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ok, trackbot; I see UW_DAP()10:00AM scheduled to start in 17 minutes
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Meeting: Device APIs Working Group Teleconference
14:43:55 [trackbot]
Date: 07 March 2012
14:44:25 [fjh]
14:44:55 [fjh]
Present+ Frederick_Hirsch
14:45:12 [fjh]
Chair: Frederick_Hirsch
14:45:19 [fjh]
Regrets: Robin_Berjon
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Present+ Dzung_Tran
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14:56:18 [glenn]
zakim, ??p3 is glenn
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+glenn; got it
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14:58:50 [Zakim]
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zakim, ??P9 is me
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+fjh; got it
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see glenn, fjh
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zakim, who is here?
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zakim, ??P11 is me
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On the phone I see glenn, fjh, ??P11
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+AnssiK; got it
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14:59:55 [glenn]
btw, regrets for the f2f, as i had some travel plan changes...
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+ +86255662aaaa
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Present+ Anssi_Kostiainen
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Present+ Deepanshu_Gautam
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15:02:20 [fjh]
Regrets+ Josh_Soref
15:02:22 [Zakim]
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+ +1.503.542.aabb
15:03:02 [dtran]
zakim, aabb is me
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+dtran; got it
15:03:25 [Zakim]
15:04:08 [bryan]
present+ Bryan_Sullivan
15:04:34 [glenn]
i can scribe
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15:04:38 [glenn]
scribe: glenn
15:04:40 [Cathy]
Present+ Cathy_Chan
15:04:48 [fjh]
ScribeNick: glenn
15:04:56 [fjh]
Topic: Administrative
15:05:03 [mparaz]
Present+ Miguel_Paraz
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15:05:07 [glenn]
yes, i'm familiar
15:05:28 [fjh]
Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group,
15:05:29 [fjh]
volunteers for FileAPI review? (Last Call expected soon),
15:05:29 [fjh]
"MediaStream Capture Scenarios" FPWD published,
15:05:54 [Zakim]
+ +
15:05:59 [glenn]
fjh: suggests looking at mediastream fpwd
15:06:04 [glenn]
... also request to review file api
15:06:15 [glenn]
... any volunteers to review?
15:06:22 [nwidell]
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15:06:34 [glenn]
... will leave request open, encourages volunteers
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15:06:46 [nwidell]
Present+ Niklas_Widell
15:06:49 [glenn]
Topic: Minutes Review
15:06:51 [fjh]
Approve minutes from 22 February 2012
15:06:51 [fjh] (revised)
15:06:59 [fjh]
proposed RESOLUTION: Minutes from 22 February 2012 are approved.
15:07:23 [glenn]
RESOLVED: Minutes from 22 February 2012 are approved
15:07:34 [glenn]
Topic: F2F Agenda
15:07:38 [fjh]
Updated draft agenda:,_Shenzhen,_China
15:07:38 [fjh]
WoPhone update,
15:07:39 [fjh]
15:07:39 [fjh]
Added some suggestions for preparation to the wiki, feel free to update.
15:07:42 [Zakim]
15:07:54 [glenn]
fjh: add WoPhone update, please review
15:07:59 [Zakim]
15:08:07 [Zakim]
+ +
15:08:08 [glenn]
... please sent to public list any materials you plan to use, don't wait for f2f
15:08:12 [SungOk_You]
15:08:21 [glenn]
... presentations, etc., please send in advance
15:08:32 [Zakim]
15:08:32 [SungOk_You]
zakim, ??P15 is me
15:08:33 [Zakim]
+SungOk_You; got it
15:08:41 [glenn]
... webintents draft, service discovery draft on agenda
15:08:53 [glenn]
... anyone able to talk about media capture?
15:09:01 [glenn]
... will check with chairs on TF
15:09:24 [glenn]
... moved battery, vibration, networking to afternoon of third day
15:09:31 [glenn]
s/networking/network info/
15:09:52 [glenn]
... is there any open requests on agenda change? if so please remind
15:10:07 [glenn]
... not sure if/how video conf will work, ongoing discussion
15:10:07 [fjh]
Daylight savings time inconsistency during F2F -
15:10:35 [glenn]
... be careful about time zones due to current changes
15:10:37 [fjh]
15:10:37 [trackbot]
ACTION-505 -- Robin Berjon to check on attendees for Web Intents -- due 2012-02-22 -- OPEN
15:10:37 [trackbot]
15:11:00 [fjh]
zakim, who is here?
15:11:00 [Zakim]
On the phone I see glenn, fjh, AnssiK, +86255662aaaa, [IPcaller], ??P6, dtran (muted), Bryan_Sullivan, +, Cathy.a, SungOk_You, +
15:11:03 [Zakim]
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15:11:03 [Zakim]
... mounir, rektide, Josh_Soref, hiroto_away, dom, lgombos
15:11:03 [glenn]
Topic: Sensor API
15:11:18 [fjh]
DeviceOrientation Spec - possible replication, feedback to Geolocation WG?
15:11:19 [fjh]
15:11:19 [fjh]
InkML -
15:11:19 [fjh]
List discussion, e.g.
15:11:21 [glenn]
fjh: DeviceOrientation Spec - possible replication, feedback to Geolocation WG?
15:11:49 [glenn]
... possible to move some material to GeoLocation work
15:12:36 [glenn]
???: waiting for settling on list then start editing and post another draft
15:12:49 [glenn]
15:13:05 [glenn]
... will not be present at F2F
15:13:24 [glenn]
fjh: will moving things to device orientation spec be an issue?
15:13:39 [glenn]
dtran: doesn't think this is an issue
15:13:53 [glenn]
... will remove any redundant parts, to align
15:14:06 [glenn]
fjh: noted that ML said they weren't exactly same thing
15:14:14 [glenn]
... may need to coordinate
15:14:21 [glenn]
dtran: ok
15:15:17 [glenn]
djh: suggests sending summary to list and plan of action
15:15:21 [glenn]
15:15:32 [glenn]
Topic: Network API update
15:15:45 [fjh]
WebKit, (Gyuyoung Kim)
15:15:45 [fjh] (Mounir)
15:16:07 [fjh]
15:16:07 [trackbot]
ACTION-411 -- Robin Berjon to reply to Jo about NetInfo -- due 2011-06-15 -- OPEN
15:16:07 [trackbot]
15:16:08 [glenn]
fjh: expects discussion at F2F
15:16:14 [fjh]
15:16:14 [trackbot]
ACTION-474 -- Adrian Bateman to make a proposal for Network Information API -- due 2011-11-11 -- OPEN
15:16:14 [trackbot]
15:16:20 [fjh]
15:16:20 [trackbot]
ACTION-475 -- Josh Soref to propose a new Network Info -- due 2011-11-11 -- OPEN
15:16:20 [trackbot]
15:16:27 [fjh]
15:16:27 [trackbot]
ACTION-476 -- Robin Berjon to aCTION sicking to propose a new Network Info -- due 2011-11-11 -- OPEN
15:16:27 [trackbot]
15:16:28 [glenn]
... some actions need moved/closed, robin, josh, adrian tbds...
15:16:40 [glenn]
... expect will happen on ML
15:16:52 [glenn]
Topic: Battery, Vibration CR
15:16:58 [fjh]
LC comment status (ACTION-508?)
15:17:04 [glenn]
fjh: entered info into LC comments
15:17:22 [Claes]
Present+ Claes_Nilsson
15:17:24 [glenn]
... one item in tracker
15:17:34 [glenn]
... will process for scheduling transition call
15:17:58 [glenn]
... claes, anything to add?
15:18:18 [glenn]
claes: will review, and provide input on webintents for local services/networks
15:18:42 [glenn]
fjh: encourages input early before F2F
15:18:58 [glenn]
... needs to organize TF discussions, will contact TF chairs
15:19:12 [glenn]
Topic: Other APIs
15:19:28 [glenn]
fjh: no discussion at this time, please use ML
15:19:29 [bryan]
who is working on NFC use cases?
15:19:33 [bryan]
15:19:36 [glenn]
Topic: AOB
15:19:47 [fjh]
ack bryan
15:19:52 [glenn]
fjh: may have call next week, but may cancel due to proximity of F2F
15:19:56 [Clarke]
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15:19:59 [glenn]
bryan: ??? use cases?
15:20:37 [Zakim]
15:20:39 [glenn]
<which uses cases are being discussed?>
15:20:54 [Clarke]
zakim, ??P35 is me
15:20:54 [Zakim]
+Clarke; got it
15:20:59 [glenn]
bryan: in US, things are moving on ???
15:21:16 [Clarke]
Present+ Clarke_Stevens
15:21:29 [glenn]
... fit into charter?
15:22:09 [glenn]
s/???/NFC (Near Field Communication)/
15:22:31 [glenn]
fjh: clarke? anything to discuss?
15:22:45 [glenn]
... suggest sending to ML
15:22:56 [glenn]
Topic: Adjournment
15:23:01 [glenn]
fjh: adjourned
15:23:14 [glenn]
Present+ glenn
15:23:20 [Zakim]
15:23:21 [Zakim]
15:23:22 [Zakim]
- +86255662aaaa
15:23:23 [Zakim]
- +
15:23:23 [Zakim]
- +
15:23:24 [Zakim]
15:23:24 [Zakim]
15:23:25 [fjh]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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15:23:26 [Zakim]
15:23:29 [glenn]
trackbot, end meeting
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Zakim, list attendees
15:23:29 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been glenn, fjh, AnssiK, +86255662aaaa, [IPcaller], Cathy, +1.503.542.aabb, dtran, Bryan_Sullivan, +, +,
15:23:32 [Zakim]
... SungOk_You, Clarke
15:23:32 [Zakim]
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RRSAgent, please draft minutes
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15:29:51 [fjh]
s/trackbot, end meeting//
15:29:57 [fjh]
s/clarke? anything to discuss?/asks specifically for individuals to send F2F materials and discussions on the public list in advance of the F2F/
15:30:03 [fjh]
s/<which uses cases are being discussed?>//
15:30:10 [fjh]
s/??? use cases?/NFC use cases, are they in scope, and what to discuss?/
15:30:16 [fjh]
s/ML/mailing list/g
15:30:23 [fjh]
s/SungOk_You+/Present+ SungOk_You//
15:30:30 [fjh]
s/looking at mediastream fpwd/looking at mediastream fpwd before Ff2F if you have not done so/
15:30:37 [fjh]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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15:31:03 [fjh]
Present+ SungOk_You
15:31:13 [fjh]
15:31:17 [fjh]
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trackbot, end meeting
15:49:23 [trackbot]
Zakim, list attendees
15:49:23 [Zakim]
sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is
15:49:31 [trackbot]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes
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rrsagent, make minutes public
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I'm logging. I don't understand 'make minutes public', fjh. Try /msg RRSAgent help
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rrsagent, bye
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rrsagent, bye
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