: And internationalization
19:30:37 [Jan]
JR: There are some possibilities for effeciencies as well
19:32:27 [Jan]
JT: Notes "Can we improve input from 'horizontal' groups (WAI, I18N, ...)"
19:32:50 [Jan]
JS: Please send your comments to Judy
19:34:02 [Jan]
JR: Did Judy want any offical AUWG feedback?
19:34:23 [Jan]
JT: TImeline for comments back to Judy
19:34:35 [Jan]
JS: Not sure...looking at CG meeting minutes...
19:35:36 [Jan]
JS: Needs input by April 6
19:36:03 [Jan]
JT: What's best way? Circulate something by email?
19:36:08 [Jan]
JS: Sounds good
19:36:28 [Jan]
JT: Let's use this opportunity to make it easier to add accesibility
19:36:58 [Jan]
JR: Maybe I can start it
19:37:21 [Jan]
Topic: 6. Any comments on RDWG Online Symposium on Mobile Accessibility
19:37:25 [Jan]
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WAI_AUWG()3:00PM has ended
19:44:17 [Zakim]
Attendees were Jeanne, Jan, Greg, Cherie, Jutta
19:44:55 [Jan]
Next meeting April 2
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