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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 23 February 2012
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15:06:27 [plh]
Agenda+ Discussion on charter draft
15:06:36 [plh]
zakim, list conferences
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I see T&S_GLDWG()10:00AM, Team_(privacy)14:00Z, SW_RDFa()10:00AM, XML_PMWG()10:00AM, WF_TF()9:00AM, Team_Global(review)8:00AM, Vide_TTML()10:00AM, WAI_ERTWG(Eval TF)10:00AM active
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also scheduled at this time are W3C_(ePUB)9:00AM, INC_(DecisionXG)10:00AM, Math_IG()10:00AM, MM_MMI(EMMA)10:00AM, IA_WebApps(Widgets)9:00AM
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zakim, this is ttml
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15:09:22 [glenn]
zakim, who's here?
15:09:23 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Sean, glenn, +49.893.aaaa, Mike_Dolan, Brussels, Philippe
15:09:37 [glenn]
chair: sean
15:09:40 [glenn]
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On IRC I see RRSAgent, mike, plh, tbause, andreas_t_irt, Sean, glenn, trackbot
15:09:45 [glenn]
scribe: glenn
15:10:08 [glenn]
sean: how does charter draft look?
15:10:34 [glenn]
... does it cover sufficient scope?
15:11:17 [glenn]
chart draft at
15:11:32 [glenn]
mike: notes tbd in out of scope section
15:11:45 [glenn]
plh: not needed, can be removed; useful if there is something to specify
15:12:04 [glenn]
mike: propose remove section on out of scope
15:12:22 [glenn]
sean: happy to remove, objections?
15:14:05 [glenn]
mike: our intent is to publish notes in advance of revision if possible in order to accelerate, suggest saying this in introduction
15:15:07 [glenn]
topic: draft charter (see above)
15:15:23 [glenn]
mike: would it be good to have a catch all?
15:15:38 [glenn]
plh: not needed; can have as many wg notes as desired
15:15:43 [glenn]
sean: will generalize
15:16:26 [glenn]
sean: wants to go to cr by july
15:16:41 [Zakim]
15:17:26 [glenn]
sean: question about what to call the revision: 2.0 or 2nd Ed?
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15:19:09 [glenn]
plh: is CR needed? i.e., are technical changes required?
15:19:20 [glenn]
sean: would like to reserve this as a possibility
15:20:01 [glenn]
... but doesn't want to do CR if can be short cutted
15:20:09 [plh]
--> 7.6 Modifying a W3C Recommendation
15:21:02 [glenn]
plh: sean will you provide charter draft revision?
15:21:09 [glenn]
sean: yes, hopefully tomorrow
15:21:51 [glenn]
topic: identified issues
15:21:57 [Sean]
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15:22:04 [glenn]
15:22:04 [trackbot]
ISSUE-152 -- language in 9.3.3 -- open
15:22:04 [trackbot]
15:22:49 [plh]
--> 9.3.3 Synchronic Flow Processing
15:27:32 [glenn]
sean: intent of change was originally to respond to concerns about need for actual use of XSL-FO
15:27:50 [glenn]
... can support change to make an umbrella statement covering this
15:28:27 [glenn]
plh: who will make changes?
15:28:35 [glenn]
sean: i.e., who will be editor?
15:34:41 [glenn]
glenn: offers to be editor
15:34:58 [glenn]
resolved: glenn will serve as editor
15:35:26 [plh]
--> TTML Mercurial repository
15:35:43 [glenn]
resolved: move cvs ttwg repository to a new ttml repo on repository, to have directories for specs, tests, etc
15:36:20 [glenn]
sean: write access for all WG members
15:37:02 [glenn]
action: glenn to implement migration for repository with help from plh as needed
15:37:02 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-42 - Implement migration for repository with help from plh as needed [on Glenn Adams - due 2012-03-01].
15:37:20 [glenn]
action: glenn implement edit for issue-152
15:37:20 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-43 - Implement edit for issue-152 [on Glenn Adams - due 2012-03-01].
15:37:46 [glenn]
action: glenn to redirect errata
15:37:46 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-44 - Redirect errata [on Glenn Adams - due 2012-03-01].
15:38:23 [plh]
--> TTML 1.0 errata
15:38:51 [glenn]
sean: should record new changes in errata document, and maintain in parallel
15:39:13 [glenn]
15:39:13 [trackbot]
ISSUE-153 -- 'metrics' should be changed to 'units' -- open
15:39:13 [trackbot]
15:40:53 [glenn]
action: glenn to effect editorial change on issue-153
15:40:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-45 - Effect editorial change on issue-153 [on Glenn Adams - due 2012-03-01].
15:41:41 [glenn]
glenn: should double check existing usage with metrics vs units to ensure consistency with that usage
15:41:56 [glenn]
15:41:56 [trackbot]
ISSUE-155 -- #metadata-foreign not defined -- open
15:41:56 [trackbot]
15:45:05 [glenn]
sean: propose to remove examples for now, but then review possible need for new feature
15:46:21 [glenn]
action: glenn to remove examples as editorial change
15:46:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-46 - Remove examples as editorial change [on Glenn Adams - due 2012-03-01].
15:47:25 [glenn]
issue: is a new #metadata-foreign feature needed?
15:47:25 [trackbot]
Created ISSUE-161 - Is a new #metadata-foreign feature needed? ; please complete additional details at .
15:47:58 [glenn]
15:47:58 [trackbot]
ISSUE-154 -- Clarify the endsync behavior -- open
15:47:58 [trackbot]
15:50:04 [glenn]
trackbot, comment action-46 relates to issue-155
15:50:04 [trackbot]
ACTION-46 Remove examples as editorial change notes added
15:50:51 [glenn]
sean: changing endsync behavior probably is not editorial change
15:52:51 [glenn]
andreas: may have some text in annex b in ebu document that discusses this issue, will publish a url to ml for review
15:53:04 [andreas_t_irt]
link to the document is
15:53:06 [glenn]
sean: suggests group review in more detail before change
15:53:16 [andreas_t_irt]
it´s in Annex B
15:55:06 [glenn]
action: ttwg to review possible change to default endsync (from 'last' to 'all')
15:55:06 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - ttwg
15:56:05 [glenn]
sean: should complete review by march 8th
15:56:28 [glenn]
glenn: this may trigger CR for 2nd edition, since this is probably a technical change
15:58:04 [glenn]
glenn: the issue is whether this is a change in conformance or not
15:58:22 [glenn]
sean: believes it is not, but would like confirmation from group
15:58:36 [glenn]
... may still be right to make change even if it is a conformance change
15:58:57 [glenn]
topic: any other business?
15:59:38 [glenn]
sean: queries plh on process for adding invited experts
15:59:56 [glenn]
plh: would need to file form, but they should wait for new charter
16:00:14 [plh]
--> W3C Invited Expert Application
16:00:18 [glenn]
sean: they can participate until new charter is in place, then need ie status
16:00:44 [glenn]
mike: webinar today on smpte timed text (95% ttml); fyi
16:01:29 [glenn]
... will be publicly available
16:02:01 [glenn]
topic: adjournment
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ACTION: glenn implement edit for issue-152 [2]
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ACTION: glenn to redirect errata [3]
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ACTION: glenn to effect editorial change on issue-153 [4]
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ACTION: glenn to remove examples as editorial change [5]
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16:02:47 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: ttwg to review possible change to default endsync (from 'last' to 'all') [6]
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