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18:51:14 [Jan]
Zakim, this will be AUWG
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ok, Jan; I see WAI_AUWG()3:00PM scheduled to start in 9 minutes
18:51:18 [Jan]
Meeting: WAI AU
18:51:35 [Jan]
18:51:45 [Jan]
Chair: Jutta Treviranus
18:52:11 [Jan]
Regrets: Roberto Scano, Andrew Ronksley
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WAI_AUWG()3:00PM has now started
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zakim, ??P2 is really Jan
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+Jan; got it
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zakim, aaaa is really Sueann
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zakim, ??P1 is really Jutta
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19:11:57 [Jan]
19:12:55 [Jan]
JT: Jutta agrees to LC publishing
19:13:35 [Jan]
Topic: Last Call publishing planning
19:13:56 [Jan]
JS: Some people whose input is needed are at SXSW
19:14:04 [Jan]
JS: Within 2 wks
19:14:15 [Jan]
JS: The review period will be 8 wks
19:14:49 [Jan]
JT: As we did during last rev period, we need to be planning for implementations, finding reviewers
19:15:00 [Jan]
JS: And writing test cases
19:15:30 [Jan]
JT: What are the steps to write them?
19:15:41 [Jan]
JS: Bit in flux...w3c has a group working on it
19:15:58 [Jan]
JS: Has started writing test cases as part of this
19:16:06 [Jan]
Scribe: Jan
19:16:21 [Jan]
TB: I'd like to help if possible.
19:16:27 [Jan]
JS: I would love your help!
19:16:31 [Jan]
JT: THat's great
19:17:10 [Jan]
JT: Assume we are going to use of tables from before?
19:17:41 [Jan]
JS: We can link
19:18:06 [jeanne]
19:18:10 [Jan]
JR: Jeanne, can you sent out the emails to the commenters on the last LC pointing to our comment responses?
19:18:15 [Jan]
JS: Yes
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+ +1.571.765.aabb
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zakim, aabb is really Greg
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19:20:21 [Jan]
JS: Key part of writing these is metadata...from a template
19:20:34 [Jan]
JS: Basically you have instructions for writing test
19:20:57 [Jan]
JS: Then framework will give a number of buttons at the bottom...pass, fail, etc.
19:23:16 [Jan]
JS: I have only written 5 test cases...we need hundereds
19:23:31 [Jan]
JS: Can have as many tests per SC
19:23:56 [Jan]
JS: So for each we need pass and fail tests, edge cases, etc
19:24:17 [Jan]
TB: Tests that fail...any thouyght to guidance etc. to help them
19:24:31 [Jan]
JS: Not sure if framework can handle but could ask
19:26:24 [Jan]
JT: So just to reaffirm that we are moving to last call.
19:26:31 [Jan]
JS: Yes
19:26:39 [Jan]
JT: So to publish in the next 2 weeks
19:26:53 [Jan]
Action JS: Send email to commentes on last LC draft
19:26:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-374 - Send email to commentes on last LC draft [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2012-03-19].
19:27:13 [Jan]
JT: Also, JT, JS and JR will meet to figure out the process after that.
19:27:22 [Jan]
JT: Any questions, concerns?
19:27:46 [Jan]
JT: Thanks everyone and thanks for all the work to get us this far.
19:27:56 [Zakim]
19:27:58 [Jan]
JT: Anything else to discuss?
19:28:22 [Jan]
zakim, [Miscrosoft] is really Cherie
19:28:22 [Zakim]
sorry, Jan, I do not recognize a party named '[Miscrosoft]'
19:28:29 [Jan]
zakim, [Microsoft] is really Cherie
19:28:29 [Zakim]
+Cherie; got it
19:29:13 [Jan]
JT: Is there general agreement (Cherie and Alex) to go to last call?
19:29:59 [Jan]
CE: Yes
19:30:25 [Jan]
JR: Confirmed
19:30:27 [Jan]
CE: Yes
19:30:49 [Zakim]
19:30:52 [Zakim]
19:31:29 [Zakim]
19:31:40 [greg]
I agree too, sorry I got called off during the request
19:32:00 [Jan]
THe meeting is over
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Sorry, I will log off
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19:32:23 [Jan]
np, ttyl :)
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19:33:29 [Jan]
zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Jan, Jeanne, Jutta
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On IRC I see Sueann, jeanne, RRSAgent, Zakim, Jan, trackbot
19:40:40 [jeanne]
1. Generic Web content authoring tools
19:40:40 [jeanne]
2. Content management tools
19:40:40 [jeanne]
3. Application, applet and interactive script development tools (including mobile apps)
19:40:40 [jeanne]
4. Tools that convert content to Web formats (including email)
19:40:40 [jeanne]
5. Authoring tools for specific media types (video, images, audio, maps, etc.)
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Zakim, bye
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RRSAgent, bye
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