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On the phone I see David_Todd, Adam_Solomon, James_Nurthen, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Marc_Johlic, Cooper, Bruce_Bailey
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17:15:54 [Loretta]
Topic: Proposed new ARIA/WCAG techique [Using aria-describdby and alert for Error Feedback in Forms]
17:17:00 [Loretta]
Tim isn't at the meeting. This is an early draft, which is fine, especially while we are learing to write techniques
17:17:54 [Loretta]
Recommend just using HTML, not HTML5 specifically, for ARIA techniques.
17:18:34 [Loretta]
JN: The group is reviewing the comments in the survey.
17:19:15 [Loretta]
LGR: Is there anything in the comments that we don't think Tim should act on?
17:20:21 [Loretta]
Resolution: Leave open.
17:21:19 [Loretta]
MJ: Difference between how to use attributes vs how to address technique?
17:26:16 [Loretta]
BB: Is the use of alt="" with required attribute legitimate? Does this meet 1.1.1?
17:26:54 [Loretta]
LGR: We may need a separate 1.1.1 technique if we think this is ok.
17:28:02 [Loretta]
Topic: Using the HTML5 required attribute to indicate that a value is required in an input field.
17:28:38 [Loretta]
DT: Comments are looking familiar! Will go back and review to be sure that comments have been addressed.
17:28:55 [Loretta]
DT: Updated technique this morning, so comments may be on an older version.
17:29:02 [Loretta]
AS: My comments are current.
17:30:51 [Loretta]
JN: Could we move this technique from the Trace wiki to the W3C wiki?
17:31:05 [Loretta]
JN: See link at the top of the Trace wiki main page.
17:31:18 [Loretta]
JN: Or at least create future techniques there.
17:33:15 [Loretta]
JN: Should we try to revise and review this on the fly?
17:34:02 [MichaelC]
please use this URL for the technique on the WCAG wiki:
17:44:21 [Loretta]
JN: What versions of what browsers support HTML5?
17:45:03 [Loretta]
JN: We can put that information into Technology Notes for HTML5, and just note anything that is specific to the technique in the User Agent Notes.
17:45:31 [DavidTodd]
Using the html5 required attribute to validate (or "describe") a required input field
17:48:04 [MichaelC]
please use this URL for the technique on the WCAG wiki:
17:49:47 [jamesn]
DavidTodd, User Agent testing notes can be found here -
17:51:51 [jamesn]
AS: Should test procedures check all instances or just one?
17:52:06 [jamesn]
AS: What about consistency?
17:52:40 [jamesn]
LGR: Note sure we have always been consistent. Suggest going forward not to make the test procedure check all
17:53:09 [jamesn]
DT: do we want to mention specific browsers in the user agent notes?
17:53:59 [jamesn]
JN: Yes - where the user agent notes are more specific than general user agent notes.
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17:56:17 [Loretta]
David will research browser behavior for user agent notes and bring the technique back for review.
17:56:24 [Loretta]
Otherwise, we think it looks fine.
17:57:03 [Loretta]
MJ: Going back to Adam's comments about browsers, will there be something about general browser behavior in the description?
17:57:15 [Loretta]
JN: Both is fine, in my opinion.
17:58:36 [Loretta]
JN: In this case, there are 2 different UA behaviors in the description: browser rendering and screen reader behavior.
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Sorry, have to drop off to get to another call.
17:59:02 [Loretta]
MJ: Trying to decide how focused to keep techniques.
17:59:34 [Loretta]
JN: Who can't make next week's call, besides James and Michael? Josh will run the call.
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meeting: HTML Techniques Task Force
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chair: James_Nurthen
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As of this point the attendees have been Joseph_Scheuhammer, James_Nurthen, Marc_Johlic, Cooper, Bruce_Bailey, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Adam_Solomon, David_Todd
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Attendees were Joseph_Scheuhammer, James_Nurthen, Marc_Johlic, Cooper, Bruce_Bailey, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Adam_Solomon, David_Todd
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